PLA chief of staff to observed the South China Sea Fleet military exercises and put relentless words: do combat readiness

South China Sea Fleet, 171 ship fleet main (CCTV News screenshot)

Yesterday, CMC member, South Sea Fleet Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde watch organizations in many branches of the military naval exercises when live ammunition contract stressed the need to conscientiously implement the important instructions of President Hu Jintao and Central Military Commission deployment requirements, focus on generating system of combat capability, and actively promote military training transformation. CMC members, Navy Commander Wu Shengli, accompanied by observation.

Chen Bingde pointed out that the central task force to be close to great efforts to strengthen party building. Always the main focus on the overall situation, focus centers on the full completion of the central task of party organizations in the core of leadership in the role of the military into the center of the real party-building tasks, using the results service central task of party building. Vigorously strengthen the building of party organizations learning to highlight information technology knowledge and learning, enhance information literacy, strengthen construction of military units, command information operations under conditions of practical skills. Focus on practice in learning, learning in practice, the best use of the Gulf of Aden to escort action of this important practice platform, humbly learn from good practices of foreign armies, and actively carry out cooperation and the military and diplomatic escort, escort missions in the completion of a high standard at all levels in the comprehensive commander of the organization and command capabilities and forces operational capabilities.

Chen Bingde stressed the need to develop a high degree of attention to changes in situations and tasks, solid preparations for military struggle. Military training is the most substantial preparations for military struggle, the most basic work. We must put military training at a strategic position, focus on generating system operational capability, further promoting the transformation of military training, military training and further grasp the rise of big craze. To explore information in depth training in law under the condition of the real military training from the Navy figure out the conditions of mechanization to information on objectives, tasks, change the condition of the ways and means to provide scientific guidance to transform military training. To attach great importance to basic technical and tactical training, deepen elements of the system-wide joint training, command information system give full play to the "blood", and enhance combat capability.

Chen Bingde requirements, should focus on improving building quality and efficiency, and actively implement the various reform initiatives. Insists on scientific and technological progress should be fighting to improve the quality and efficiency as the core, the new growth point in fighting on the good job building the new combat force; optimize the power structure in accordance with system requirements, to the formation and mission of the task force structure to match; 围绕 Zhengti supporting promote development, prevent the short board information system weaknesses and constraints on the formation of increased combat capability.

Organized by the South China Sea Fleet of this exercise, in order to combat into the background, highlighting complex conditions, electromagnetic interference of the military confrontation, so that the whole process joint operations, training a total of more complex electromagnetic environment of arms contracts for sea range precision strikes and air system air operations and complex electromagnetic environment, integrated air and missile defense surface ships and other six subjects, the history of participating in the training element of the Navy-wide, real-launched missiles, and information with a high degree, a training complex electromagnetic environment. Through exercise, physical inspection of the command information system is "get on together," "well in", "good use", "anti-get real" and so on.

Qi Jianguo, assistant chief of staff, commander of the Guangzhou Military Region, Xu Fan Lin, the leading organs of state and headquarters, part of the defense industry and leadership to observe the exercise.

PLA Navy has a certain area of the South China Sea Fleet held three joint combat exercises, the East China Sea, North Sea and South China Sea Fleet of the main combat ships, such as 171 ships, 116 ships, modern warships in recent years to equip our troops all the exercises. Since this exercise is the PLA Army, the largest modern naval warfare exercises at sea, not only effectively tested the Navy's modernization drive in recent years, the results of the current complex area also sends an important signal environment. During the exercise, observe the high-level military exercises, and made important instructions.
Guided missile frigate fired short-range air defense missiles, HHQ-7

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