China develops combination attack system of missiles and submarines to resist U.S. aircraft carriers

China's Dongfeng-21D anti-ship missile is an important part of "Asymmetric advantage"

In the late 19th early 20th century, the United States from England to win the hands of "maritime hegemony" started gradually laying the foundation for a superpower, the United States Navy on the development of other countries has been alert. U.S. Navy chief of operations Jialilafu Head General recently said that the Chinese Navy began to appear in more and more distant from local waters, but its intention "opaque", the United States must be great concern. In addition, the U.S. Navy retired generals and experts also said that the Chinese navy is developing anti-ship ballistic missile and submarine forces, the U.S. aircraft carrier to form the "asymmetric advantages."

"Cooperation with the Chinese navy is very important"

According to Agence France-Presse reported on July 21, is fighting the French minister to visit the United States Navy Admiral Roughead, said: "The Chinese navy has already begun farther and farther away from the local waters, and to develop a very, very good ability to ensure that the resources needed economic growth, the supply of ... ... the development of cooperative relations with the Chinese navy is very important, because China's expanding navy military's intention was 'opaque' of. "

AP commented on this, as chief of naval operations in the Bluff Head openly discuss China's naval development, making the outside world influence on the Chinese navy great surprise. Roughead was the U.S. Navy's Pacific Fleet commander, visited China many times. His argument that within the U.S. Navy has been the development of China's naval forces concerned. This year in May, U.S. Pacific Commander Admiral Willard accepted in Singapore, "Straits Times" interview, said that China Navy as the main platform is to create "anti-intervention" capability and force projection capabilities Yuan Cheng, look not a defensive nature. "Straits Times" said that in the long run, the U.S. Pacific Command is the biggest challenge facing China. According to the U.S. Navy predicted that by 2020 China will "blue water navy," which will affect the U.S. security guarantee in the region.

The U.S. aircraft carrier "synthetic killer"

Looking at the world's naval forces, both of large aircraft carriers, supplemented by a large number of nuclear submarines in the world controlled the navy, such as the U.S. Navy; there to cruisers, supplemented by large aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, surface combat troops based Navy global challenges such as the Russian Navy; also to the core carrier, destroyer escort, a Navy nuclear submarine based global presence, such as France and Britain; In addition, a large destroyer as the core, a considerable number of conventional submarines, the Navy known as the world mobilized type , including Japan, Germany and the Netherlands. Famous of these long years of ocean-going navy, the Chinese navy blue water is just beginning to be widely debated.

U.S. Navy expert Doctor Arthur Waldron in April by the United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense" magazine interview that the Chinese navy is rapidly growing, strategic nuclear submarines capable of launching ballistic missiles and a variety of large conventional submarine service; advanced destroyer equipped with Russian-made supersonic antiship cruise missiles, can deal with the U.S. aircraft carrier; the construction of a new aircraft carrier became the target of China ... ... From the equipment perspective, the Chinese Navy has started among the ranks of world-class. Focus on the development of submarine forces, the Chinese side for the U.S. Navy build "asymmetric advantage" an important part, with the east-21D anti-ship ballistic missile development, the combination of ballistic missile submarines and will become the U.S. carrier's "synthetic killer . "

July 19, the U.S. "Stars and Stripes newspaper," said China's Dongfeng-21D anti-ship missile in service soon, the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral John Bird, said openly: "We are very much the Chinese Navy is purchasing this offensive weapons and are worried. "

"The Chinese Navy is still young"

Too much emphasis on the development of China and the threat of new equipment compared to the U.S. Navy has retired U.S. generals that the Chinese navy in the software and lack of being in the "young" stage. United States, "Naval War College Review" magazine published in June number retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Eric McWhirter Vadon article that is only equipped with more advanced operations platform, not to fight the Chinese Navy will create a truly modern force . China's current naval operations in the use of these platforms are not mature, especially in command and control, multi-arms coordination, and intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, and so flawed. These are the Navy's combat capability of the "double", and the U.S. Navy in the field of absolute advantage, the Chinese navy still a big gap.

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