China's Major General said that PLA is not afraid of the US-ROK military exercise in Yellow Sea

Rear Admiral Cheuk Yin Chinese 6 on "Global Times" reporter, said technology from the operations level, "Washington" deployed from Yokosuka port to the exercise site at least 24 hours, we calculated according to the movements of the aircraft carrier exercise in a specific time. It is worth mentioning that the US-ROK exercise insist on an average water depth in the 40-70 m location, very shallow, the U.S. aircraft carrier such "adventure" has a deeper strategic considerations. At present, the exercise will be held in the Yellow Sea in which area do not know, but the Yellow Sea of China's military has never recognized what the "middle line", for China, just go to the Yellow Sea Yellow Sea coast of the exercise is a threat to the economic development of China's security is not friendly move, but the Chinese military have "not afraid."

Japan's "Tokyo Shimbun" Ze good news in the sub-6 on the "Global Times" reporter that Japanese people generally feel nervous about this matter, the Yellow Sea is a sensitive place, many Japanese can understand the feelings of Chinese people in this matter. Japan will not send warships to the Yellow Sea, easily, do not want the U.S. aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea. Japanese not only worry about the nuclear aircraft carrier may be a nuclear leak at sea, more worried about the situation in the region Multimodal speech will bring the risk of instability.

Japanese public opinion worried that the US-ROK military exercise will cause North Korea in retaliation. "Asahi Shimbun," said North Korea has the Yellow Sea to the western part of the Korean Peninsula is designated as prohibited navigation area, that North Korea may conduct artillery training in the area or launching short-range missiles, the purpose is to combat Multimodal speech.

According to Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" reported that Russia and the DPRK to conduct exercises in the neighboring region, ready to accept the flow of refugees. Russia does not clearly refer to imaginary refugees come from, allegedly, with the deterioration of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, in order to prevent the inflow of refugees from neighboring countries to conduct training.

Yin Zhuo 6 on "Global Times" reporter that the Yellow Sea tension, but not to the "military crisis" level. If the United States to send a single aircraft carrier battle group, rather than the two-carrier battle groups to participate in the exercise, then the political and diplomatic means than military significance. Currently, the U.S. will not send double-carrier operations. But it is worth reminding that the U.S. now has nuclear and chemical operations can be carried out special operations unit, the unit on U.S. military bases stationed in Japan.

Fellow Institute of International Studies of Tsinghua University USSR 6, the "Global Times" said, "Yellow Sea crisis" affects the people, the United States is expected ship incident with Tian An "opportunity" to consolidate the command of military bases in Korea, dominance, forcing the Japanese government troops stationed in Okinawa, the issue of concessions. The United States frequently use these "non-war" strategy reorganization of the Northeast Asia, with "agents" to contain China's rise, consumption of China's development. U.S. still in Afghanistan, Iraq war, still in the "war", but if the United States deliberately stir in China went to China as the antithesis of U.S. security, then carries it to the national interests of the United States is at stake.

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