China's top "killer", able to deal with the U.S. military's five aircraft carrier battle groups

Military strategy services political strategy, political strategy for the economic strategy, and economic strategies to the country’s economic base as the criterion, while the economic base determines the superstructure, including the National People’s Congress system and the military’s strength. Words can also turn narrative, and: the economic base determines the superstructure for the country’s economic strategy, which in turn determines the economic strategy toward political strategy, and political strategy in turn determines the direction of military strategy, military strategy is specifically manifested in military deployment and combat capabilities. Mo takes a national strategy has been a move, of course, has its purpose, one for survival, two for development. Survival did not mention a number of reasons, who knows; the other, the development is to advantage, passing, progress, and that white is better than it is now, at least not to be bullied.

The strategic direction of the U.S. has seriously damaged the interests of China and Russia, and China and Russia are both nuclear powers. That what means and China in exchange it? Is equivalent to the strategic interests of the United States is not, then it wanted to manufacture, who? Japan. Virtual carrying value of Japan, such as the limited hands-off of Japanese militarism, transfer from east line disputes, using the value of Japan in Asia to create harassment impede China’s development, manufacturing, the reality of the pressure on China and Russia, is to increase the exchange of chips, brought balance Iran suffered by the loss. But, Iran is Russia’s soft belly, is the energy of China’s development pipeline, which is the core problem; is a national core person must be taken into account. Due to the potential of the source situation and the war, can understand nothing good food in Japan, you can ignore, you can also Buda Li in the final analysis, Japan is nothing but the United States to “prop up”, which can only ever be a “prop” . Three-inch-long carp can not jump Dragon! Of any country’s development is inseparable from the strategic direction of an accurate, national self-esteem so that we can not require strong into decadence; to find the object on the look behind the scenes and try to find a knife on the foreground of the. Sometimes seizing and do not need to face the master!

From a purely military terms, we know that the United States occupies a huge advantage in this, the needle on the edge Let’s definitely a disadvantage, then let’s do how can reverse the troubling trends? The current strength of its own no matter how the space will not improve, can not sit back! Approach is to people who want out. Stratosphere NMR explosion to destroy the enemy space communications and reconnaissance navigation satellite systems possible? Certainly, in 2004 in Tibet, let’s have used laser technology to make its own experimental satellites are a failure, I would like to simulate the environment does have a unique bar; stratospheric NMR burst more competent, and no one will have a manned do not believe in heaven State can not do that; many ways in this area many articles, not 11 seen that. This results in what is it? Is the inter-blind, that is, equality, and that the U.S. already at a disadvantage in this regard. One can imagine that rely on information warfare domineering U.S. war machine, to see their data links have been cut off one’s taste is difficult to bear. Can use only the radar, reconnaissance aircraft and a number of electrical sensors, and in this regard let’s not an absolute weakness. Because the default near the battlefield in China, let’s strategic depth in the popular support and have unique advantages, but also share in the logistics unmatched odds. Relying on the United States can be used only in Japan, Guam, line, and to go through tens of thousands of kilometers of sea lines of transportation in order to achieve these transit bases can be smoothly, said another. Land-based on the United States in Japan and Guam that is more likely than a few bases in wartime, then the threat to regard the movement of aircraft carrier battle group, could come a few?
I would like to up to five, and why? Trouble east, and west can be something to please! Not how the west was proposed on the land-based base-ching, and the United States had to rely on aircraft carriers, at least to stay in four aircraft carrier battle group, the rest should defend its homeland and as a motor. So China is facing is the five aircraft carrier battle groups now living in hiding with land-based fighter. Normally I like some of the Anglo-American military network warfare, not long ago I read a senior U.S. military tribune-review, they discussed the outcome is this: within a decade if a conflict with China alone, an aircraft carrier battle group, fundamentally solve the problem also controls the can not be a large-scale military conflict with China, let alone in the Western Pacific can be assembled up to four aircraft carrier battle groups, because war level of development, I am afraid in the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean to the number of assembled aircraft carrier battle groups deployed in the Pacific than the quantity, battle took place in western China than the intensity of the strong over the western Pacific. Moreover, in the Western Pacific on the aircraft carrier battle group of the United States to bear the risk factor can be a very large presence in China’s offshore office here called “a very big risk factor” First, to the case of Chinese submarine threat, one aerial threat, it is The so-called air threat is what models do? I do not think that air superiority fighter, is a high-altitude high-speed high-efficient planes.

China wants to build a “killer”, a good “killer” if accompanied by a good knife, it has become a real top “killer.” Well, this is what the good knife? Is the long-range air to air missiles and long-range radiation missiles. Ultra-performance airborne radar and small bombs contained the development of phased array radar to lay the foundation for our success. All this makes a good knife has become a Mito, and then forge a “killer.” In fact, these messages could be from Russia and China’s desire to jointly develop long bombs, the United States frequently mentioned concerns the threat of air distance will be able to understand what the news!

Imagine the East China Sea unexpected events: a new economic space for eight aircraft with a knife, “the Western Hills Station” base 4 Division 10 HNA Group, Wuhu, “Wanli” bases empty three divisions, Huaining “big Yongsan” empty base 10 divisions, only the specific direction of the air combat force is powerful, engaging in a new raid on the three bases in eight have air superiority fighter, as after the pad, the basic insurable self-worry-free.

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