Futile threat: the U.S. military' leaflets in the Korean War

Before attack... each soldier has a dream.
It seems that we saw the most beloved people who reach out and save us.
At the same time we seem to dream of our own death, every attack we have to die a number of brothers, we are forced to senseless sacrifice, and why? It is because the imperialist ambitions of the Soviet Union, China has forced us to fight.
These are our dreams before attack, but what happened after the attack?

We escaped death

According to the official announcement, more than 160,000 Chinese soldiers have the honor to be surrendered to coalition forces and safely enjoy the preferential treatment.
According to the official announcement, 1,060,526 Chinese soldiers have been sacrificed.
Life and death by your choice...

All United Nation's weapons aiming to communism

United Nations soldiers were covered by artilleries at any time

Where your officers escape?

Two paths of life and death, which one do you choose ?

You can not escape even in the night

Chinese No. 61 Army, Come on!

They tasted the fierceness of the Turkish coalition

Escape for your life!

Date of death comes

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