Russian expert said Russian should join together with the United States against the threat from Chinese

The article said that the Chinese armed forces, if not nuclear deterrence, then, can effortlessly destroy Russia's Far East Military District, Siberian Military District, and the resistance of the Pacific Fleet.

LONDON June 11 news: Russian military expert Alexander - Mozgovoi in the "National Defense" magazine in 2010, wrote that the first four, in addition to traditional competitors outside the United States, Iran's activities will pose to Russia's national security a certain degree of threat, the threat from China the same direction can not be ignored, for Russia and the United States need to deal with potential Chinese joint threat.

Mozgovoi talking about the Iranian nuclear issue, pointed out that China does not want to support the international community to impose more stringent sanctions against Tehran, as Iran is an important sales market of Chinese goods, including military products, the Iranian navy arsenal almost all active anti-ship missiles have originated from China. From here you can see, the other may constitute a real threat to Russian national security, the direction from China. Of course, the current leader of China on Sino-Russian cooperation must be developed if there is no doubt worthy of trust, such cooperation is extremely favorable to Beijing. But not neglect the other, in particular, the PLA is in accordance with the "expand strategic frontier and living space" to implement the concept of military reform, which provides for the protection of the country's economic activities, to expand the scope of natural life, which means may be adopted by the War seize his territory.

Russian experts say, as early as 1993, the CPC Central Military Commission approved the "Three North Seas," a secret military doctrine, it seems that the 21st century has become China's century. "Three North" refers to the United States, Western Europe and Russia, and "universal" refers to the world's four oceans, more, no less, just four oceans. Obviously, the number one goal is to break the Russian Federation, at least in the Russian Far East and Eastern Siberia. Chinese publications on the so-called People's Republic just published a map, north of Lake Baikal and Khabarovsk Krai, individual maps and even the demarcation along the Ural Mountains, east of the region all belong to China.

Mozgovoi pointed out that today's China is pushing the world economy out of the locomotive of the global crisis, but any failure of the engine will have the time. China is extremely short of resources, especially energy, metals, fresh water, but free labor is a serious excess capacity, thus becoming the source of social tension, especially in the areas of serious separatist tendencies, in July 2009 in the Xinjiang affair is proven, so the strategic frontier and life space becomes a pressing issue, sparsely populated region in eastern Russia have taken place, "whispered the Chinese tendency", not only from the Chinese flocked to a variety of daily necessities and food, there are a lot of labor, mainly in exports to China mining and processing enterprises. Most of China's media, books and websites convinced that the PLA and the rival in the contest of supremacy. To seek the "Three North Seas" is the military strength of China is closely related to the extraordinary growth of China now has a modern armed forces, if not nuclear deterrence, then, can effortlessly destroy the Russian Far East Military District, Siberian Military District, and the resistance of the Pacific Fleet .

Russian experts believe that China's strategic forces as powerful. People's Liberation Army have 200-300 pieces of offensive strategic weapons delivery systems, some of which need only 40-80 minutes to reach the United States, is not difficult to guess the Chinese have the same 200-300 strategic missiles capable of destroying targets in Russia, so Russia needs is not considered to reduce nuclear arsenals, but the increase and improvement of nuclear arsenals. In addition, Russia needs the United States together against potential Chinese threat. The reason to do so, simply because in Russia after the next down will be the United States. American experts are now talking about, 2017 will be the U.S. military conflict in the imagine over the last year in China, 2025 China's military strength will significantly surpass the United States. (Compiled: Shu-shan)

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