PLA laid siege to the U.S. aircraft carrier with massive missiles in East China Sea exercises

worry about the PLA test "aircraft carrier killer" is rising

Whenever the Chinese military exercises or test, there will be more and more attention to its modern equipment, foreign analysts speculate that China will come up with their own killer - that is, some countries have not yet tested the so-called "killer of aircraft carriers . "

This week, China announced on June 30 will begin live-fire exercises in the East China Sea. In some military and diplomatic circles, the Chinese could launch its first anti-ship missile exercise concerns rise.

Anti-ship ballistic missile is the most controversial weapons of PLA - which uses the United States and the former Soviet Union promised never to use the technology. Washington and Moscow to understand the R & D costs and risks of such weapons, thus ending the Cold War when the two sides agreed to ban. If China launched ballistic missiles against ships during the conflict, the enemy may make a disastrous misjudgment. Because it has always been carrying a nuclear warhead missiles, they may think that the threat of nuclear attack, which carried out nuclear retaliation. Beijing knows that these weapons can be fired from mobile launching platform, so there will be a huge deterrent. The United States will have to rethink how to deploy its aircraft carrier, in particular the Seventh Fleet stationed permanently in Japan that aircraft carriers.

"Does not exclude the possibility," U.S. Naval War College, Naval Research Department of China, said Associate Professor Andrew Erickson, "Beijing reason to believe that the exercise would last for days, much 关注, or even cause adverse political reaction. Therefore, to make the exercise worthwhile, may have to yield useful 的 technical results, and the formation of the Chinese policy-makers expect that a huge deterrent Li ... ... Zhiyou when testing is Jianduan's, and have achieved success, Zhexiebiaozhun to Da Dao. "

People's Liberation Army Monday announced that the exercise will last six days, the command ship not to enter the designated area. This is an unusual move. At present, the Sino-US military exchanges have been interrupted, the United States and South Korea prepared to hold high-profile anti-submarine exercises in the Yellow Sea. China opposes US-ROK joint military exercises, fear of aggravating the tensions on the Korean peninsula. It is reported that Chinese military officials have denied live-fire exercises against Washington and Seoul.

Eriksson that many signs that China has an advanced anti-ship missile can test, but also a kind of "China's so important" weapons has also been testing the Bi Yao.

Several Asian and European military officer said that China will soon have to test such weapons. A senior Asian military attache said: "To prove deterrent, we must let people know you have. And, China's leaders want to know that Wu Qi viable before it can use it as an important reference for strategic planning."

Erickson said that China is already on the aircraft carrier battle group began planning a "saturation" attack tactics, namely the use of missile boats, the implementation of land-based ballistic missiles and other weapons to fight. "Therefore, the PLA will be a variety of missiles fired from multiple platforms, both high and low performance test weapons, but also show a high degree of determination."

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