the U.S want to sent troops to Kyrgyzstan, it would constitute a real threat to the Chinese border

Emergency situation in southern Kyrgyzstan spread among the international community's attention. U.S. high-level sources, the United States prepared to send troops to the Central Asian countries to help quell the country's interim government bureau. But the United States do not want to act alone, but with the dry preparation plus Russia.

Reported that the senior U.S. officials told local media interview revealed. Currently, the U.S. should only request of the Kyrgyz interim government provided humanitarian aid. But U.S. authorities are closely following the development of the incident, prepared to respond when the drastic change of the situation.

U.S. representative stressed that the United States do not intend to send troops to the issue alone, addition of other countries including Russia, are not eager to take action now. He also said: "I do not think Russia will invade Kyrgyzstan." According to his words, the ideal solution is the United States, Russia and other countries, because only the international community to work together to influence the situation.
Although there has been steady the situation in Kyrgyzstan, but scheduled for this month on the 27th the new Constitution of Kyrgyzstan held a referendum on whether the schedule has become a focus of international attention. Kulov, former Foreign Minister Jack Shen Ji 15, said the unrest in the southern region will have to postpone the referendum.

When the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan was once the Western media as "the Switzerland of Central Asia", as the Swiss mountains, the air is good, life, leisure, with Kyrgyzstan is very similar to natural conditions, Kyrgyzstan's water resources are very rich, but no development . More importantly, Switzerland is a democratic country, the West hopes to democracy transplanted to Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev former ruling party, who copy the Western model of democracy, freedom of speech completely.

"People's Daily," a senior reporter Clue 16, the "Global Times" said that he worried about the situation in Kyrgyzstan and the country will "Afghanistan" and that I will pose a real threat to the security environment in Northwest. He said Kyrgyzstan is now the country is out of control, North-South conflicts from the past to today's ethnic killings, at the edge of civil war. He said that the Central Asian roots of the three forces in the Fergana Valley, where drug trafficking or channel, and now and then blend the ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbek ethnic ethnic conflict, the country could "Afghanistan" and constitute a reality of our borders threat.

Reuters said that Russia and the West are worried about violence in Kyrgyzstan and the country will create a vacuum in the country as an Islamic militant and a paradise for organized crime groups. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher heard a pair of "Global Times" reporter that Kyrgyzstan is China's close neighbor, China's energy transportation in Central Asia the first stop, once the instability will directly affect China's relations with Central Asia.

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Research Center, Dr. Zhao Guojun International 16, on "Global Times" reporter, said to be alert to control Central Asia, the United States in disarray: "In the past, the United States by entering the democratic way out color revolutions, so that a state change to exchange days. The unrest in Kyrgyzstan, the United States to send in the past has indicated that 'observation'. This shows that the U.S. would like to intervene in the situation in Kyrgyzstan, took the opportunity to break into the SCO. Kyrgyzstan is the strategy the United States more attractive. United States has been trying to introduce large Central Asia Programme, the Central Asian countries along with Afghanistan's strategic goal is control of the hand. If the U.S. really control Kyrgyzstan, the SCO will be no small impact. "

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