Chinese Air Force showed the latest domestic TK-11CII pilot helmet

The latest TK-11CII Protection Helmet

TK-11CII Protection Helmet

Domestic TK-11CII Protection Helmet

Domestic TK-11-type helmet

TK-11-type helmet

Domestic TK-10-type helmets, side view

Domestic TK-10-type helmet

Domestic Helmet Sealed TK-1

Sealed Helmet TK-1

Domestic Sealed Helmet TK-4A

Domestic Sealed Helmet TK-4B

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Excellent views of these PLAAF flight helmets. What I've been dying to know is "What is the difference between the TK-4, the TK-4A, and the TK-4B high altitude pressure helmets?" They all appear quite similar if not identical. Probably small differences in configuration or hardware. Anyone who has this information, please contact me! Thank you!