Russian experts assert that China couldn't build reliable engines for carrier aircrafts

With the rapid development of China's aviation industry, some foreign media have recently speculated carrier aircraft technology to China has become more sophisticated. According to the U.S. Global Strategic Network reported on June 7, Carrier Air China J -15 prototype was August 31, 2009 flight and equipped with Chinese-made WS-10 engine.

Guess the Chinese carrier aircraft has been flight

The outside world that China's development since 2001 carrier aircraft F -15, and to some extent with reference to Russia's Su -33 carrier aircraft, the F -15 prototype has been completed over the past few months in flight . Some media speculated, due to carrier-based aircraft in the area of China made a breakthrough, it will not buy a large number of Su -33, may only purchase two used to assess the needs. While China and Russia refused to sell Su -33, but China still got this aircraft from Ukraine.

If the outside of the speculation is true, that means China's aircraft carrier program has made significant progress. J -15 is expected to be deployed in China, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier. This aircraft carrier is purchased from Ukraine in 1998 have not yet completed a "Kuznetsov Navy" class aircraft carrier, currently under renovation. SU -33 is a carrier-based multi-mission aircraft, able to perform include fleet defense, air support and reconnaissance, etc., multiple tasks. The Chinese carrier aircraft performance and the implementation of the tasks will be similar to the Soviet Union -33.

Russian experts believe that there are defects

Russian aviation experts has publicly criticized the F -15 fighter planes, and the Chinese engineers copied key technologies Su -33 fighter's ability doubts. However, in view of the application of foreign technology in China has been a lot of experience, F -15 fighter's performance may at least par Su -33 fighter.

But Russian military analysts believe that China F -15 fighter unable to challenge the global market Russian-made Su -33 fighter, because the low performance of J -15 fighters. Russian defense expert  Lgor Korotchenko said: "China can not and Russian-made fighter F -15 -33 Su carrier aircraft have the same performance, I do not exclude the possibility of re-negotiations with Russia, purchasing the bulk of Su - 33 fighters. "

Lgor Korotchenko is also asserted that China can not solve the folding-wing aircraft and design-related technical problems, nor will their aircraft developed a reliable engine, even though the first prototype aircraft allegedly had J-2009 -15 August 31 was the first flight, and developed by the Chinese WS-10 turbo-powered engines.

Independent research and development is essential

Some analysts pointed out, no matter how the outside world guessing as long as the final determination to equip the Chinese Navy aircraft carrier, it is necessary to develop domestic carrier aircraft, and the establishment of production lines and related facilities, so as to protect the aircraft carrier combat sustainability.

But independent research and development does not mean that behind closed doors, like the Russian Su -33, France's "gust", the United States and other classic F-18 carrier aircraft can be used as reference, in particular, Su -33 and "gust" and "by the Land to Sea "mode, and China to J -11, -10, etc. or even the J-model-based development of carrier-based aircraft have similarity. After several years of accumulated technology, China's aviation industry has had the strength of independent R & D carrier aircraft, so completely to create to meet the needs of warplanes.

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