Maradona: In my eyes only China is not the American colonies in the world!

"We can not commit so many mistakes." In a news conference after the game, Maradona praised the value of winning, but also criticized the team paid off, and the poor, he reminded the players that Football rules are ruthless, "When you have committed many errors, it is also entirely possible that the final draw, thank God, did not give them (tie)." 

Total on international issues like the big mouth and issued a fierce national politicians point of view, is a significant feature Marco. Although his political views naive, often contradictory, but he "opened his mouth must have the news" feature is a great courage. In the documentary "Maradona", by Marco's "publicist" is a vital part, extraordinary courage he launched a general offensive against the United States saliva ......

Marco Cutting hate the United States began in the 1994 World Cup failed drugs test in Boston, after his three consecutive U.S. visa application turned down even more fuel, after all, Argentina is the only one in Latin America visa-free countries, the United States refused him Marco was discrimination and stigma so.

In the whole documentary, Marco many times wearing a printed "Bush, garbage" on the anti-American T-shirts, from 1994 to today, Marco has been clear-cut, loose-tongued, anti-American, in the documentary , Marco said: "George W. Bush, what? He is the world's number one killer!" of yore? "You can see he has a lot of bombs, he has a bomb can blow up half the globe, his annual sale of the bomb can blow up half a world!" In Marco's eyes, the President of the United States position has never owned real power, Marco said: "Bush has all the looks, but is a great politician, has never been to see what he has, power, size is not determined by how much."

"If he does not become a football player, will become a revolutionary and a revolutionary heart." Emir Kusturica Marco commented on his eyes. Marco anti-Americanism has been a pendulum, "oolong" --- he and former Argentine President Carlos Menem feeling very good, but the presidents of Argentina Carlos Menem is the last three decades the most "pro-American", stepped down in 2000 Menem When a reporter asked Marco: "how do you evaluate this American running dog?" Marco rare loss for words, he could simply says: "I Menem only talk about football, we never talk about the United States."

China is not the world's only colony of the United States

Summer of 1996 with Boca Juniors Marco's visit to China, he was eating a meal in the Kunlun Hotel Beijing roast duck, accompanied by Marco spot on his Chinese friends said: "You have so much good things to eat, not to introduce these American fast food, a country should defend their traditions. "visiting the Forbidden City this Houma Ge Shi You made comments:" This is one of the greatest museums around the world, I hope that those who rob the robbers had returned to the museum belongs to the Chinese people works of art! "

Anti-American, seems the key is in the Marco, "the monopoly of aggression against American culture." Marco said: "Garcia - Marquez once told me, if not the history of Fidel Castro in Latin America, then this land all children now spoke English, all men are New York Yankee team scream. "Marco usually the two daughters on the special focus on" ideological "control, he allowed his daughter to see" Spider-Man "and" Lord of the Rings ", Marco told them:" In the face of your father, Those monsters are not what American hero! "

In the documentary, Marco shows a deep concern on the U.S. business culture is pervasive concern. Including his beloved Cuba, Marco said: "The last ten years, Cuba has changed, Hollywood films and videos in Cuban life NBA occupy more and more time." Finally, to Mao Zedong has been regarded as a "giant of the East "The Marco is very serious and said:" In my eyes, China is not the world's only colony of the United States, history is not, never will be! "

Follow the cut - Guevara, Castro worship

Marco tattoo on his right arm was cut - Guevara, the tattoo on his left leg was Fidel Castro, which is both spiritual leader Marco lifetime. "In the revolution, a person or win, or die," and this letter from Fidel Castro in 1965, Guevara's famous farewell letter, Marco has always been a favorite slogan.

Marco Guevara is not surprising following in Latin America, Guevara's picture is a poor attitude to the elite fire and an unimpeded identity; Marco worship of Castro, was mainly based on two factors : First, political confrontation between Cuba and the United States long-term, consistent with Marco's interesting; second is the end of 2000 to Florida drug Marco request by the United States refused, then he waved enthusiastically to Castro, which makes Marco extremely warm heart, in Havana, Marco Castro many times with friends, enjoy the Marco Castro that do not speak "tech" anti-American sentiment, Marco Castro is the personality cult of charisma particular kind of afraid of power, strong forceful resistance.

Documentary "Maradona" at the post-production process, the directors who have each section of the transition was difficult, when there are two options, one with information on the performance of Marco Photos positive friendship with Fidel Castro, the second is animation spoof, including Bush, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair and other political leaders. Marco finally decided to use the second option, so we see the extraordinary row Marco on the court, Bush rode his horse behind the camera ......

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