China will pay a high price if give up the non-aligned strategy

In the current international strategic situation, if we give up the non-aligned, on China's political, economic and military potential and influence, we may "be dominating," "to be speak out." Data Figure: Marine Corps National Day parade, party team.

Xu Guangyu

With the growing rise of China and the changing international environment, there are people to question the current state of "non-aligned" foreign policy is still applicable? And suggestions can with forming "alliance" to help weave a network of international relations that we rise to the collective strength of many countries to counter the opponents, in the maintenance of allied interests, fight for their own best interests and favorable international position. Questions beyond reproach, but suggestions are open to question.

For China, this stage is to continue to adhere to or abandon a major non-aligned foreign policy choices. Do you want to change, need to carefully assess the situation and seriousness of a comprehensive assessment to determine. Because it involves a series of interrelated major issues, such as: Why at this time to give up the non-aligned instead of an alliance? Here at least to raise sufficient justification and feasibility of making a fresh start, and the pros and cons analysis; how an alliance if the alliance? It should be clear and who form an alliance, the other party is willing to form an alliance, an alliance against whom the alliance's mission, conditions, timing, duration and exit mechanisms, etc.. In short, this is not a simple choice racking our brains can be finalized.

"Alliance" and "non-aligned" is an international phenomenon in the world so long as nations, countries are strong or weak, there are differences and mutual antagonism, there will be "alliance" and "non-aligned" phenomenon exists. "Alliance" and "non-aligned" countries, and Life is a means of historical experience shows that if an alliance between the countries is as the international strategic situation and the national interests of Biandong change, when the alliance's mission and the time limit reached, or there more harm than good, the alliance will end, otherwise it may continue.

Cooperation among countries in various ways, is the highest form of alliance is the closest way. It often contains political, economic, military areas, especially the comprehensive cooperation. Accession countries, it would bring it much needed key interests, compared to the weak and the state often plays a strong alliance with the country willing to accept.

But the world is not without a price alliance interests, it brings the ills must be discounted, especially in times of peace, the weak, sub-national alliance with the powerful, often make them as small daughter is not as independent or embarrassing situations. Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama as the recent forced resignation is a typical example. Japan-US alliance the U.S. is strong, the Okinawa base relocation issue in the United States insistence, any position you how the Japanese side, and even promised to voters ahead of the end can only be sidelined with the Prime Minister and the public. So less than a last resort, for example, a similar World War II, countries face life and death as the occasion, all countries face the alliance is the most cautious option.

Why in the world today there are so many non-aligned countries take the path of the pursuit of independence, another important reason why the non-aligned can increase its strategic options, in the complicated and volatile international environment, easy to maintain the relative detachment of the independent status can have it both ways to implement full-scale diplomatic, flexible access and control them more active strategic and diplomatic space, to avoid the alliance but differences of opinion, resulting in a loss, even in helpless situations appear reluctant "to be involved" plight of the passive consequences . Recently the issue of EU aid Greece is an instance of a dispute arise.

In addition, in the current international strategic situation, if we give up the non-aligned, on China's political, economic and military potential, and influence, we may "be dominating," "is speak out", our burden, and to pay the price must increase. Even the bold idea of strong-strong alliance, the results are usually costly, counterproductive.

Our goal is to one hundred anniversary of the founding to a sustainable independent and responsible big country look into the modern world powers. While we have made great immediate success, but also many domestic and external issues, "keeping a low profile, do something" is far from outdated. What is more, China is also far from the need to rely on alliances to survive and develop the state.

While upholding the non-aligned, but that does not prevent us from carrying out multilateral cooperation. We can target different countries and different needs for different cooperation, and even some cooperation with potential adversaries. Through cooperation minimize opposition, to expand income side. In cooperation we have achieved over many successful experiences. Such as "SCO", "10 +3" and we also with the European Union, the African Union, Arab League and many countries have established multi-level, multilateral and bilateral cooperation.

As for resolving some of the forces of containment and the threat to our country, the best way is to rely on their own strong, and make friends, mutual benefit and win-win for external relations. Therefore, to create and improve the most conducive to autonomy, self-and external environment and conditions are essential. Continue to implement more good than harm only cooperation, non-aligned foreign policy, is undoubtedly the most sensible and pragmatic at this stage we have a strategic choice. (The writer is a People's Liberation Army Major General.)

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