Experts said China's military spending below the world average, should not be speculation

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute recently released report, 2009, total global military spending rose more than 5.9% in 2008. The report also shows that China's military expenditure ranks second in the world. The report also said the Chinese armed forces to solve the water problem, stationed at an elevation of 4,700 meters Zora post officers and men on the basis of superior protection of mineral water, water down the mountain every day, superior in cost savings for the data is objective truth? In the case last year by the financial crisis, global military spending has actually grown and why? This issue, the reporter interviewed the National Defense University military expert Li Li.

Military spending is not adjusted for changes in the economy

Reporter: 2009 global financial crisis experienced in order to reduce budget deficits, governments have to cut public spending. However, the proportion of global military spending has not decreased, but continues to soar, this is why?

Li Li: not only the world's military spending is increasing, in fact, the global arms trade is also increasing. These two basic facts tell us a basic truth: the economic crisis of war is often the bridesmaid. Especially in certain high-level leaders, national leaders, sometimes they think the war is simply good medicine to solve the economic crisis. So we can see, often when the financial crisis, the global arms spending, arms trade will increase. As such, it is normal to get things up. And now in the global backdrop, many countries in the military expenditure as a long-term strategic choices. Since it is a strategic choice, certainly not because of financial difficulties, it will append the less the economy, it's more than additional. It is from a long line to pay attention to army building, concerned about the weapons and equipment, so I think this and now the whole world is on the pursuit of military related.

U.S. military charges is to continue to dominate the world up

Reporter: The report notes that in 2009 the largest military spending country is still the United States, the world's military spending accounted for 43% of the total, compared with 2008 increased by 54 billion U.S. dollars. Thus, although the U.S. reduction of a number of weapons of mass destruction, but its military spending is still rising.

Li Li: I think it was probably a very important U.S. military spending is now facing two fronts, the Afghan battlefield, military spending reached 65 billion, Iraq war 61 billion U.S. dollars, the two battle to the U.S. defense expenditure accounted for 5 one, this is a big head. The second is that the bulk of U.S. military spending sophisticated weapons, like F-35's input into UAVs. Battlefield battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq, UAVs spending better than manned aircraft cheaper. At the same time, as he is now a large number of high-end weapons testing program, for example, X51A, X37B, including X43, X47, is that this series of hypersonic weapons program development, it is obviously costly. Then the third piece, in fact the entire U.S. military personnel currently grants subsidies are various expenses.

China's military spending below the world average

Reporter: The report shows that China's military spending in 2009 is about 70.2 billion U.S. dollars, ranking second in the world after the United States.

Li Li: I think we first need to think about is that this ranking from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, although it is a regularly published agency, but we can not say that it is absolutely objective and absolutely impartial, absolutely fully reflected such a the basic facts, not to say what kind of angle is calculated. We should be concerned about the second phenomenon is that the U.S. military throughout the Internet, the proliferation of small talk, but it is precisely the "China's military second," a title that can be seen everywhere, I think this is clearly not a normal situation . So does the third, step back in terms of even recognize the "China's military second," the fact that it has a per capita defense expenditure in question. Measure of a country's per capita defense expenditure in defense spending is neutral and objective criteria. China land area more than 960 million square kilometers, while Japan only 370,000 square kilometers, but precisely we are in defense spending, and it is not much difference; further consideration is the relative value, that is, the percentage of GDP, military spending accounted for, such as the United States also accounted for more than 4%, France, Britain, Russia accounted for more than 2%, 3% of world average level, and we actually only to China's defense expenditure in GDP of 1.4%. So I think that such a data should not be speculation.

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