China's military shows off the new J-1X electronic engineering prototype and new airborne weapons

These pictures are very interesting. As an electronic engineering machines, can be used to judged Reference.
    Clear that the Su-27 form, with a unique tip ladder rack, which is an F-11B. But the aircraft a very special feature is the tall vertical tail and non-cutting tip Tip flattened tail, which is an important feature of Su-30MKK/Su-35. The figure can not be entirely sure the aircraft is a single seat, single seat, but the possibility of large, can serve as a judge. Then the machine should be integrated in the J-11B based on the import of Su-30MKK advantage of new developments in fighter, F-11B is also based, to strengthen the wing structure - increased motor overload capacity, increasing the inside of a pair of wings hanging frame (the figure does not feel the performance, but actually hanging under the wing of a drop tank, which is outside than Su-34 "Flanker" series machine rare mount). Remembered a previous scripts, this should be a new number of F-1X, and the specific number and other official information.

Of course, the further bold assumption. A close look at the aircraft, aircraft from the nose to the side of the main wing section lateral ridge, not a smooth complete curve, this curve before the main wing is divided into two shares - that is, the formation of a plane pedestal, which is the canard of the pedestal (as distinguished from non-duck wing Su-27, General Su-27 in this position is a complete curve), which is Su-35 features. This aircraft electronic engineering machines may not make canard show, so exposed canard pedestal.

Combination of Su-35's canard pedestal and Su-35's vertical tail, and contact made pylons and weapons systems, some conclusions can be drawn.

Explain here, in particular, the Su-35 are talking about here is the old three-wing Su-35, rather than a new test of the normal layout Su-35BM.

    China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. Qingan - advanced weapons launcher provider.


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Pretty (Russian) blue.

However the tall vertical tail fins are bad for stealth.

This is therefore likely to be 2nd or 3rd strike aircraft. It would show up on radar at long distance if used on a 1st strike - losing surprise.


Just Google "Free tutorials for CAD Software" and see what comes up.. . Other than that go to Uni and learn it properly and get an Engineering Degree.

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