Pakistan plans to purchase several China's conventional submarines

According to the Russian military-industrial complex site on June 15 reported that Pakistan is seeking the number of ships from China were the new conventional submarines, the two countries to negotiate now.

According to one from Pakistan government sources, the Pakistani Army in May this year to 3-4 on the procurement of submarines to negotiate the issue with China. However, he did not say buy the submarines Pakistan model and possible delivery dates.

Pakistan Navy has long had regarding the procurement of submarines conducted negotiations with various countries, which buy French-made objects, including the "Scorpene" class and the German-made Type 214 submarine.

Pakistani military headquarters in 2009 had announced that it has entered into a purchase close to the German side at least three 214-type submarines of the contract. However, due to funding problems and the German attitude of the domestic political forces, leading to the final contract has not been signed.

Pakistan Navy is currently the most advanced equipment for the three submarines bought from France, "Agosta-90B" type. Pakistan and France signed in 1994 for the Pakistani military build three of the submarines and to provide related technology agreements (total value of 950 million U.S. dollars). The first ship "Kahalidi" was constructed by the French company DCN and delivered in December 1999. The second ship, "Saddam" was delivered in December 2003, and from time equipped with air-independent propulsion submarines, autonomous power unit (MESMA) the third chase, the "Hamza" was the Pakistani military equipment in 2008.

Pakistani military spokesman said that is because India is implementing a large-scale modernization of the submarine force improvement plan, the Pakistani military to purchase more modern submarines to counter it.

Some experts believe that the direction of China, Pakistan may purchase conventional submarines will be long-term loans provided by China's support. In recent years, Pakistan's military-technical cooperation between the two countries showed rapid growth. One of the most important project is a joint JF-17 fighter development and production plans. Pakistan Air Force plans to purchase in the next 5-10 years, as many as 250 of the fighters.

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