PLA's Major General: counter-measures should be established to deal with the United States "full moon-shaped" surrounded

Recently, the Society of Military Sciences, Luo Yuan, Deputy Secretary-General, Major General in the exchanges with the PRC online users pointed out that South Korean military exercises to the negative impact of surrounding areas should not be underestimated, China should be highly vigilant, the U.S. had never given up on China containment, currently has a "moon-shaped," surrounded by three cordons.

1 US-ROK military exercises created

New crises and obstacles

"Tian" ship incident caused the crisis is not resolved, the United States on the Korean Peninsula created a new crisis; the three major obstacles to Sino-US military exchanges have not ruled out, the U.S. has created new obstacles.

Two pairs of hostile action be diametrically opposed to the counter-measures

China is now not have peace surrounding environment. We have sense of urgency. Against China on a number of hostile action, to give tit for tat countermeasures.

3 declaration of sovereignty in the South China Sea

To reflect the military presence

Some countries have repeatedly violated the South China Sea code of conduct, have put to us of "shelving disputes and seeking common development" there is a one-sided understanding, that we hold is not controversial, set aside the sovereignty. "Joint development" into the "anti-Chinese" one-way development.

Around the United States in China

Seize strategic strong point

Aircraft carrier battle group will not come to the Yellow Sea

US-ROK military exercise affects people's minds, Xinhua News Agency on July 16 reported that the exercise will be launched later this month in the Sea of Japan took the lead; U.S. media reports, "George Washington" aircraft carrier battle group will not appear in the Yellow Sea, while participate in exercises in the Sea of Japan. However, this exercise has brought to China around the negative impact is still not be underestimated.

Deputy Secretary General of China Society of Military Science, Major General Luo Yuan, told People's Network interview that the United States, "Michigan" was nuclear-powered attack submarines to Busan, "Ohio" was to the Philippines, the Subic base, and "Florida" was to the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. The mobilization of U.S. nuclear-powered attack submarines, take it on the layout of the entire U.S. strategic point of view. Before the United States adopt a "two-headed eagle policy" - for both living in Europe, are looking to live in Asia, and now it is the entire military deployment tilted towards the Asia-Pacific region.

U.S. form a "moon-shaped" surrounded

Through a series of deployment, the first island chain in the United States to contain China, together with Guam, Hawaii, China and 3 blocked the formation of chains. Some people said the formation of a C-shaped U.S. siege, but now the United States and some Western countries, China is not the C-shaped surrounded, but "moon-shaped" surrounded, (in Chinese peripheral) East and West are set point maneuver, such as Go under the same strategy in these areas to seize the strong point. 60% of U.S. attack submarines are scheduled to deploy to the region, also plans to deploy strategic bombers in Guam. In this regard, China should be vigilant.

Recently, the United States led 14 countries to the "Rim of the Pacific 2010" military exercise, which no Chinese. The United States engage in a lot around China joint military exercise, according to some media reports, the joint military exercises in the treat China as an imaginary enemy. Jay Navy submarine commander has said in Australia, the Chinese navy is a growing threat, the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine stationed in the mobilization of 60% of the Pacific, its target is very clear. The 14-nation joint military exercise, in addition to a number of joint search and rescue, the subject is an important anti-submarine exercises.

Hostile actions against China have counter-measures

Luo Yuan pointed out that China does not have peace now in the surrounding environment, we need to have sense of urgency, awareness of national defense. The face of "siege" on China in response to reflect the "pattern of big, big thinking, big strategy." On the one hand to strengthen the construction of its own naval and air forces, on the other hand to establish a number of strategic strong point in the surrounding, well-managed and regional environment. In addition, some anti-China hostile action, to give tit for tat countermeasures. (People)

Luo Yuan: in the South China Sea to carry out our administrative, legal, military and media presence

"Shelving disputes," not "hold sovereignty"

In the end what is China's core interests? July 13, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gangming really make definition of "national sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and development interests belong to China's core interests." Society of Military Sciences, Luo Yuan, Deputy Secretary-General, Major General in the online exchange with the People's Network, said users should ensure that the core of our interests in the South China Sea, we must declare our sovereignty.

Luo Yuan said that in the South China Sea issue, we are declared outside the main two words, "putting aside disputes and seeking common development." But now the problem is that we actively advocate the use of peaceful, diplomatic means to resolve the South China Sea with some controversial issues, and relevant countries have signed a joint code of conduct for the South China Sea, is the "Common Declaration of the South China Sea", we have this faith implementation of the code of conduct But some countries have repeatedly violated the South China Sea code of conduct, sent some of their leaders to some of the disputed region declared sovereignty.

Luo Yuan said they proposed to us, "putting aside disputes and jointly develop" a one-sided understanding, that now is not the controversy aside, shelve the sovereignty of our sovereignty is shelved. In addition, we are now talking about is the joint development, but has now become "anti-Chinese" one-way development. This poses a problem, so in this place, we must declare our sovereignty.

Declaration of sovereignty in the South China Sea, Luo Yuan put forward four suggestions:

First, we reflect on the administrative presence in the disputed area is a city with its county, township, clearly this is within my administrative divisions, and other administrative leaders should be appointed to some islands and reefs that we go can not, to whom the provisions of the jurisdiction it needs to have administrative jurisdiction, to be carried out regularly posting publicity.

Second, the legal existence. Must be clear that nine off curve, in the end what kind of character. It is our territorial waters line, or our line of administrative jurisdiction, there must be a legal definition, it can not be too long. Some people say that with the broken curve from the nine other countries may be too close, do not make some changes which I think there is a very key issue was the James Shoal, it is now not a natural 符号, has become a political symbols.

Third, reflect the military presence. To be able to place troops stationed troops, not sending troops to set up some military facilities, such as observation, communication stations, weather stations, lighthouses, if these can not be located, at least to establish sovereignty monument, the place to be flying the Chinese flag hoisted the national flag can also set up some sovereignty over the human symbol. Our ships regularly carried out from time to time to cruise in this region, but also show the existence of our sovereignty.

Fourth, public opinion there. Our citizens, including friends here, everyone on different occasions, using different media, to declare our sovereignty, we do not allow anyone to encroach on the sovereignty.

Recently, three U.S. Navy nuclear-powered attack submarines also appeared in a show of force in the Asia Pacific (right small diagram from top to bottom): "Florida," outpost of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean calling at Hong Kong, "Michigan" was calling at Busan Port, "Ohio "berthed in Subic Bay, Philippines.

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China should be very careful as the mood in the USA now is not passive, our bite is much worse than our bark

Tsun Tzu would tell China to back off an reassess. Clearly, they are in over their heads and do not (yet) have the capability to go toe-to-toe with the USN. If they go ahead on this path-they will humiliate themselves needlessly before they are ready.