China needs six war in the 50 years

China is a large country is not unified, which is a shame the Chinese nation, is the Chinese people's shame. To national unity, national dignity, the next 50 years, China must be six war, war is perhaps the whole nation, perhaps the local war, but no matter what a war is the war in China must be unified.

The first war: the reunification of Taiwan (2020 - 2025)

Although both sides have now moving towards peace, but not paranoid Taiwan authorities (whether the KMT or the DPP) to conduct peaceful reunification with the mainland, because it does not meet the power needs of the campaign, so long will the status quo with the mainland (so the two the party's beneficial, a bustling downtown DPP, the KMT and I and, from their more political chips), "independence" not true "independence", and stir to "unification" is not true "system", talk On the can. Taiwan is not uniform, this is a great Mishap, anyone can learn about infiltration and an increase in all negotiations with China in the chips.

So in the next 10 years, that 2020 years ago, the Chinese Government to come up with a unified strategic approach, Taiwan announced that the latest deadline for national reunification in 2025, or to accept the peaceful reunification of Taiwan (which is the world's most wanted to see the results of the Chinese), or to force unification (which is the only choice for China forced), to unify China in three to five years to prepare the (when the aircraft carrier has launched service in China, J-18, "Chinese fourth generation stealth fighter> planes have been equipped army, China has the strength to force reunification with Taiwan), the time comes, no matter what kind of uniform way, but the necessary unity, this is an account of the Chinese nation.

In accordance with the present situation of Taiwan must resist reunification, the Chinese mainland only force to achieve reunification. And this war in China's reunification is the founding of New China under the meaning of the first truly modern war, is a comprehensive test of China's military modernization of the war fighting capacity. In this, the Chinese could easily win, may also be difficult to win. Why is this so? We may all know about the case of United States and Japan entered the war with Taiwan. Additional assistance from the US-Japan Taiwan, and even sent troops to retake the mainland, China must give the country a force to resist the United States to conduct day-long war difficult and slow, so the war of course, difficult; if not with the United States and Japan against China allow the recovery of Taiwan, mainland China, Taiwan's armed forces, of course vulnerable to a maximum of three months, full control of Taiwan. Even the United States and Japan entered the war, up to six months will be to capture Taiwan. The figure is a hypothetical attack on Taiwan.

Although now that China has the ability to counter-intervention, but I personally believe that China recovered Taiwan in before, the best layout, so that less or not US-Japan war, China can quickly capture Taiwan. So how the layout, so that less or not US-Japan war then? Preferably induce a, two pre-war, such as in Iran-Iraq War, Russo-Japanese war, India-Pakistan war, inter-Korean confrontation, so no time to take care of United States and Japan, it is difficult war time or not, China can quickly capture Taiwan .

Of course, both the United States and Japan entered the war or not, eventually the Chinese won (capture and control of Taiwan), which is beyond doubt. The difference is that, if the US-Japanese war, China will inevitably sap the economic vitality (U.S. and Japanese economies will not better than China because the Chinese mainland to capture Taiwan, the United States and Japan lost the war the military can not find people to debt ); If the United States and Japan is less than or not the war, the Chinese economy is no loss. But regardless of whether the United States and Japan entered the war, the Chinese military, there must be leaps and bounds. Since the reunification of Taiwan, the integration of Taiwan's military technology, five to ten years, China's military technology there must be rapid development.

In this war, the United States is not war, but also to preserve its dominant position, once the war, the dominant land La inevitable shake. The war is the United States and Japan entered the war, and finally could not keep the mainland reunification of Taiwan, and U.S. and Japanese forces in this war will inevitably hit it the dominant position of the United States around the world suspected; in particular small country in Southeast Asia who the face of powerful neighbors China, they then go from here, in the end to whom, to re-consider the. I personally think that this war, the United States entered the war better, but also to maintain his large U.S. hegemony in the world of virtual 40 years, in the past 40 years, China will not nothing to challenge American hegemony, China will continue to focus on the country's reunification.

Reunification of Taiwan's greatest advantages of this war is out of the first island chain (I was not here today said that one or occasionally two vessels out of the first island chain, but anytime, anywhere, to haunt the first island chain out only for real), facing the Pacific Ocean, you can enter the ocean from China to broaden China's concerns and interests.

The second war: recovery of the South China Sea islands (2025 - 2030)

China's reunification with Taiwan, the rest up to two years, and during the rest of China to the South China Sea in the neighboring countries that recover the South China Sea Islands Armed deadline in 2028, occupation of the South China Sea islands all around the Asian countries and China during this negotiation also occupied islands Yu of China, the Chinese spirit of good neighborliness and friendship and the great powers as the starting Dian style, also ensure that the South China Sea Zhoubiangeguo Yi Touzi in the South China Sea Islands of the total financial interest in, or the South China Sea in China, once recovered to Wu Li Zhu Dao, Ze States to invest in The island's economy will be occupied by the Chinese confiscated. This time also, the South China Sea in China's neighboring countries Although after a deadly force reunification with Taiwan, but the countries on the one hand and China sit together and negotiate, on the one hand it will not hand over our interests have been hand, so are waiting and watching, all delays to see what action will be taken by China in the end, will be made after the war is still the choice is. The figure is the South China Sea islands were occupied islands, the status of neighboring countries.

And, at this time will not willing to China should the United States to recover the South China Sea islands, because the first war, the United States, or less than war, or war but can not stop China's reunification with Taiwan, given China's strength, so we will not did not dare openly with China is facing an enemy, but would secretly support the South China Sea some neighboring countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines; Vietnam and the Philippines only dare to challenge China, but also considerable deliberation, not easy with the Chinese use of force, negotiations with China in the best interest can not be obtained, and the United States military assistance when he dared to fight with China.

At this point the best choice for China to attack Vietnam, because Vietnam is the South China Sea around the largest and most powerful country, to attack Vietnam, is "killing the monkey watch and chicken." In the invasion of Vietnam, the South China Sea will not help the neighboring countries of Vietnam, only spectators. Vietnam defeat, put the islands and reefs occupied by the return to China, and China defeated, then the school in Vietnam, at a war with China.

Of course, China will certainly be defeated in Vietnam and recover occupied islands. At this point, a defeat in Vietnam, representing every island was recovered, and serious economic losses, the South China Sea over the surrounding countries, while impressed by the prestige of China, on the other hand wants to keep part of the benefit, had to think twice before negotiations, the return of occupied islands and reefs in China , to submit to China. Hong Kong garrison of China was revised, among the best in the Pacific Code of Practice.

That time, China's first island chain completely break, enter and break the second island chain, China's aircraft carrier really be free to enter the ocean, and China's more to expand their interests and concerns of the.

The third war: to recover possession of the South (2035 - 2040)

China and India has a long border line, but the real cause conflicts and confrontation between the two countries, only this one place in southern Tibet. India has always been regarded in China as rivals, than the development of China as India's strategic objectives. India on the one hand and self-development, on the one hand from the United States, Russia, Europe and other countries strongly the introduction of highly sophisticated military weapons and technology, its military, economic development, followed by the Chinese sky. In India, its official, the senior and the media more pro-US, Russia, Europe, China, contrary to the more exclusive, even hostile, this is the territory of China and India a source of the problem difficult to solve; the other hand, India official, the high-level view of its military in the US-Russian help solve the problem of the case, a very high that a war with China can be used in China, and India is also another source of protracted territorial issues. The figure is India's occupation of southern Tibet, the situation in China.

20 years, although India's military strength is more than China, but then the world will be one of the few large, southern Tibet, China and its head-to recover, how many are there of their own loss, I personally think is best China from now on, trying to lure India split, split into several small countries, so India's inability to compete with China; course, the split plot does not necessarily succeed in India, but at least to the border with Assam China Southern Tibet help and misappropriation of Sikkim by India's independence, and weaken the strength of India to counter China, this is the best policy.

The second choice is to enter the advanced military weapons in Pakistan, in 2035 or so, secretly helped Pakistan's offensive in southern Indian-controlled Kashmir to help Pakistan complete the great cause of reunification. Of course, India and Pakistan battle it out in time into China's fast attack with lightning speed invasion of southern Tibet and India. India can not afford the same time both sides of the war, two wars are bound to lose, so that China can easily recover possession of the South, you can complete the full control of Pakistan Kashmir. This is the second choice, is quite a brilliant idea implemented in a. This can not be realized, the only way to worst, is a positive attack us, to recover possession of the South.

When the first and second end of the war, China had rest ten years, when the Chinese were either military or economic power then the world, only the United States and Europe (if it is true then the European integration, form the same country so, if not gold enough grid, should be Russia, but I observed and analyzed, then the integration of Europe is entirely possible) with China ranked top three, rival, equal shares of the. As China recovered Taiwan and the South China Sea islands, the military technology have made considerable progress, land, sea, air, space weapons, both a qualitative leap in military technology are in many of the international advanced level, at which time China's military power may only inferior to the United States, the second highest in the world, India is destined to defeat this war of. First of all, the Indian national strength of China too. On the one hand, India has no independent R & D and production of sophisticated weapons with high capacity, on the other hand, India's wartime economic mobilization capacity of less than one-tenth of China, so China can not be protracted war, and India quickly the ability of war worse than the Chinese even further, so the war is doomed to India will be lost. Second, the war in this manner is absolutely no country dares to specify where he helped India. China is already a world power when no country (including the United States)'m out in enmity with China, while covertly, up to the United States, Russia and Japan to provide more arms only, but this will not cause a big problem; but Pakistan may be looting, attacks on India. Third, India can not dare use nuclear weapons. While India has nuclear weapons, but in this war, India can not be used because the lack of destruction of nuclear weapons in India China; If not destroyed, if used, may be China's fight back to India from the Earth forever. The conventional weapons of war, up to two years, the war ended, with China ended in victory. China's recovery of southern Tibet, the massive presence, gaze intently as India, never daring to move, eventually had to recognize and actively expand cooperation with China to preserve the strength of regional power.

Fourth war: to recover the Diaoyu Islands and the flow of the ball (2040 - 2045)

Time to the twenty-first century, China is a true world power, as is, the Russo-Japanese decline, not before the US-India, Central Xiongqi is recovered by the Japanese occupation of China's Diaoyu Islands and the flow of the ball the best time to . The figure is the Diaoyu Islands and the flow of contrast past and present of the ball.

Here talked about the Diaoyu Islands and the flow of the ball, many people may only know that the Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory, but I do not know the Japanese occupation of the flow ball (the current "Okinawa", a U.S. military base). Now, whether civil, or the central level, referring to the East Sea and Japan about the problem of Japan designated the "median line", about "Okinawa" (that is, the flow of China said that the ball) problems, have been introduced in Japan history and political errors - that is, that the flow of the ball is Japanese territory. This is a shame how ignorant ah! Read Chinese, flow ball and rest of the world (including Japan), history, fluid ball Islands has always been vassal state of China's Fan, which is China's territory. I ask that the Japanese designated so-called "middle line" has also set up it? Japan East China Sea is also related what happened? (This matter unclear who can go and see my book, "Flow ball - an integral part of Chinese territory since ancient times")

Since the Japanese occupation of China's Diaoyu Islands and the flow of the ball for many years, the illegal theft of our wealth of the East China Sea, it is time to come back to Japan. Because this time the United States would like to control and are unable to control, not related to their affairs in Europe, Desert, but asked Russia keen on pleasing ride. Up to six months, you can end the war, the Chinese victory over Japan had to acknowledge the consequences of defeat - the unconditional return of the Diaoyu Islands and the flow of the ball. East China Sea, China's inland sea, who would dare to touch?

Fifth of war: unity of Outer Mongolia (2045 - 2050)

Although some advocates would like to return to China in Outer Mongolia, but realistic? Chinese guys are unrealistic in self-deception, misleading China's strategic thinking, which none of the benefits of recovering Outer Mongolia.

Only after the reunification of Taiwan to the ROC Constitution and map-based (in this case might ask, why should the territory of the ROC Constitution and based on it? This does not mean that the Republic of China The People's Republic of China was unified yet? What nonsense, the People's Republic of China, the Republic of China is China, who unified Hugh matter who, as the Chinese, as long as reunification of the motherland strong, free from bullying best. and to know that the PRC is the recognition of foreign Mongolian independence, such as the People's Republic of territory based on the Charter and to the unity of Outer Mongolia, it is aggression, we can only territory of the ROC Constitution and the basis of the unified Mongolian Foreign This apprenticeship known; still here Note that I said things after the reunification of Taiwan Republic of China, who unified Who then said that make sense?), outside a unified framework Monti, at the same time return to public opinion, the atmosphere of Outer Mongolia; there in Outer Mongolia looking for groups willing to return, great support, as it close to the power level, to prepare for the reunification Outer Mongolia; and to recover possession of the South (estimated 2040) Outer Mongolia declared to the world after China's core interests, who also untouchable.

Of course, Mongolia can conditionally return, naturally better and better, better than I do not know how many times the unified force; if external interference or denial of reunification, the Chinese were ready to do all armed, unified Outer Mongolia. I think China can still apply the reunification of Taiwan model, limited return to the last period of 2045, thought to Outer Mongolia a few years time, if not active after time to return finally to force reunification.

By this time, the former four wars have ended and the unity of Outer Mongolia with a force of political, military and diplomatic strength. Weak to the United States and Russia, must not enter the war, only the diplomatic protest, but the EU is ambiguous, noncommittal, Indian non-silent, silent in Central Asia. Less than three years to complete all of China's absolute unity of Outer Mongolia. After the reunification of Outer Mongolia, Chen heavily forward, monitor Russia, and within a decade, great efforts for infrastructure, military facilities, in order to later recover the territories occupied by Russia in China in preparation.

Sixth war: to recover the territories occupied by Russia (2055 - 2060)

Sino-Russian good-neighborly and friendly now appears, but is forced to fight against the United States to come together, in fact Anchaoyongdong, each alert, Russia wary of China's powerful rise against them, China has been not forget the Russian occupation of China's territory, a capable, China is bound to recover.

War first five games (around 2050), the Territory of Qing coercion to Russia has occupied the land before me (reason to unite with the territory of the Republic of China as Outer Mongolia, where much of the question), which would be conducive in the world China's public opinion, and the best once again to induce the disintegration of Russia, as many small countries. The figure is the land of the Qing Dynasty in China.

Here, first, to clarify the Russian invasion of our territory:

1, Sept. 7, 1689 (Kangxi 20 years), in Nerchinsk signing of the treaty, the encroachment Xing'an and Laguna Creek, west of Elgin is about 250,000 square kilometers land;

2. October 21, 1727 (Yongzheng five years), Russia signed kyakhta treaties forced occupation of the south and southwest of Lake Baikal, about 100 000 square kilometers;

3. In 1790 (Qianlong 50 years), occupying about 100,000 square kilometers of the library leaves the island;

4, May 28, 1858 (Xianfeng years), occupying confuse the river west of Heilongjiang to the north of the vast areas south of foreign Xinganling area of about 460,000 square kilometers of land, and forced the Qing court to recognize the treaty signed Aigun;

5, November 14, 1860 (Xianfeng years), occupying confused and Ussuri river near the east hu, about 430 thousand square kilometers land and forced the Qing court after the Treaty of Beijing set to be recognized ;

6, 1881 (Guangxu years), occupying the southwestern Tianshan Yili Yin, Yili Nama Halleck Yamaguchi until only about 20,000 square kilometers northwest Ka'erda Land, Russia forced the Qing court after the treaty entered into Ili recognition;

7, 1883 (Guangxu nine years), occupying the amount of Erqi Si near the river and Zaysan about 20,000 square kilometers of land, forced to set Taerbahatai after Edi Bach sets world about;

8, 1895 (Guangxu 20 a year), Edi and Britain divided up the Pamirs in western Xinjiang Province where most of about one thousand square kilometers of land;

9, 1921 (Republic of years), Russia instigated Tannu first independent, in 1944 (Republic of China 30 years) and the official invasion, with a total land area of about 170,000 square kilometers;

10, 1929 occupation of the island and related blind black waters 450 square kilometers, it was in October 2008 only to return to peace negotiations, one-third of the territory is still occupied about two-thirds of black blind island 300 square kilometers territory.

Finally about, before and after the invasion of Russian territory totaling approximately 1.6 million square kilometers of land, the land was occupied to our existing land area equivalent to one-sixth of the Russian situation is the enemy of my sworn enemies of the Chinese nation, so five After the war, to the Qing territory of the Russian operator accounts with time.

How could obediently returned to Russia to fight when the only one. At a time when China's land, sea, air and space forces has been far more than Russia, but this is the first war against nuclear power, so the Chinese must be against the move at this time that all nuclear capacity, such as to destroy its nuclear weapons on the front, mid and terminal capacity. When the military arrives to fight back Russia will understand that Russia has been far from Chinese rivals, had dejectedly gave the occupied territory, the acts of aggression when their strong pay a heavy price.

Six after the war, China became the world's only economic and military power, the entire world, not dare to contend with, China, together with the European Union, the United States, Russia, India, Japan, China, Africa and Brazil are the world to establish a new world order.

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You're hopeless!!! This is a baseless (and useless) discussion...

This is absolutely the funniest thing I have read in weeks! Where does the world find these ultra-nationalist fools?

You need six years of extensive treatment in a good mental hospital.

Reason here
1. If china attacks on Taiwan do you think US will watch and take a sip of coffee? You just dare to do that and see how US navy throw your army and navy back to your original position.

2. After Chinese attack on Taiwan all countries would be on alert specially India and will start massive military buildup on war scale level. 2020 to 2025 would be 5 years and it is enough make India much stronger.

3. When China attack on Vietnam 2030 it will show again hostile nature of china. Since 2020 ten years passed and during 10 years India have already developed and modernized it's forces at satisfactory level.

4. After these consecutive attacks it would be confirmed to world that what china wants. It is becoming second NAZI Germany. US-India would join together and make military treaty to support each other in case of attack from China. This treaty would be done with Russia too.

5. Now in 2035 china attacks on India with a planned manner and pakistan joined him. Definitely it would be a good move from china and would be critical to India to face 2 front war but due to treaties with US & Russia this would spark world war III and India would engage in full scale war with China. As China attacks with full power on India, Russia will open a second front on northern border of China and US navy will block chinese navy from East.

The oil supply will be blocked to china and after few years of war china will overrun with fuel and economical loss because all other countries would apply ban to china.

Also don't forget NATO, if war escalates and goes out of hands US can include NATO which has more than 25 countries and then what will happen with China you can understand.

So India will never wipe out from the map but china may due to it's aggressive nature and instead of breaking india into small nations, china may be broken in to small nations to weaken forever china.

I'll not talk about other war because war with India would be the last decisive move for China.

You such a fool don't have brain to think about all factors that war is not only fought in battlefield but in all medium including diplomatic, economical and strategical field.

To capton,

Maybe the writer is not right about all these wars. But please do not use such words like 'hostile nature, Nazi Germany, aggressive nature' when you're talking about China.
And please remember those land or islands BELONGED to China and they were deprived by the INVASION of other empires like Russia, Japan, or even developing countries like India, Vietnam.
We're not hostile or aggressive, we just want our land or islands BACK. That's all.

You know who's the most aggressive nation in this world, China??NOOOOO!!! It's fucking USA. They invaded dozens of countries. And we CHINA, we invaded no states!! Don't you bitch know something about history?? Or are you just a psycho??? Sorry to be so rude, I’m just mad at people like this.

And one last thing, what are you caring for when we're having a war with Taiwan? It's Chinese domestic problems. What the hell gives you USA bitches to get in this situation?? Just FUCK OFF, You USA ASSHOLES.

There's always a war between Japs and China and maybe a war with India or USA too.
We'll see about that.

Nazi USA is at War with the world.
they do it now.
they use Lies and money.
they make US people slaves.
and US people mad stupid to.
USA is going mad. and may kill it self!
no freedom in USA.
UK is slave of USA. like dog.
I am in UK. I am English.
dont start war. just get strong. strong with money to. not like USA money it is empty.

Dear, Stupid Writer, you should learn one fact that on course of time, nations r made and rebuilt. None remains the same. Therefore, instead of being hostile,nagging & trying to escalate a war with neighbouring countries China should learn to live in peace & should teach their own people about the teachings of Buddha and should follow it.
It should note that geography and countries structure never remains the same. It has to live in the present rather how was the past. On past, Jews were on whole Middle east but what now, its the Muslims live there and Jews cannot claim and force them to leave, just bcoz once Jews lived there, thousands of years ago.
Same goes with China, if something has happened hundreds of years ago, you shouldn't be claiming now. And about South China sea, if whole South-China sea is China's territory than Whole Indian Ocean is also of India's and China should stay away from it, if it so much weighs the history of some region.

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