Happy or worried? US cracked China's top-secret project

George Durrant (Nevada Naval Intelligence Research and Analysis Center Chief Research Fellow, Department of the Navy Pentagon expert on China think-tank group): In fact, this is an already launched a two-year plan.

In 2004 with the Chinese officials who had sought refuge here, we know that some of the elements of this plan. Subsequently, we contacted a number of ways is China. However, the official news we get very little.

With the years, in recent years, the Zhuhai Air Show, which broke out in China's development program, we have thus been fully cracked this mysterious and terrible projects. According to the present judge of modern China at that time to purchase the Russian-class destroyers, warships so much more than the plan that he is a transfer method.
Russia's long-range missiles need to be guided relay to be able to achieve the maximum range of 550 km. However, the real purpose of China's plans, but not in this. Up to now, China has gradually realized in batches his plan, the next may be left is ready to find a suitable carrier testing.

This program includes: a rapid satellite launch follow-up system. Subgrade missile long-range strike systems, air-launched long-range launch technology. Other three areas. First, the Chinese military that the possible conflict in the Taiwan Strait, we may be involved in the fighting. The most likely we are to send aircraft carrier battle groups to assist Taiwan. Intercepting Chinese naval landing forces, and to obtain island sea air. This is the fight against Taiwan, the CPC must first and foremost consideration. Therefore, China started the plan. His earliest work was in consultation with Russia to buy four is not very advanced modern class destroyers. Then, relying on the modern level of remote sunburn (air-launched SSN19) missiles, as an inducement angle. To interfere with our judgments. We then turned toward the modern level.

China in the late 05 and in 2006, military exercises and joint military exercises with Russia, they first start of the exercise 24 hours before the rapid launch of an "ocean monitoring remote sensing satellite." Satellite is used to return approach. His task is to monitor, guidance, control, collection of exercises of the military situation in the region of intelligence. At work 21 days later he was back.

In other words the Chinese military has once again proved that they have ready a 24-hour launch a battle of 2-3 synchronous orbit satellite capacity. Jiuquan, Xichang. Simultaneously launch.

In the air-launched missiles, we have obtained very little information before, but the latest analysis shows that China's aviation exhibition in Zhuhai rocket "pioneer" air-launched rocket, carrying his body in accordance with DF21M evolved. Only a reduction of the tail to promote an increase of two front-end advance. High shot 400 km of high Earth orbit, it can carry 50 kg load. And transformed into a range equivalent to a range of 1300 sea miles or 2600 kilometers. In accordance with the projected range of 1800 kilometers It can carry 2 1-10 10000-ton mini-nuclear warheads. Or 1 ton conventional warhead. Or a 500 kg warhead 2.

This type of air-launched rocket-carrying machine is TU16. China as early as last year attempted to buy a larger long-range strategic bombers of Russia TU160. Now it seems the purpose is to mount the air-launched rockets, far away from the South China Sea waters in the Malacca right we may go to reinforce the 7th Fleet to other ships, or other fleet aircraft carrier battle groups, to implement the fight against interception. 10000 -2 10000-ton small nuclear bombs that can destroy a radius of 10 kilometers of sea targets. The U.S. aircraft carrier group of the whole ship shudder team formation which is 8 km size of the sea area. This is equivalent to covering one of our carrier battle group.

DF21M is a native of this rocket-type organism. His performance, according to the design of different range from 1,800 km to 2,700 km range. The use of three solid-fired M-This is equivalent of carrying 6 50000 warheads, while a range of 2700 kilometers with two decoy. Tail of the D-level data manipulation of the new missile interception more difficult.

China is trying to refer us to B1B Pegasus rocket launch experience, 160 or the 22M3 target sea area at a distance of 800-1000 km distance outside the theater to implement long-range combat. Subsequently, the re-use of its supersonic fast out of the performance, to avoid the pursuit of theater escort fleet. Our daily aircraft carrier battle group units with the security patrols in the range of fighter that is 640 kilometers range of 320 sea miles. AWACS coverage of 800 km. China is just the edge of the implementation in the 800's recklessness of our shooting. 22M3 long-range attacks on radar range of 1100 kilometers. Can be outside the scope of early-warning detection.

China DF21M missile has a large number of deployed troops, air-launched type "pioneer" application attacks only need to modify the design of its own trajectory, carrying material and choose either to complete. China has achieved initial success launched.But at present, China is still uncertain for the long-range strategic bombers hesitation. Although the TU16 can be temporarily replaced.

But his mobility is limited, inadequate load of bombs. The shorter distances from the role of the radar scan. So this is the plan did not complete the last part.

China to build aircraft carriers in addition to put them into operation, the other possible factors, is to quickly repair Wagram Road, making him the plan of the experiment as part of the body. And then they just sit there and wait for our Kitty Hawk, and even to come to George Washington.

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