To see the establishment of innovative mechanisms from the U.S. laser weapons tests

Schematic diagram of laser weapons the U.S. military operations

Raytheon and U.S. Navy team using the "Phalanx" near Artillery system development for laser weapon systems, UAV shot down the reports, no longer a news. Some media said that this marked the era of laser weapons, there are experts to clarify that the so-called practical laser weapons still have a long distance. But through this information, we can not merely whether the practical use of laser weapons on this issue, which should see the fact that the United States in the development of new weapons, the full mobilization of forces to encourage the establishment of an innovative environment and mechanisms to continuously promote the development of new developments in U.S. military equipment.

News on the laser to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles, domestic only, "China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network," this professional media technology class, in the translation of the news disclosed such a message that the U.S. military use of "laser weapons system," the actual using the "coupled fiber laser beam." Introduction of laser in many television programs, we often can see the laser in a series of mirrors in the shuttle, but "fiber laser" is running in the fiber laser without optical fiber bending. Therefore, compared to traditional chemical lasers and solid-state lasers, "Fiber laser" very prominent advantages, can do small, simple structure, high reliability, low cost. Therefore, the U.S. military in the development of laser weapons next time, have long "fiber laser" as an important research direction. The trial is successful, it marked the development of laser weapons in the new concept has made a major breakthrough, and consolidate further the development of "confidence."

Meanwhile, the U.S. team by Raytheon and U.S. Navy jointly developed the weapons system, using six sets of industrial lasers. Because "fiber laser" in the field of industrial processing applications earlier and more widely, for example, such a processor cpu hit mark, but only a small power. The United States this test, be able to use industrial lasers, and use the ready-made platform of "dense array" system and its sensor package, it should be said that this showed that the U.S. away from practical use of laser weapons, be closer than we expect much more.

U.S. military research and development on new weapons, has always been eclectic advantages, particularly concerned with mobilizing all kinds of business innovation. Take the case of laser weapons, in addition to ship-based laser weapons, the U.S. military is developing the airborne laser anti-missile system, now the size of the enterprise in the United States, collecting all kinds of unconventional "good ideas" to improve the existing system to use being too cumbersome, expensive chemical lasers. In particular by the "Phalanx" laser weapon to shoot down UAVs encouraged the U.S. military airborne laser anti-missile system is also ready to use "fiber laser" to see how.

U.S. military to develop new weapons, often is not able to achieve their goals, and even a considerable part of a failure. But after these failures, brought about a new technology, and produced a huge accumulation and diffusion effect. Such as "fiber lasers", even if it can not be the last anti-missile, anti-UAV practical weapon, but may interfere with the incoming missile will be an effective tool for infrared seeker, or bring "fiber laser" in the communications, optical guidance, etc. fields.

High share in today's information explosion but the era of weapons of mechanized warfare research and development it is not as safe a top-secret time just drawing. American Enlightenment is that, should create a relaxed environment for innovation, to attract the military, business, civil and other various viewpoints and ideas, and achieve industrial technology weaponry and the whole strength by leaps and bounds.

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