Need to know: Which countries in the world want Sino-US war?

Which countries are very eager to China and the United States at war? Actually, this is as long as the analysis of the war if the United States, after which countries better? Not ugly out.

First: We look at Japan. For Japan, from World War II defeat, despite the rapid economic development has become a world economic power, but in terms of their national military or political, are subject to threat to the United States silk. While on the surface Japan has a strong fear of China in the East China Sea and the Diaoyu Islands issue is difficult to reconcile with the dispute, but how to get rid of the threat to the U.S. system for Japan is the most fundamental "of the mind pain. "So, if China and the United States go to war, then it can be said for Japan is the most willing to see the results. On the one hand, if China defeated Japan less of a security and development of its biggest threat and rival. On the other hand the United States and China in the war weaken its own power. so that it will be to weak. that the threat from the Japanese out of the United States system of the day will be far away. On the contrary, if China defeated Japan directly out of the United States on the constraints, a powerful military and political state. Therefore, we can say that Japan is one of the countries want American war.

Second: India. India and China have had a history of territorial wars, the differences are still present on the territory can not be reconciled. India, China occupied Tibet in order to achieve always the purpose of the Western territory, and China is actively preparing to launch a full-scale regional war, but India and grasp the chance of success is very slim, and if once the Sino-US war, India and China can save the labor move directly to the war. and with the United States or the United States by facilitating the In the United States share a cup of the war with the "soup." Therefore, India should say very much hope that the United States launched a Shengsizhizhan countries.

Thirdly, Vietnam. Vietnam 70 years from the last century did not continue to erode our country's territory and islands, and 79 more were in China on a self-defense war. As of today, the land was designated watershed. And Vietnam through long-term erosion on the South China Sea islands to the South China Sea in China at present to have embezzled up to more than 30 islands. The sovereignty of our country to recover the South China Sea, Vietnam must first get surgery, all of this, Vietnam is fully aware of the hearts. so if U.S. go to war, regardless of who wins and who loses, for Vietnam to be extremely favorable results, therefore, very much hope that the American war in Vietnam is one of the countries.

Last: Russia, Russia since the Cold War, the former Soviet Union with the United States hegemony in the world from the dominance, become to dominate the world by the United States alone, and thus lost the dominating political and military status. However, in the territory of Russia as a is the world's largest country, will not willingly submit to the command of the United States in recent years, Russia continued to expand the military, the development of military forces, trying to catch up and overtake the United States. However, if the United States once the war, Russia will elated, there must be a struggle between two tigers injured, even if the injury to have several layers of dead skin, so that Russia will soon overtake the United States hopes a reality. So, Russia is one of the countries want American war.

So, these countries want the United States in the war, as the United States itself would wish to start a war with China? In fact, this issue is more complicated. As the United States, now known as the first military power in the world, from history The two world wars, the United States has been a big interest, can be said that not taking anything away from injury.

The United States relies on its strong military power in the world were there military bases and control fabric. And the implementation of the political use and manufacture of national or regional conflicts, and thus to control and stress situation in order to maintain and consolidate its world hegemonic position within. However, in recent years, the Associated Press national domestic economic and financial crisis. and in Afghanistan and Iraq and other issues of long-term difficulties. makes the United States in international affairs and domestic people's livelihood, the growing sense of powerless. the United States To rush out of this situation, we are anxious to launch a vigorous war through to the transfer and solve this problem. and more developed China's Yan Wang.

For the United States, virtually brought great terror and stress. Exhaust system from the fundamental development of China, China's development in order to avoid a threat to U.S. hegemony in the world is very important for the United States. Therefore, China No doubt the United States to carry out a war is very necessary thing.

Because, at present, the Sino-US military power there, on the contrast Huan considerable extent on the gap. To the Chinese killed in Shangweijiangtai the process it Shige U.S. tastes. Danshi Suo fear of Ye Shi, Ru Guo and China Once the war, after all, China is different from other small countries, China, both politically and militarily, the United States to beat the Chinese are not certain of winning.

Historically, China's Vietnam War and Korea War, the United States have strong feelings. And powerful of the Chinese people, certainly not the United States and all its enemies with the Chinese people can overcome. So from that point on for the United States and fear China as an enemy. do not want war with China.

In addition, the development of China, in economic terms for the United States, played a major role. If China were a war against the global economic Du bound back several decades, it can be said that Ji Xiang and the United States war with China and most countries do not want to go to war with China.

We Chinese are peace-loving. The country. China is in a period of rapid growth, and we treasure the peaceful environment of hope and people around the world including the United States to maintain friendly relations with the people. Common progress and common development. Do not want war, do not want to war with any country. However, a country absolutely can not tolerate their being forcibly occupied land, their own territorial waters and islands are a little bit of denial. Chinese people to the sovereignty, territory and territorial waters to complete, will be at the expense of. Chinese people definitely will look at other people's glances, the Chinese people to win back the occupied territories and the territorial sea is the island's determination no one can stop. The Chinese people do not want war, but to centralization and territorial integrity will fight to the last man and absolutely unwavering .

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