China should prepare in various ways for striving to be the world's top power

To do "world first" - Are the Chinese people ready?

"No tyrant in the world": the Sino-US century mission and the outcome of Game

China Dream, is China's national goals. A world power, first of all need to think about what kind of world-building one, and then did it become clear what kind of nation-building.

The 21st century world is to become a peaceful world, a harmonious world, cooperation in the world, the key is to become a "no-hegemony in the world."

 "Rise of great powers" and "World Transformation"

The modern world, in wave after wave of the contradiction between the rise of great powers movement, has undergone three restructuring.

The rise of Western powers, the world for the first time in transition: from the feudal world to the capital of the world

In the modern world's first transition from the feudal world to the capital of the world transformation. This transformation has been the driving force is the rise of a group of Western countries, its essence is the rise of capitalism, is the rise of the capitalist world; it is essentially the end of the Western Middle Ages and the world, the age of feudalism, so that human beings from the feudal the world's transformation into the capital of the world.

While those promoting the transformation of the modern world for the first time in a big country committing force in the rise of colonial expansion and conquest of the numerous "original sin", but in this human world, after all, the process of blood and fire to achieve a historic transformation of relative progress.

The rise of the Soviet Union, the world's second round of restructuring: from the capital of the world to the "one ball, two systems"

The rise of the Soviet Union is the world's second round of restructuring, resulting in the world by capitalism and "unified" transformation into a "two worlds." The rise of the Soviet Union opened up a new era in world history - "one ball, two systems" era, the end of the dominance of capitalism. The rise of the Soviet Union, so that raw capitalism in the socialist forced by great powers has become more humane and civilized, which is the world's second historic progress. But the Soviet Union and the Western powers out of the competition is not hegemonic paradigm of competition. The Soviet Union in order to hegemony flourish, to the decline of hegemony.

China's rise, the world's third round of restructuring: From the "There tyrants of the world" to "No tyrant in the world"

China's rise is the rise of a new type has distinct characteristics of the times, showing there are three:

1. The rise of China's goal is not world domination. China is not challenging dominant, nor threaten the powerful, but also not oppress the weak, but the revitalization of their own to the benefit of the world.

2. China is a rising population in developing countries, the rise of the environment. At present in the developing countries group, with the rise of the foundation and strength not only in China, a number of developing countries into the rise of the gate and level. So this rise in the international arena has a solid "mass base."

3. China is taking the road of peaceful rise. The rise of China is different from the Western world colonization, the rise of military-style, but in practice a kind of "not hit others, not been playing the" the rise is a peaceful development, win-win cooperation and common prosperity rise. Therefore, the rise of China has the moral advantage.

 "No tyrant in the world" and "nuclear-free world"

United States President Barack Obama came to power soon proposed "nuclear-free world", creating "zero-nuclear world." Building "nuclear-free world" need to make comprehensive efforts, but the construction of the "nuclear-free world" lies in the construction of "no tyrants in the world."

The greatest danger to world peace, not a "nuclear weapons", but "Ba-wu." Produce nuclear weapons before the greatest danger to world peace is the hegemony, rather than some magical weapons. The root causes of the two world wars, is the struggle for world hegemony, rather than compete for new weapons. After World War II 50 years, the root causes of the Cold War, the world hegemony, the Soviet Union because of competition for hegemony between the two countries compete to develop and a large number of nuclear weapons. China's development and possession of nuclear weapons during the Cold War is to hegemony of anti-hegemony is to squeeze in the US-Soviet hegemony and the threat of war and protect the survival, safety, and security development. After the Cold War, the world became unipolar world, the United States as sole world superpower the world has witnessed the proliferation of nuclear weapons situation. The reason why some countries trying to develop nuclear weapons development and its reason is worried about the United States in case of loss of constraint, "the killing of innocent people." This right to be worried, in fact, the United States lost checks and balances of the Soviet Union, the hegemony of psychological expansion, without UN authorization to launch the Kosovo war, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some countries in the face of threats to U.S. hegemony, and not the U.S. "strategic re-assurance" of the situation, put the possession of nuclear weapons as their talisman. Therefore, after the Cold War, the war is still continuous, is not the root causes of nuclear weapons, but in hegemony. Strategy to protect world peace from the first task, not "go nuclear", but "to tyrants." Only the United States "to tyrants" of the world in order to "de-nuclearization."

"There tyrants the world" hard to build "nuclear-free world"

In an "tyrants of the world", "non-nuclear countries," the most vulnerable to hegemonic threat to the country. The tremendous pressure on weak countries, in the absence of hegemonic state "strategy of reassurance" and the defenseless situation, of course, will not give up the development and possession of nuclear weapons, its purpose is limited to "possession of nuclear weapons to protect themselves" only.

Construction of "No tyrant in the world" is building "a nuclear-free world" "strategic guarantees." In a hegemonic threat to the world, whether it is hegemonic and non-hegemonic countries, nuclear weapons are strategic needs. No tyrant in the world, nuclear weapons will become superfluous things.

Hegemony is the birth of nuclear weapons proliferation. Move towards "nuclear-free world" is necessarily a move toward "no-hegemony in the world" process. Logically, some of the country's "nuclear weapons program" and "de-Ba" of closely linked, it is necessary to "de-Ba-based" spin "to nuclear technology."

Hegemony on the world does not provide a "strategic re-assurance"

In 2009, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg invented a "strategic re-assurance" This new formulation. He said: "As we and our allies must demonstrate, and we are ready to welcome China as a prosperous and successful arrival of big countries, China must also be other countries in the world and then ensure that its development and growing global role will not be other countries, the cost of the safety and well-being. "

China's development and rise of other countries will not be at the expense of the safety and well-being, but not to maintain a given country in exchange for world hegemony. The principle of supremacy is the world's jungles product and embodiment of peace and harmony of the democratic world, not law of the jungle, no Senlinzhiwang. The 21st century, civilized country, has the responsibility to take the lead abandon the "hegemonic thinking" give up "hegemonic competition" and ending "cycle of hegemony." China is the world's strategic reassurance, that is not hegemony, not seek hegemony, is to contribute to the building of non-hegemony in the world.

China not do "world hegemony successor"

August 10, 2009, Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, in his personal website published "My political philosophy," the text said: "Japan is in order to continue the struggle to maintain hegemony in the United States and seeking to become a hegemonic power in China , the how to maintain political and economic independence, guardian of its own national interest, Japan is also the other Asian countries worry small problem. "In fact, Yukio Hatoyama, said only half right. The United States is indeed a hegemonic position to continue to struggle to maintain state, but the rise of China's goal is not to become a hegemonic state, but become a non-hegemonic power.

The rise of China is the world's hegemony to an end. Sino-US strategic competition goal is not to the replacement of dominance, but rather the end of an old hegemony in the world, forming a new world without hegemony. The world is at a historical turning point of wealth and power, that is, there are tyrants in the world from the tyrants of the world turn to non-transition. China is driving the rise of a new world, promoting the formation of a multipolar world without hegemony.

Sino-US strategic game, will profoundly change the face of the world, as well as the fate of the two countries. In this Great Game, the United States will complete the transition to non-hegemonic countries, the United States will become the world's "last one" hegemonic state. China will also become the history of mankind, "the first" non-hegemonic world champion country.

World hegemony, the United States does not seek re-election, China does not seek to take over. This is the two countries based on mutual commitment to a "strategic re-assurance."

Hegemony is not America's Lifeline

The United States did to the rescue when needed. To "rescue the United States," from the financial crisis, rescue, support and help, is specific rescue. But a fundamental rescue, general rescue, it is necessary to help the United States to overcome the threat of the world also ruin the United States "a country's" political fatal illness - "hegemonic disease." The United States encountered the main source of various difficulties, in fact the "hegemony distress"; the United States is rooted in the various crises "hegemonic crisis"; the United States in real terms the decline was "due to the decline of hegemony." Today's world, relying on hegemony and rejuvenating the country, power is contrary to the historical trend; those who adhere to world hegemony countries, are bound to move toward decline, decline. Only to "non-hegemonic state" and "non-hegemonic world" move forward in order to free themselves from the passive strategy.

Hegemony is the world power of cancer. World hegemony for the United States, is a decline of the road, the road of decline, but also a threat to the world, threatening the U.S. strategic trap. The fundamental problem is not the U.S. strategic vigilance and fear that others may challenge its dominance, but to their own hegemony as soon as possible out of the trap. America's future and the way out is through a thorough transformation of hegemony and rejuvenating the country, strong strategic thinking to themselves from hegemonic thinking, strategies and hegemonic goals of hegemony freed to achieve the transition to non-hegemonic. This will be the most profound in American history, a revolution.

"Farewell hegemony": the historical mission of the Sino-US Game

Essence of the Sino-US conflict is the pursuit of U.S. strategy is to maintain its unipolar hegemony in the world, while China is standing in the forefront of the rapid rise of world development. The core of Sino-US conflict is the future of international order is unipolar or multipolar; is to build a democratic multipolar world, or to maintain a unipolar hegemonic world; is to accept "there are tyrants in the world", or the end of world hegemony.

Modern history of the world's major countries, Game, all around the world hegemony of the replacement carried out. The results of each game, are the old hegemony to step down, the new hegemonic power, which became the fate of the rise of great powers become great power game program.

In the 21st century between China and the game, is a new great power game. This game is new in: game is not about "world domination change", but around the "end of world hegemony," started. The historical mission of the Sino-US strategic game is to achieve world hegemony to an end.

United States should have one of the world "strategy guarantees" and "strategic commitment", it was "the end of world hegemony, the creation of non-hegemony in the world" as the mission to: United States is not overlord of the world, China does not fight for world hegemony, just as Austria Bama Ti out of a "nuclear-free world", as proposed the establishment of "no tyrants the world" goals.

Toward "world first": How to Prepare for China

China's rise is too fast, too large, the environment is too complex, this model is too unique and too profound impact, not only the world was startled by the sudden and even the Chinese themselves did not do a good job sprint "world first" preparation. These necessary preparations, in China's economic aggregate beyond Japan, become more pressing. Striving to be the world's number one power in the whole Chinese nation should be ready for is a multi-faceted, but the following aspects of the preparations necessary.

Striving to become the "first" and "know" ready

"World first" what is the value? China has become the world's No. 1 What is the meaning? Contemporary Chinese people deserve the world's first to go was not worth the struggle? To reach a consensus on this issue, first of all need to do "know well prepared." Some people think that to fight for first in the world is over-ambitious, far away from the people; Some people think that those last solve the problem of the world's more practical. Views such as these is not without reason. The key to the common understanding that China could become the world precisely at a higher starting point and level, to address a number of specific issues to create a better strategic environment and conditions.

China's first, as the outcome of the Sino-US strategic competition, will have five symbolic significance.

First, China has become the world's first, which is the world's largest developing country with the largest result of competition among the developed countries shows that developing countries could become a developed country even more than in developed countries.

Second, China has become the world's first, which is the world's largest socialist country with the largest result of competition between the capitalist countries, indicating the superiority of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The socialist countries for the first time exceeded the aggregate productivity capitalist countries, the socialist political advantage for the first time built on the basis of the socialist economic advantages. Model of socialism with Chinese characteristics, will also be due to the creation of a "world first" miracle of the world's first model. The modern world, the Western countries the possession of wealth creation and most. Of the Soviet Union after World War II catch-up the United States has shown strong momentum, but even at the peak period of the Soviet Union, only 60% of U.S. gross domestic product of the economic power. In the United States to dominate the 100 years before, the European powers who turns Zuozhuang. In Western countries most of the world share the wealth two centuries later, there is now a historic turning point in the economic scale, the West is gradually catching up by developing countries. By 2030 or so, China's GDP will surpass the United States; By 2050, the world's three major economies of the sort will be China, the United States and India. Veteran Western powers will candidly admit defeat.

Third, China has become the world's first to give the East and West, "Comparative Civilizations" with a new meaning, indicating not only to give the world to bring the gospel of Western civilization, oriental culture can also lead the world trend, with more charm, more vitality and creativity. The world's modern history, the English nation has always lead the world; China has become the world's first, Chinese people will start to lead the world.

Fourth, China has become the world's first, will break the West's "racial discrimination." Sun Yat-sen in 1924 in its "Three People's Principles" set out against racial discrimination point of view. So far, the modern "world first" state, are established by the whites. China to become a "world first", indicating yellow race is the world's best race, is not a white sole priority. White people can do, the yellow people can do, and will do better.

Fifth, China has become the world's first, will change the long-established Western geopolitical superiority. Modern "world first" state, are in the Europe and America. Asia is the world's largest continent, China has become the world's first in Asia glory.

Can be seen that China has become the world's first, is in creating a great cause, which not only makes economic sense, but also has political significance, cultural significance, will become China's political and moral resources, is bound into every Chinese person's personal interests. Can be said that "the world rise and fall of every man's duty; China's first, sooner or later benefit."

Power "rise" of "ambition" ready

The rise of great powers, must "ambition." This is the rise of great powers is an important feature of the law. Any "rise of great powers" of the countries, it is a "world first" ideals and aspirations of the countries, it is to compete over the world countries. Sprint in the world, is that these common features of the world's great powers, a common character. A lack of ambition to pursue the world's first nation state, and is difficult to become the world's great nations and countries. It is the kind of striving to become the world's first ambition, the pursuit, passion, belief and confidence to become a national boom, the rise of the source of inspiration. Of the world's best people, are the courage and ability to compete first and the world's first match in the competition have been outstanding achievements and impressive performance of people. Therefore, competition in the world, the number one power to do a necessary preparation, is the "ambition" in preparation, is the "ideal and faith" in preparation.

Portugal in the "rise", when only 100 million people in China today a "big county" population should be over it. Today, Portugal is still a small European country, the land area 92? More than 000 square kilometers, population just over 1? 0 million. But look around the world, in addition to Oceania, the planet on every continent with Portuguese as an official language of the country or region. Like the Portuguese empire, like a giant standing on the Earth, across the 140 longitude, 70 north-south latitude, the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, the South China Sea area almost Portugal's "inland sea." At that time the Portuguese poet, proudly declared: "I am Portuguese, I have great than the whole world!" It is this "I'm bigger than the whole world is big" in spirit, so that Portugal became the first modern international arena, a "world first."

The great cause of the Dutch created a small country there is a picture: "Amsterdam Goddess." In the painting, the goddess of Amsterdam's hand, on the globe above the other. A small country the Netherlands, the world installed in their own minds, playing above the earth in the palm unit. When the rise of the Netherlands, the country's population of about 1.7 million, but in the 17th century dominate the world stage, creating a golden age.

Russian writer Dostoyevsky said: "The truly great nation never bothered to play in a minor role in humans, or even bothered to play a paramount role, and must play a unique role."

Charles de Gaulle's famous quote is: "France, if not great, but would not become French." He believes that France is characterized by the great French character is the great goal is the French great. Great, is France's "national religion" and "national aspirations."

The founding of the United States for over 200 years, has been in the "world model", "Leader State", "American century" the call forward.

Competition is human nature, competition is also a national nature. Competition, most in need of self-confidence, self-confidence can self. The most powerful country needs self-confidence, while the strength of under-represented countries, need self-confidence. Looking back on those who have a rising big country, than China's rise without a big, whether in land area, population, wealth, are not compared with China. In the modern world emerging countries, the vast majority of the rise of reality is a small country, some from the land of less than 10 million square kilometers, the National is only one million of micro-small country's emergence as a world superpower.

The history of the rise of a great power that big country, it is not because the national territory, it is not because people of the congregation, but rather ambitious, ambitious. Big country without ambition is bound to decline; a small state-owned ambition, but also be able to complete the "rise of great powers" is a great course.

If the 20th century was a century of war and die, then the 21st century is a century of competition and elimination. Americans say that the 21st century is still the American century. Former Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee have long asserted: "21st century will be India's century." In the 21st century world arena, the countries with the ambition to win more than just 12! The 21st century in China, if you can not become the world's No. 1 can not become the number one power, it must be a backward country is a country about to be eliminated.

The Chinese sprint in the world, an indispensable and important step in preparation is the "ideal" and "ambition" preparations.

Grasp the "opportunity" and "strategic preparation"

One country, one nation, in the development and the rise of the process would be What a Blissful Encounter a rare period of strategic opportunity, while the value of these strategic opportunities and harvest, depending on the quality and extent of the strategic preparation.

After the founding of New China, in the period of strategic opportunity for national development issues, have had a successful record, but also had missed regret. The first regret is that 50 early in the 20th century, the Chinese won the Korean War and was internationally recognized as a military power, security, environmental improvement, economic development has a good development of strategic opportunities. But this has been a valuable strategic opportunity for the effective use of only 4 years, it was "anti-rightist rectification" and subsequent "Great Leap Forward", the people's communes, "communist wind" end and ruined. By this time, Japan has used its favorable international environment, in their mid-term strategic opportunity to achieve sustained economic development and the rapid rise. The second regret is that in the early 70s, the United States, the Soviet Union triangular struggle against the strategic threat to the Soviet Union in 1971 to promote the Sino-US direction towards the normalization of relations, China's strategic environment have been greatly improved. In the 1971-1976 six-year period, the countries established diplomatic relations with China, as many as 51, while from 1949 to 1970 of 22 years, the countries established diplomatic relations with China, only 54. Such a good strategic opportunities, because of the "Cultural Revolution" but have not been used effectively. After the reform and opening up, China's strategic direction is correct, strategy fully prepared to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, economic stagnation in Japan, Southeast Asia financial crisis, the United States bogged down in the quagmire of the Iraq war, as well as the financial crisis erupted in 2008 World Under such circumstances, the correct response, to seize the opportunity to develop itself, and quickly became the world's largest economy. China now faces not only the rise of great powers in general period of strategic opportunity, but rather the removal of the world's first strategic sprint period, the strategy must be more fully prepared to have a better quality of strategic innovation, strategic design and strategic guidance.

Remain "sober" and "psychological preparation"

First in the world's number one power in the 21st century is China's main objectives. The need for this great purpose in people's pride and passion. First in the world could have been China's traditional; the number one power, it is a history of China. However, this history and tradition was once lost. The reason is that China's "collective sleeping." As the Sun Yat-sen in 1924 said, China's national status in the modern world "plummeted", "herein biggest reason" is "Once upon a loss of national spirit, is like a feel asleep; now to restore the national spirit, we should wake up" . The awakening dragon of China, China's first ambition legislation again, and then make the contribution of China's first, and then to make China's first responsibility, then the dream of China's first round.

Today, the great Chinese nation has been "wake up", in the passion, we must remain calm and sober. In the Chinese revolution and construction process, we had suffered acute "passion" disease, suffered setbacks, eaten burned by. Boiling in the country today, universal impetuous circumstances, stay calm, to ensure peace of mind, it is particularly urgent. China 2007 GDP than Germany, ranked third in the world. But China's population of 1.3 billion, Germany's population of 8? 000 million, in 2007 China's per capita GDP is 2? 604 U.S. dollars, Germany is 40? 162 U.S. dollars, 15.4 times that of China. The gap is huge. China needs to catch up with the impulse, but more needs superhuman rational and calm.

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