Chinese navy's first aircraft carrier will laid the keel the end of this year

Kuznetsov aircraft carrier in Dalian, China.

Sing Tao Global Network News: Peter Brown, according to the Hong Kong media has recently published an article saying that China's first aircraft carrier is expected by the end of 2010 laid the keel, and in 2014 installed around the column. Moreover, the PLA will build two new aircraft carriers tile good lattice, and then build two more nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. In addition, the People's Liberation Army, said other sources also disclosed that China intends to build as many as six aircraft carriers. "

Global Network Asia Times Online quoted the report, the article said recently, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier "George - Washington" and other U.S. warships arrive at Port Busan, South Korea, a move that China is very angry.

In addition, the US-ROK joint military exercise "courageous spirit" will kick off the exercise so that Beijing is very fussy. In response, Beijing University professor of international relations, international strategy, said Zhu Feng, deputy director: "The timing of this exercise is very subtle. Beijing's worry that this will turn into a military conflict with North Korea, which is China's opposition The exercise of reason. Moreover, this joint military exercise is to make the situation complicated. "

The article points out, the U.S. Navy, "George - Washington," the carrier's last visit to Busan is the end of 2008, when China's maritime air surveillance equipment less. However, China launched a new satellite, "George - Washington" in early July starting from the base in Yokosuka, Japan, about two weeks after the arrival process of Busan have been closely monitored.

"Bravery" exercise before the start of U.S. Defense Secretary Robert - Gates in Seoul made it clear that, while China already has the air surveillance capability, but China will not affect the decision on the exercise. Gates said: "These exercises are held in South Korea along the coast, not in China's coastal areas. This exercise with us for decades is the same exercise carried out. We have been in the West Sea and East China Sea, in the exercise, so basically nothing stimulate them. all should be very clear that we intend to carry out exercises in the waters of these two films. "

PLA Navy will soon be deployed aircraft carrier, but before, which the Chinese have decided to build aircraft carriers, and the United States to rely on super-large aircraft and aircraft carrier battle groups to carry out maritime operations mode, just also apply to China.

In addition, the fact that the U.S. aircraft carriers nearby, will encourage China to pay attention to important issues related with the carrier.

Moving Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

The article said that since the U.S. aircraft carrier into the Yellow Sea of China has been more than a decade. The current situation has been different. For example, in 2010, China has had the opportunity to study the United States, "Air and maritime war" concept, the tactical air and naval forces, the collection as a whole, to more effectively combat. China may have adopted a "maritime air war" tactics, the tactics can not be "George - Washington," the carrier's current operations and the United States to refine and implement the "air and space warfare" and the efforts made to separate.

In 2009, news conference held in Beijing, the U.S. Navy's chief of operations - Gary Roughead (Gary Roughead), said: "The acquisition of aircraft carrier and carrier-based naval aviation is obvious ambition and goals. The emergence of the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier, and not will change the nature of U.S. military operations. "

U.S. Naval Institute Press published next spring, "1949-2010 People's Liberation Army Navy combat systems technology," co-authors James - Bussert (James Bussert) are convinced that the Chinese do not want to copy the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group (CBG) is responsible for the role of world police . Bussert said: "China does not need carrier battle groups to achieve goals. They are the use of economic and political means, in South America and Africa to achieve their goals, and U.S. Navy forces will not be affected."

While the aircraft carrier battle group may be able to Taiwan, the South China Sea and from the Middle East and Africa to China's oil transport line, to provide certain advantages to China, but the associated costs, and China does not need aircraft carriers to the fact that to achieve its national goals are distinct disadvantage.

The article said that the PLA Navy's first aircraft carrier is expected by the end of 2010 laid the keel. The second shell may be constructed in the following year. Both of which will rely on aircraft carrier flight deck features smooth leaps, rather than steam catapults used by the U.S. aircraft carrier launch systems.

Hull exterior yet a large-scale conversion of Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

As for China in 1998, purchased 67,000 tons of Ukraine made "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier, which is currently being modified to accept China's Dalian port. This aircraft carrier is likely to be a J-15 fighter pilots of carrier-based training platform, until the Chinese-made aircraft carrier in 2014, about the column loading.

In addition, the United States Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis senior advisor, has retired Admiral Eric - Maikewadeng (Eric McVadon) also believe that China does not need a super large aircraft carrier. He said: "The Chinese are more likely to build smaller, less-carrier. Navy PLA navy is not a model. China's leaders did not consider building or land targets for naval forces launched a massive air strike capability. U.S. Navy conducted The carrier-based air operations in China can not achieve their goals. on the People's Liberation Army Navy, their task is to try to prevent attacks against oil tankers in China, organic air power Biande of great significance. "

As the People's Liberation Army Navy did not provide for its future strategic modernization program of any official data, the United States and many Western experts must rely on news sources to determine what action to take People's Liberation Army Navy. The U.S. International Assessment and Strategy Center Senior Fellow Richard - Fisher, said: "Since January 2009, China and Japan in Hong Kong newspapers have pointed out that China's shipbuilding enterprises and military sources would show that the PLA will build two new aircraft carriers tile good lattice, and then build two more nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Moreover, the People's Liberation Army also has other sources in the past, said American visitors said that China intends to build six aircraft carriers. "

Over time, China will have greater strategic perception, but also the introduction of conventional military force projection platform, to those with important political and economic forces affecting the field of projection. In this regard, Fisher said the next decade, the PLA will be in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, use of military power or the use of military power display means, access to benefit China's economic and political interests of political results. "However, we should predict that China will attempt to deploy military forces in South America, making it in there, growing political and economic networks 'regular' elements."

The article said that perhaps they can explain in May last year, Brazilian Defense Minister Nelson - Azevedo - If the warning is issued when the guest's mind - then fly to Beijing officially President of Brazil, China and Pakistan signed the joint pilot training program. However, the article said that the progress of the project is currently no way of knowing.

Kuznetsov aircraft carrier.

According to the U.S. Navy War College Strategy and Policy Associate Professor Yoshiwara Jun wells, said a number of Chinese naval capabilities in the field to make prudent investment, which is its surface fleet in the efforts to build components. Well old former Jun said: "They are low-volume purchases at the same level ships to meet their preferences and needs. They will not overrun by the aircraft carrier his own bankruptcy. They have learned the lessons of the Soviet Union, and swear not to repeat the mistakes involved in the can not win the arms race. "

The article said that China is still to break through the first island chain constraints - the first island chain that stretches from the southern Japanese archipelago to Indonesia's waters. Jun Gu original well, said: "Many Chinese analysts as a physical obstacle to the island chain, more importantly, they believe that most of the countries near the island chain, especially in Japan, not the friends of the United States is hostile to China holds the national . breakthrough in the crisis or war, analysts first island chain is a major concern. People's Liberation Army Navy since 2004 through the waterways near the Ryukyu Islands, the action can be understood as an exercise of its break this bondage. "

The article said that for various reasons, the aircraft carrier construction is far less than the PLA Navy's submarine construction program. Chun said the former ancient wells, many Chinese strategists are well aware, to the center of the Navy aircraft carrier force structure will help the U.S. military forces in play. Therefore, the former commander of Pacific Command, Admiral Keating in May 2007 suggested that the U.S. is willing to assist in the construction of aircraft carrier in China, Beijing may be quite unexpected. Some Chinese fear that the United States might stop China's aircraft carrier project, while others are on the United States to stop selling advanced weapons systems to China in Europe, while making the recommendation, by surprise.

The article points out, in addition to assistance from outside the United States, China, and a two-step plan for "medium-sized aircraft carrier procurement," the first stage may have been underway. This will enable the Chinese navy access to important operating experience to the second step, "procurement of large aircraft carrier" of the launch.

China's new generation of land-based anti-ship missiles, although the People's Liberation Army Navy's aircraft carrier research shows slow progress, but missile-centric strategy has been developing smoothly. In this regard, Bussert said: "missile will replace the ships, since the last century since the early 50s, Navy warships have been relying on large, long-range cruise missiles, this situation continues today.'s Limited air and submarine platforms Bunengtigong water capacity multi-purpose warships. "

The article said that the missile technology to enable offensive and defensive balance tilted to the defense, but this is not a new trend. In this regard, Yoshihara Jun Well said: "From a historical point of view, offensive and defensive balance periodically. World War II naval forces to regain mobility. Now, we may again return to a different direction." Moreover, it also supports the view that the underwater platform will become the most appropriate choice.
 "Kuznetsov" docked at Dalian port,

In this regard, Yoshihara Jun wells, said: "It raised a related sea control - the U.S. Navy's theme - the basic problem. We need to rethink or re-define what we call 'sea control'." The article said that the U.S. has deployed in space, "real-time global fight against" platform prototype, and is installed on warships laser, which will produce the final response of advanced anti-ship ballistic missiles, anti-ship missiles and even a new way - as Iran and North Korea soon will be given anti-ship technology.

Fisher said: "The United States also need to develop missile defense and sea attack, or even medium-range anti-ship missile capabilities of modern function. Such missiles could be sold to U.S. allies, to maintain balance of the recent sea-launched missiles, in order to achieve as long as the People's Liberation Army Applications The anti-ship missiles, surface ships of its fleet will lead to the result of damage. "

However, Maikewadeng remain optimistic that all the people concerned about the bigger picture, and the U.S. Navy and the Chinese Navy will be on the high seas partners. He said: "After 10 years, the U.S. Navy are more likely to be medium-sized aircraft carrier with the Chinese navy cooperation to combat piracy in the Malacca west or the implementation of disaster relief operations, not to attack China in the Taiwan conflict, the aircraft carrier." If in the near future the two countries can not This partnership for peace as a more acceptable result, then "we need to make a great effort to change things."

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike - Admiral Mullen said he was very concerned about the trend in China. Mullen stressed that, China including the aircraft carrier, satellite and high-end equipment, including anti-ship missile, conducted a "massive investment." However, the most to worry about is not the equipment itself, Mullen, and the lack of transparency in China's military investment in fact. He said: "It's hard to determine what they were doing." And they may soon be the new carrier into the sea.

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