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- China's first show in Europe on world arms nerve

Moderator labor Chunyan:

Welcome to continue to focus on is the live broadcast "global vision."

June 14 tanks in China have a good number of other military equipment for the first time in Europe, International Defense Show. Europe International Defence Exhibition is a biennial, is an international defense of the most important professional event, this time held in Paris, appeared in the Chinese-made equipment, including armored personnel carriers and machine guns are some other combat equipment, including China Northern Company and Poly Technologies Co., Ltd. China, including six military exhibitors. This is implemented in Europe since 1989 arms embargo on China after the first appearance of Chinese weapons in Europe, so it caused a lot of foreign media attention and heated discussion, our studio today is the special invited commentator Mr. Song Xiaojun, there "Chinese Army" magazine editor in chief of Mr. Chen Hu together to discuss this topic. We first start with a short or together to find out.


Europe 2010 International Defense Exhibition opened in Paris on the 14th, participating the military products both new tanks, unmanned aircraft, air defense missiles, radar, electronic warfare systems and other large equipment, but also high-precision rifles, antitank weapons, communications equipment , put nuclear radiation equipment and other small biological products. International Defense Exhibition in Europe known as the manufacturing base in the world's most important military event, held every two years.

LO Chun-yan:

Let's look at some foreign media with the comments. United Kingdom, "Jane's Defense Weekly," the commentary said China is trying to play defense equipment, such as the International markets, China's technological development has gone beyond the stage of simple imitation of Russian equipment. U.S. Global Strategic Network also comments that China has shown the ability to master the world's cutting-edge technology, even over a long time teacher of Russian, the Russian people know this is true, just admit it. Mr. Chen Hu how to treat foreign media of such comments?

Perspective: The Chinese exhibitors very common, very normal

Chen Hu, "China's military," Editor:

In fact, China's enterprises to participate in the defense of Europe, I think the show should be a normal, a very common thing, because China is such a big country it should be said that the housing market, demand is considerable, then the defense you want to enter the Chinese market, you definitely you must open the defense of the market, so that exhibitors should China to normal. As for why the foreign media so concerned about? I think he wants to fight as media attention, ratings war, war views, this time he must be a kind of element of speculation, including that over the Russian-made in China, where the first had success for so many years we have developed this fact, but can not exclude that an element of media hype.

Are comments: fabulous cast of Chinese weapons and sharp foreign media comment sorts?

LO Chun-yan:

We are not able to comment on the complacency of those. Mr. Soong to see how you look at foreign media in China regard the Russian-built together with comparison, and that in China now than a simple imitation of such a stage, and it is now in the end to a where?

Expert opinion: Industrial Technology, sooner or later the population base the decision to enter the world market for China's arms

Are comments: the world's newest secret weapon Qi Sword in China in stature?

Song Xiaojun Commentator:

I think so, in fact, they still care more about this issue, you see the United States Gary Locke, U.S. Secretary of Commerce to the time devoted to the one-China industrial upgrading and technological innovation. We know that weapons are the flower industry, which means that the industry is the most sophisticated of this section. As China's industrial technology base population increase, in fact, to do such things, China does have a great advantage after. The exhibition that we displayed on our exports to Saudi Arabia, foreign media reported on 155 automatic guns, then more than ten million parts, it requires a lot of supporting industries, the industrial chain is long, 600 million Chinese university graduates, of course, the population is actually tens of millions of industrialization to the increase. He calculated from a number that you are terrible. Locke talked about very much, including China's industrial upgrading, technological innovation, changing the economic development mode, meaning that in the military in this area, China may have started with the original traditional country arms sales began to produce friction, means that the future may there will be a more fierce rivalry in a business war.

LO Chun-yan:

That in the military in this area, in the flower industry in this area which, we where China's competitive advantage?

Is Comments: intense competitive with Taiwan, where Chinese arms killer?


Competitive advantage in fact present, great together is its low cost, low price, that is, we use the words of popular, inexpensive volume is full. Because the weapons and equipment, we say the defense show these things, there are weapons and equipment, there are many sophisticated things, these things depend on two things, one is the technical how you like, like how to protect your second and third how kind of price. Then there is a class of things just do not think guns guns, we wear uniforms with all kinds of rank, insignia system, these things ...

LO Chun-yan:

From hats to shoes.


Defense of these things are also showcasing the product, then we can think about these things, the Chinese enterprises is not a great advantage?

LO Chun-yan:

Yes, I have seen the reports that there is a private enterprise, he is a former major export markets in Africa, including from the military's helmet to boots, uniforms, etc. to share in this market can still be pricey for.

Expert view: Private enterprises participating concern


So the Chinese private enterprises into the development of European defense which, the yes of concern for anything because the most dynamic private enterprises in China, Zhezhong full Juyouhuoli of private enterprises to enter into this business area Yidan, Ta may Baofa of Qian Li Ren He who is unimaginable.

LO Chun-yan:

Mr. Soong to see how Chinese enterprises if we want a share of this market, then where is our trump card?

Song Xiaojun:

Chen said the quality and cheap one just now, which is on the one hand, and our high-end technology has recently been developing very fast, we did the day before the show, such as Beidou satellite, we will cover the world of 2020. Now most of the weapons and equipment required to install global positioning systems, if after 2020, our Beidou satellite operation, and so now all the necessary weapons and equipment, global positioning, GPS may not be a monopoly of the United States to the time of our stuff in addition to cheap weapons, all of the tanks or missiles are mounted above the Big Dipper's orientation system, it can be incredible, that the impact on the whole the market, arms dealers on the West may feel ashamed of.

Is Comments: weapons manufacturing pyramid contest on who can get the match point?

LO Chun-yan:

Yes, that may in time not only cheap, it at full volume, and technology or. That moment I think we may also particularly concerned about is the European home exhibitions on in the end what the world's newest weapons, how sophisticated? We are now prepared a bit for everyone to look at the film, which together look at the sophisticated weapons in the end. This time the exhibition area is 135,000 square meters, like the United States, Germany, including the French military enterprises in these countries have been exhibiting at the ... ...