Disclosed the secret air fights between the United States the Soviet Union continued for 46 years

In 1991 a major event changed the entire history of the world has taken place- the Soviet Union disintegrated. With the disappearance of the Soviet Union, the 20th century, the longest East-West Cold War came to an end, while the Soviet Union and the United States carried out in the air as long as 46 years, the secret war has come to an end. Russia's "Military History" magazine reveals the history of this unknown insider.

Fire border guards, the United States to the Soviet Union without declaring war

In fact, the competition between the Soviet Union on the eve of World War II had begun, with NATO and the Warsaw Pact has set, the two major political blocs had been carried out for decades in a sustained "cold war." In the meantime, the Soviet Union and the United States in the border areas engaged in a fierce air, sea and land battle, but the two sides in this battle of the casualties have not yet made public. Which is the most intense air contest, called "cold war" in the "hot war."

From May 1945, the U.S. Air Force began to carry out surveillance of the Soviet Far East. U.S. aircraft often in the Soviet Union's Kamchatka, Chukotka and South Kuril Islands area of cross-border surveillance, but also often in the Soviet Union's Pacific Fleet ships and fly over military bases. In the constant attack by American aircraft and harassment cases, the Soviet army had had enough striking back. May 20, the Pacific Fleet in the Chukotka region of the artillery units for the first time two U.S. Air Force B-24 aircraft fire. July 11 Youxiang access to the region P-38 reconnaissance aircraft fire, but the two did not hit the target shooting.

August 7, 1945, two U.S. Air Force aircraft with machine guns patrolling the waters in the Chukchi patrol boats fired two Soviet border, killing eight Soviet soldiers were killed and 14 were injured. This incident shows that the Soviet Union began an undeclared war between the two countries had.

The first air fight occured in the sky over the North Korean

In September 1945, World War II officially came to an end, however, is in the warming US-Soviet contest. In November, the Soviet Union took place in North Korea for the first time over the air because the United States a B-29 bombers over the Hamhung area a Soviet violation largest airport. The Soviet Union deployed fighter aircraft to conduct an emergency landing on the U.S. plane was refused, the Soviet Union aircraft then opened fire, the U.S. plane forced to land, fortunately, was the incident caused no casualties. After landing the aircraft, the U.S. crew was detained Sudanese side, the aircraft was transported to Moscow for research. Objectively speaking, in this conflict, U.S. bombers had not opened fire on the Soviet side, and later the U.S. military personnel in interrogation Shihai sincerity: "how can the Russians opened fire on it?"

April 8, 1950, the first casualties of an aerial battle took place. The same day, a U.S. Navy PB4Y "Privateer" reconnaissance plane starting from West Germany into the Soviet Union a naval base in the Baltic Sea over the reconnaissance, the Soviet Union deployed four pulling -11 to intercept. The two sides fighting a result, the U.S. plane was shot down, 10 crew members from heard from since. After the Soviet side, announced that the downed a U.S. B-29 bombers, the U.S. side insisted that the "Privateer" reconnaissance plane. In 1993, the Soviet Union, retired General Fyodor Shinkarenko, said he believed the U.S. had been secretly salvaged the wreckage after the plane sent to Moscow. Under the declassified files and papers 10 years after the incident, the U.S. aircraft 81 times into the Soviet Union's airspace and territorial waters to carry out reconnaissance. Almost every year for at least one electronic surveillance plane was shot down by Soviet Union.

U.S. and NATO air invasion of the Soviet Union is multifaceted. U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and U.S. Defense Department has its own surveillance unit. Some of the implementation of tactical reconnaissance, while others fly into the sky against the Soviet Union in-depth Strip strategic reconnaissance. NATO countries are often a number of transport units into the territory of the Soviet Union voted to send their agents to the Baltic countries and Ukraine and other regions of the anti-government armed forces air-dropped arms and supplies. Only in August 1951 to May 1954, the U.S. military transport planes carried out at least seven times on such a task, to Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, North Caucasus and the Baltic States dropped nearly 20 agents.

In addition to the U.S. aircraft, there are Sweden, the United Kingdom, West Germany, Iran and Turkey and other countries continued aircraft conducted aerial reconnaissance of the Soviet Union. Of which two Swedish aircraft have been shot down by Soviet troops. Sweden after the Cold War, according to published historical data disclosure, June 16, 1952, Sweden, a DC-3 reconnaissance plane carrying the most advanced airborne monitoring equipment to the Soviet Union the implementation of radio listening. The results have been shot down by two Soviet MiG -15 fighter crashed into the sea, the crew were rescued by boats West Germany.

By 1954, in order to reduce unnecessary casualties, the NATO countries have begun to use the balloon to the conduct reconnaissance on the Soviet Union. This balloon can be released from the Soviet Union's western border has always been to reach across the entire Soviet Far East. 1-2 peak in 1956, the month of nearly 3000 balloons over the Soviet Union's airspace. In the ensuing 20 years, the Soviet air defense department discovered a total of 4112 surveillance balloons, but only 793 were shot down.

The Soviet airspace once fell

Looking at the last century, 50 years US-Soviet air battle, it should be recognized that the Soviet Union was indeed unable to fully protect its own airspace from foreign invasion. The Soviet air defense forces of the West reconnaissance balloons and high altitude reconnaissance aircraft have been helpless. For the first time into the Soviet Union's airspace is the British "Canberra" high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft took off from England and Sedki, rose to the implementation of Soviet unable to intercept high-altitude reconnaissance. Followed by the United States, RB-57F high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft also joined the ranks.

July 4, 1956, nine U.S. and British high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft has five times into the Soviet Union's airspace in a depth of 150-350 km. In 1957, "Canberra" high-altitude surveillance planes had arrived in Baku unimpeded over (this region is the most powerful Soviet air defense forces). Also in 1958, this type of aircraft, a number of cities of Ukraine carried out reconnaissance, and later even arrived in Moscow air defense zone. Soviet air defense forces and often inaccessible to those reconnaissance.

In 1956, in addition to "Canberra" and the RB-57F, the United States has developed a U-2 high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft, from 1956 to 1960, the Soviet Union's airspace surveillance carried out 50 times, he has also appeared in Kiev, Moscow, Minsk , Crimea, the Far East and Central Asia and other places over. The Soviet Union in 1956 for the first time sent MiG -17 aircraft returning empty-handed, the Soviet leaders do not believe this fact and called aviation experts ask. The expert replied that the world has not been able to fly the aircraft altitude of 20,000 meters or more, so military blamed the pilot's false. Until the end of 1959, the Soviet anti-aircraft S-75 was equipped with a new air defense missile, and later equipped with an altitude of up to 20,000 meters Su -9 aircraft, thus ending the Western high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the Soviet Union's airspace unimpeded history.

Also carry out reconnaissance activities on the West

Enhancement of the Soviet air defense forces did not allow the West to reduce the number of surveillance. To the 60s last century, NATO has begun to be equipped long-range radar detection system, the system can not enter the airspace of the Soviet Union territory of the Soviet Union under surveillance. By the mid-80s, Su-Soviet facelift advanced MiG -27 and -31 aircraft, air defense units equipped with S-300 has begun air defense missile system, the Soviet Army began to effectively protect its own airspace.

United States aircraft in response to the invasion, while the Soviet Union also sent reconnaissance planes to conduct reconnaissance on the other side. May 25, 1968, the Soviet Union a map-16P reconnaissance aircraft in the Norwegian Sea The report found missing after a U.S. aircraft carrier. August 4, 1974, the Soviet Union a map -95 reconnaissance reconnaissance over the Norwegian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Navy dispatched three F-4 fighter jets to intercept. In which a US fighters crashed out of the wing Figure -95, Su plane staggered return to the base. The early 80s of last century, the Soviet Union a map -16 aircraft cruise flight in the Arctic region, was the U.S. Navy 3 F-18A fighter jets to intercept and shoot down Soviet aircraft, the United States to carry out a dangerous maneuver flight maneuver, resulting in two F -18A aircraft collided in midair over the Soviet Union exploded diagram -16 damage caused by debris, but the aircraft was still the Soviet Union returned to the base. Since then, U.S. warplanes to intercept Soviet bombers actions often occurred only in 1989, the U.S. F-15 fighter jets taking off to intercept the Soviet Union on 33 aircraft, which intercepted Figure -95 bombers reached 22 times.

Soviet Union and the United States air battle continued until the Soviet Union collapsed, but in this contest Although both sides have winners and losers, but the U.S. is much better than the Soviet Union.

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