U.S. attempts to interfere in the South China Sea dispute, obstruct military and economic rise of China

According to the Russian "The Independent" reported on July 28, China and the United States compete for influence in the Asian region increasingly acute competition, Beijing has attempted to interfere in China in Washington, expressed dissatisfaction with the South China Sea islands dispute. Russian experts believe that Americans move is an attempt to block China to further strengthen its military and economic strength.

Chinese government attempts to interfere with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary China and its neighbors in the South China Sea dispute on the ownership of islands make violent reaction. Clinton recently held in Hanoi, Vietnam ASEAN Regional Forum ministerial meeting, said the national interests of the United States is acting as an intermediary, mediation in China, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines for the South China Sea about 200 islands and reefs occurred in the ownership of the problem conflict. Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi angrily countered that the U.S. intervention will only exacerbate tensions in the region, he said: "The issue will be international, multilateral what will happen? This can only make things worse, more difficult to solve."

Chinese state media accused the U.S. Secretary of State This is an attempt to obstruct the efforts of China in the South China Sea. "People's Daily" accused the United States trying to contain China through military means, "Global Times," English said China would never renounce the use of military means to defend their fundamental interests. As early as March this year, Beijing had already told visiting U.S. officials stressed the South China Sea issue is the scope of its core interests. "New York Times" pointed out that China is strengthening its naval power against a potential enemy, actively building aircraft carriers and ballistic missile submarines, as the South China Sea islands dispute is extremely sharp, in the area of strategic importance for China, is China's most important marine traffic arteries, China's energy supply routes through the region, Chinese-made goods as exports to Europe and the Middle East through this. Moreover, China believes that inside information hidden SCS rich in oil and gas resources. 1988 China and Vietnam Navy disputed islands in a sea battle broke out, the results three Vietnamese boats were sunk. Beijing has also warned foreign oil companies not to sign the South China Sea with Vietnam in the disputed region of oil exploration agreement.

China consolidating its position as East Asia to make its neighbors uneasy the first time in Japan recently announced that it will strengthen the building of their submarine force after Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia also have a lot of purchasing submarines. U.S. to take advantage of unrest in neighboring countries of China, strengthen ties with traditional allies, to win over new regional allies. Now that Japan has agreed to retain U.S. military bases in Okinawa, South Korea has decided to place their forces under the leadership of U.S. general. Far East Russian Academy of Sciences research fellow Kamenov that, in 2002 in the South China Sea littoral states have reached consensus, Jueding equal development Dequziyuan, a peaceful solution to the dispute, China has drafted documents, Dan Shi Chi Xu growing strength of China, the United States Dan Xin, Hai Pa lose their influence in this region, the deliberate intensification of the situation, although China is working to establish normal relations between the United States, but definitely not related to major issues of national security to make any concessions.

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