China unveiled the new weapons on European Defence Exhibition, reflects the mentality of the West complex

European Defence Exhibition in Paris, France, held in June.

Biennial exhibition known as the European defense industry's most important military event, this year's defense exhibition in Paris, France, held in June. The development of the most striking thing the defense is that since 1989 the European arms embargo on China, the Chinese equipment debut in Europe. However, the emergence of China, Western companies are still so uncomfortable.

"Multinational made" era

Development of common European defense and ultimately, always, Lockheed - Martin, Raytheon, Northrop - Grumman, Rhine metal ... ... the big arms dealers.

But after the Cold War with the military concept of The Great Transformation, governments have reduced military procurement, to force various joint military enterprises and survival, cross national mergers and acquisitions, trading, convertible 1 Jie Zhao 1, thus the number of birth Heavyweight military predators, they monopolize most of the major developed countries of Western development and production of military orders. In addition to an impact in the business field, the depth of its forces have even involved in national foreign affairs, defense and other political fields.

In the past that "a country a certain type of weapon" of the title is absolutely no longer accurate. To this exhibition on the U.S. General Dynamics Land Systems Division in Europe, for example, the parent company in the United States, but the division of their many subsidiaries are in Europe, it is in the show introduced a number of heavyweight product, its chassis can be Austria, the main weapons are from the United States, protection systems are from Sweden. This capital and technology, a merging of the show in this defense has been fully reflected.

Although the fierce competition among enterprises, but between Europe and the United States political, technical barriers less, the finished product can achieve any combination of the basic procurement. The past, "made the nations" may mean not formal, and now the "nations made" marks the technology and system integration of advanced degree. Fusion will be the future trend of development of military technology.

Asia, Latin America and the Middle East a number of countries, regional security considerations continue to push military spending. These countries they defense industry to promote economic and industrial development as a way to not only buy their products or assembly of products, more eager to obtain technology. The purchase of weapons and equipment, the high level of technology transfer are always part of the negotiations.

Power and prestige of Russia is no longer

And the excitement of the West Pavilion in stark contrast to the Russian pavilion. 40 square meters of exhibition area, not in kind, mostly models, quiet ... ... without exception, once again suggesting that a large country Xiongbayifang lonely.

Soviet Union since 1990, inherited the largest share of defense heritage of the Soviet Union, Russia rarely large modern ground weapons systems come out, this exhibition on the T-90 tanks, MSTA-S-type 152 mm self-propelled howitzers and other products, either the former Soviet Union already in the development or further improvement is to improve the product.

2010 Moscow Red Square military parade of tanks and armored vehicles are mighty engine used in World War II T-34 tanks, or B-2 engine for improved version. The new engine model has been unable to achieve the development goals, which led directly to Russia's next generation armored main battle equipment delays. Can be said that weapons production than Western powers, Russia and Department of weapons and equipment from the materials technology, mechatronics, systems integration has been fully behind. This is not technically backward, more ideas have penetrated into the level of the.

West was not only technically go hi-tech remote control and brought tanks and armored vehicles designed to be as "Battlefield coach." KMW company in Germany presented "Boxer" heavy wheeled combat vehicle, for example, unmanned, and integrated design makes the most eye-catching as the vehicles and high above the turret, even if they are hit, it will not bring casualties . After the arms overhead of the "boxer dogs" inside space has been greatly expanded, and can carry more ammunition, can provide more space for multi-model conversion. 1.9 m tall in the car on behalf of exhibitors tactical demonstration, action fluency, did not cause problems because the space awkward.

All-electric operating mode of the reaction rate of weapons has been enhanced, the gunner simply grip the handle, fixed the screen, photoelectric sensor to capture the moment press the firing button target, artillery opened fire immediately. Multi-mode photoelectric sensor device 可 guarantee any climate and environmental conditions of the battlefield to maintain continuous surveillance, equipment have hi-tech remote-controlled weapon 战 party, Jiang more transparent battlefield Dan Xiang Hu initiative.

Chinese, please do not take pictures

In the exhibition scene, "Chinese" more than once been told, "Do not take pictures," many exhibitors prominently hung out the corresponding icon. At first thought it was for all visitors, but it was found to stand on China, Japan, visitors discrimination, only that this "ban" only for the Chinese visitors.

Slightly left heart, we found that most European and American exhibitors will be very careful of every move the Chinese visitors, or if someone held up the camera will be requested from, or to stop the shooting: shooting equipment details are not allowed inside the structure does not allow shooting, hanging details not allowed to take ... ... when the Chinese people close to some of the exhibits, they will be the first to turn off the monitor, or close the display door. Even to their conversation, but the answer has reservations, polite and courteous, the key information can not be answered.

Participate in this exhibition of several defense companies in China, China North Industries Corporation has brought several large ground-based weapons platform models, many of which are recently completed the development of new equipment, the technology level more close to or reach the world advanced level . For example, 8 × 8 wheeled VN1 type of heavy armored vehicles to catch up with the present trend of wheeled armored vehicles. The new 105 mm wheeled assault guns were Chinese and multiple users.

I believe the arms of foreign giants to see in the eyes of hate in their hearts. They maintain a high degree of vigilance, especially fear of its own technical reference for the Chinese people.

Some people will say, copying and imitation products out of nothing to be used to show off, but China is a post-industrial countries, embarked on industrialization, the learning must go through the stage, experienced learning and exploration phase, the sub- developed into fully autonomous, bound to be a difficult and long process.

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