The face of U.S. satellites, the Chinese submarine in the surrounding shallow sea "can not hide"

"China, more and more difficult to hide a submarine." According to Hong Kong, "Asia Times" recently reported that the Navy is satellite technology to track the hunter-killer submarine up in China. With this kind of "submarine reconnaissance from space," the technology matures, becoming transparent sea, submarine operations in the sea will be difficult to cover. Currently, the U.S. Navy anti-submarine satellite is in space and submarine sonar array, sea anti-submarine ships, air anti-submarine aircraft, together constitute the three-dimensional anti-submarine network.

Satellite detection of flow characteristics of corrugated

Traditional means of detecting submarines and surface ships in the deployment of submarine sonar and other equipment, search the submarine cruising the sound issue. However, the U.S. is currently developing "non-acoustic detection of submarine hunting" projects, mainly focused on laser, infrared and satellite technology, submarine hunting.

Satellite hunter-killer submarine in the main principle is to flow fluctuations caused when cruise to form a wake, the wake of this expansion to the surface, will form larger ripple characteristics. Deployed in satellite synthetic aperture radar can detect ripples of this feature. In addition, the submarine activities may also cause subtle changes in ocean temperature, infrared detection satellites were captured.

In fact, as early as the mid-80s in the last century, the United States had discovered the potential of satellite hunting potential. In 1984, the U.S. Navy oceanographer Paul Luosikuli aboard the "Challenger" space shuttle into space and successfully to detect other submarines of the ripple. "Asia Times," also revealed that America's "Challenger" space shuttle has performed anti-submarine missions.

May 14 this year, "Atlantis," conducted last space shuttle flight, the crew, including Captain Stephen Bowen U.S. Navy submarine force, U.S. forces may take the opportunity to further test the potential of satellite hunting technology. In the next 18 months, the U.S. military will launch several satellites reconnaissance and surveillance satellite, which does not exclude the satellite used to detect submarines. Analysts believe that the U.S. Navy, U.S. anti-submarine into the satellite network is best for small satellites in formation flying over maritime satellite, they can be many types of detectors from different locations in space to a suspicious point of focus, better detection results.

Russia and Japan is also studying the satellite anti-submarine

According to U.S. military planning, reconnaissance and anti-submarine network should be submarines, surface ships, unmanned underwater boats, maritime surveillance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with exploration potential to link together as a large "underwater dynamic library" for anti-submarine forces. Currently the U.S. military is also very interested in anti-submarine high altitude airship, the project will be in the Philippines, 10 km to 50 km above the height of the deployment of radar airship to detect from the Philippines to the large area of the Taiwan Strait waters. Today, the U.S. military's anti-submarine aircraft, anti-submarine ship and submarine sonar arrays and other equipment have formed a more complete three-dimensional anti-submarine network, satellite meant to speed up the deployment of U.S. anti-submarine anti-submarine nets are further improved.

Besides the U.S., Russia in 1991 launched Almaz-1 satellite is a kind of submarine detection satellites, can observe the underwater submarine produced in the wake. This year in April, the Russian Space Systems spokesman Boldyrev said, the company's research center has developed a new type of satellite that can detect submarines in the deep-sea navigation. Expected that the satellite into space in 2011. Japan has the potential of satellite technology is very interested in hunting in recent years launched a number of advanced remote sensing satellite for submarine surveillance. Japan recently carried out in cooperation with a project of NASA also is trying to detect buoys and sea reconnaissance network, has obvious anti-submarine intent.

Technology in less than a high degree of vigilance, but China should

Hunter-killer satellites in the U.S. case, in any country in the satellite detection of submarines under the "exposed." U.S. Naval War College, Marine Institute, Chinese scholars Bide Da Dayton clear that the activities in the Spratly Islands in northern, eastern and Paracel Islands in southern Luzon Strait is very easy for the Chinese submarine captured. In the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea submarine activities are facing greater challenges, because this sea is very shallow along the coastline from China to Japan Okinawa Trough, most of the waters of the depth of only 54 meters to 109 meters.

At present, China has Asia's largest submarine force, submarine force growth rate is also second to none in the world. U.S. naval intelligence office in July 2009 released a report that China's nuclear submarines as noisy, relatively easy to detect. The conventional diesel electric submarine has a good quiet effect, difficult to detect.

Of course, satellite anti-submarine still facing some technical difficulties. Although the satellite can detect the formation of the submarine wake, but not a long time to track. Satellite technology to compensate for the shortcomings of hunter-killer, the U.S. Navy is considering other potential means of hunting and satellite network, forming a large submarine hunting system. China should lead to a high degree of vigilance.

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