China's J -14 fighter will form serious challenges to T-50

According to Russian military news network reported that the Russian technical sciences, Dr. Sergei - Levitchi Professor 3 in 2010 issue of "Aviation Panorama" magazine published an article of that, the next 10 years if Russia 5th generation fighter T-50's development can not be smooth progress, the Chinese self-developed new-generation fighters J -14 although it is not on the U.S. F-22A pose a serious threat to shift the Russian-made T-50 form will be a serious challenge.

Levitchi noted in the text, January 29, 2010 Sukhoi company developed the 5th generation fighter T-50 test launches for the first time, a new era of Russian aviation manufacturing, development, a pioneer in the field of battle to use, so that Russian air force has actually become the hope of the 21st century. 20 years ago, September 29, 1990, the U.S. 5th generation fighter aircraft the first YF-22 experimental flight completed, to the huge U.S. economic strength, the formation of its new generation combat aircraft still need 15 years to 12, 2005 15 formally announced the formation of the first level of support required to combat a new generation of fighter air force units in the past four years, the United States a total volume of 187 F-22, although further production plans have been suspended due to financial crisis, but U.S. tactical air force already has any potential rival any modern fighter's undisputed absolute advantage, "Raptor" has been completed to ensure any military rival of the United States advanced aircraft at least a generation task.

Obviously, prospects for the Russian Air Force Aeronautical Systems frontline T-50's initial flight test is a new generation of fighter aircraft developed this long and complex beginning of the road, T-50 is expected to equip the Russian Air Force in 2015 and the forecast is too optimistic. To ensure the road 上 Zai this success, the need to address the most complex series of Wen Ti, first of all ensure that the new Feijifeihang performance, especially mobility Bu Neng worse than the U.S. F-22A in the same Zhibiao, key Zaiyu is necessary to ensure the aircraft Wuqizhuangbei high level of not less than 16.5-17 tons of thrust, the majority of parameters consistent with the requirements of the 5th generation engine to ensure the aircraft less than 300 meters from the platform to take off, is accelerating vertical climb to 5,000 m altitude, limit the scope of human complete motor overload, do not open in Power Plant reheat to achieve supersonic flight speed of Mach 1.8, two minutes after take-off altitude to within 11,000 m Mach 2.35, off 3 minutes to eliminate 20,000 m altitude supersonic targets, F-22A successfully completed the probability of mobile air not less than 0.5. To achieve higher T-50 flying skills and driving performance, the level of protection to the flight safety, not the larger aircraft structure layout to improve air dynamics is impossible. Furthermore, we need a new generation of fighters to protect the stability and controllability, to reach the higher level command and control level of automation, increase engine thrust to weight ratio, improve the mobility of its supersonic performance, improvement of life support systems. The second major problem is the information assurance, that the other party to timely and accurate information and real-time transmission, exchange and automatic processing of information in the appropriate form of pilots in the time required to provide the necessary information to help pilots make the technically coherent , and effective tactical decisions, if necessary, prompt decision-making, while minimizing the enemy with accurate information in various ways by their own opportunities to improve the stealth properties, which at least some direction to solve technical problems. In addition, as a new generation of fighter Chu Xian, also has a series of special performance of the development of new type of aerial weaponry, including air to air guided missile Yingdangpeibei Ji Cheng Zi-missile system, can be Mubiaoxinxi Shi Shi, identify target Lei Xing, judge between true and false targets, identify an important target level, to ensure the effective destruction of all types of aircraft, including long-range air to air and air-ground guided missiles. Artillery is also important, especially in the last war the best of its operational effectiveness, a new generation of gun firing rate should be higher, not lower than 6,000 per minute hair, no less than 500 rounds of ammunition base, on the air mobility objectives of effective target shooting distance of not less than 600-800 meters, on-board computing system should also aim to ensure their effective destruction of the targets within the capacity of automatic fire, and can automatically destroy guided missiles headed towards his own or his enemy to interfere with.

In short, to solve all these complex tasks, must have a large number of high-quality scientific research and design personnel, modern production base and national stability test of financial security, are essential, otherwise you will repeat the development of the Soviet Union 20 years bombers -34 has not been able to mass production in the past.

Levitchi contrast that, as Russia's Asian neighbors, China is rapidly accumulating knowledge and power, and enhance scientific research, production and national defense capabilities. Chinese leaders attach importance to the Air Force modernization and military buildup to it as one of the priorities, in addition to purchasing from the modernization of the Russian aviation equipment and production licenses, the most important direction is independently developed by China-made samples of a new generation of fighters. 2025 years ago, Chinese military technology policy is the main direction of future development of weapons and military equipment development, production must be based on national science and technology, reduce arms and military equipment development, and the gap between world powers, expanding domestic production of arms and military equipment samples improve the product quality, shorten development and testing of new aviation equipment, period, in the process, improve weapons and military equipment when the protection of the sample obtained from abroad with advanced military technology. To ensure the realization of these plans in 2010 into research and experimental design work in China's military budget increased to 15% of total expenditures. Chinese aviation experts from the simple imitation of foreign samples with the transition to independent research and 4th generation of aviation equipment level of domestic product.

Russian experts are disclosed in the text, media reports have said, China is stepping implementation of Article 5 of Dai fighter development work Bingju disclosure of relevant pictures and Gebiejishu Xingneng, is expected to code for J -14, Bingju through mathematical Monishiyan on These fighters of flight performance and combat effectiveness of a preliminary assessment. It is speculated that China's new generation fighter aircraft 22 meters long with a wingspan of 16.7 meters, 5.05 meters high, and air load 16.5 tons, 25 tons of the standard take-off mass, landing mass 18 tons. Levitchi that the suggested parameters may not be able to achieve some of the data, such as load is less than 16.5 tons of fighter structure. In view of the overall capacity of China's aviation experts and its engine manufacturing skills have not yet reached world standards, China has independently developed the expert may not be similar to F119-PW-100 or F135-PW-600 engine types. Most likely, China's future fighter's power plant will be the Russian-made AL-31F engine in-depth development model, and "117S" products of a similar type. Method by mathematical models of such aircraft in simulated flight tests show that the dynamic performance of air J -14 F-22A with the United States of Leisi performance is very close to expectation for afterburning Zuidasudu Ke Da Dao 2500 km / hour, the maximum Mach 2.35, take-off glide speed of 280-290 km / hour, sliding off the length of 360-680 meters, utility service ceiling 20,000 meters. Through the analysis of data related to simulation, it is concluded, if the Chinese experts to head successful in reducing air resistance, especially when flying at supersonic positive resistance, then use a similar power unit 117S, such as 2 sets twin vortex afterburning jet engine, you can protect fighter aircraft to the speed of Mach 1.25 meters in the air in the 7000-10000 cruise flight, do not open up to 1.41 Mach maximum afterburning, thrust-weight ratio increased, air dynamics performance, high mobility is also guaranteed. If the success of China's aviation designers to achieve a series of structural design, some measures will dramatically increase the aircraft's radar stealth performance. To do this you must use the V-shaped vertical tail, the main weapons and equipment should be fitted inside the fuselage bulkhead, the kinetics of the table all air bags should be parallel to the distribution side, to prevent the radar wave radiation re-reflection.

Generally speaking, the main features of the J -14 in a series of completely consistent with the 5th generation fighter requirements. To assess the performance of J -14 fighting, its type and F-22A fighter mathematical one-time close air combat simulation. From low-altitude air combat tactics of the situation began to neutral, the initial rate of 1000-1100 km / hour in order to eliminate opponents of the location advantage. Simulated air combat Total 500 different programs, the quality of weapons, each fighters have mounted four air to air missiles and a short-range artillery, J-14 30 mm single tube gun, ammunition base 150 made, F- 22A to 20 mm 6, 500 rounds of ammunition base. 90 seconds each time the results of a separate air shot down by enemy aircraft to assess the probability of difference, combined with the use of all weapons on the aircraft have been launching attacks on the frequency and continuity, if the last data is positive, then determine J -14 wins, if it is negative, then the F-22A win. Final results suggest that, in operational efficiency, the Chinese fighter's win probability is much less than the U.S. fighters, J -14 28% chance of winning, while the F-22A's win probability was 0.68.

Levitchi concluded that, despite a series of features on the J -14 5th generation fighters meet standards, but performance in combat is obviously lagging behind the world's only 21 fighters F-22. It can be concluded that if the Russian T-50 aircraft in the next few years can not be the new 5th generation engine, then its performance will be the same as F-22, fighter in the foreground will be forced to compete with the manufacturing opponents will no longer be the United States, but China. Taking into account the level of China's aviation experts and skills in the rapid increase, China's aviation industry is developing rapidly, China's leadership to strengthen national defense capabilities of great importance can be expected, J -14, and T-50 compete with results may be adversely Russia would the next 10 years China has the capacity to be able to independently develop and produce the necessary number of advanced fighters in the elite club of countries members of the competition with Russia to form a serious challenge.

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Most interesting commentary and analysis, although it is very difficult for a non-Chinese native speaker to fully understand the technical nature of the commentary due to the very marginal Chinese-to-English translation that is used here. Thanks for this information, however. VERY interesting.

1. The Fifth Greration is Be operational By 2016 A.D too! It will have top speed over (M)-2.5+ too!

1. The china 5th Gerations Fighter Jets Will Exeeded Speed is crusing Speeds (M)2.1 too! The China Air Force Did Say at all! Top speed is not Mention too!