Revealed the inside story: exposed the real reason for China's cruel sanctions against Iran!

Iran, Turkey and Brazil on the 17th agreement, Iran agreed to its domestic production of 1,200 kilograms of enriched uranium to 3.5% purity shipped to Turkey in exchange for 120 kilograms of enriched uranium concentration of 20% engaged in medical research and as a nuclear fuel. Analysts believe that the signing of this agreement so that a negotiated solution to the prospect of the Iranian nuclear issue and restore light. But yesterday, China's UN delegation, the United Nations Security Council's five permanent members and Germany on the afternoon of the Security Council circulated a draft resolution on Iran sanctions. So why the nuclear issue of Iran to make concessions and compromise, but also impose sanctions on it? Iranian nuclear issue will be how to solve? Well-known military expert, National Defense University professor Zhang Zhaozhong-depth analysis for you.

Iran's nuclear facilities satellite photos

Reporter: Earlier, Iran and the parties in the nuclear fuel 交换 time and place Zeng differences, Iran's insistence on the exchange in their own territory, and insist on the principle of exchange synchronization. This time, Iran, Brazil and Turkey reached an agreement that Iran's nuclear fuel switching in the time and place to show a compromise gesture. But why insist on the UN Security Council sanctions against Iran?

Zhang Zhaozhong: Iran signed a nuclear fuel exchange agreements, but the object is not signed by Russia, Iran, but Turkey, this and previous United Nations Security Council, including some Western countries are quite different. Before the UN Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency has been coordinating the hope that Iran will import 20% from the low concentration of enriched uranium. The United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency that can trust the import object is Russia, because Russia's uranium fuel is relatively high production quality, but also mass production, and Russian is also the UN Security Council permanent members, so that by the other countries Russia's more appropriate to undertake this task.

Russia and Iran initially agreed, but later the two sides some awkward downtown, including the expulsion of a Russian pilot of Iran, mainly because the Russian way to change the sale to Iran S-300 missile program, these things lead to uranium in Russia and Iran exchange of freezing fuel. After the freeze of Turkey to discuss Iran's nuclear fuel on the shift exchange agreement. The mediation of President Lula in Brazil, Turkey and Iran signed the nuclear fuel exchange, we hope that Iranian diplomats by the previous phase of the vortex, by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, delivered a series of lecture and 17 of Iran and Turkey signed a treaty can ease the international understanding of Iran, postpone or cancel the fourth round of sanctions against Iran. Unfortunately, on the next day, Clinton said he would continue to impose sanctions on Iran, so this is a very regrettable thing.

Reporter: No. 17, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad signed a nuclear fuel exchange agreement made on behalf of "victory". Does this mean that Iran and the West over the nuclear issue of the contest on account of the advantages?

Zhang Zhaozhong: Should the fourth round of sanctions, as well as the core of the fourth round of sanctions, what is the good offices of the international community has a few months, but the results repeatedly postponed, mainly because China and Russia's attitude has not been finally determined down. Another point is the issue of Iran to nuclear fuel exchange kept as a trump card to play. In the joint headquarters of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, we are divided. Because Iran insists that he is the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, while the international community, especially Western countries consider it Fazhan nuclear weapons, so it's all the problems are uncertain.

So, in this case Iran and Russia abandoned nuclear fuel switching, turn and Turkey reached an agreement, its own diplomatic efforts that have been persuaded by other countries - including China and some other big countries, the possibility of the fourth round of sanctions is becoming smaller and smaller. Iran's diplomatic efforts in this round, it successfully and Turkey rather than Russia signed such an agreement, it felt foreign on a "major victory" for the international community to ease sanctions against Iran and understanding is a "victory "But the next day" victory "soon turned into a failure.

Does not exclude the possibility of the use of force to solve problems

Reporter: The Iranian nuclear issue will be how to solve it?

Zhang Zhaozhong: Everyone agreed that it is difficult to escape the fourth round of sanctions against Iran. This round of sanctions against certain provisions may be added. For example, if the re-Iran so agonizing, and then bent to continue to pursue nuclear fuel, the United Nations could take another approach. Personally, I think, is likely to use force to settle - Israel has been promoting the use of force to resolve. The problem now is that the U.S. has been pressing Israel, let Israel hands.

Next, the United States or Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities may be hands, it all had to look after the fourth round of sanctions against Iran, listen to his words and deeds, let's look at Iran's implementation and effects of sanctions. If the sanctions are not working well, I can not imagine to conduct the fifth round of sanctions, as it has been four rounds of sanctions, no effect will be for the United States and Israel against Iran to provide an excuse hands.

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