After China's National Day military parade, the reasons for intensive military exercises

First, we know that an unprecedented scale (China) 60th anniversary parade, after the People's Liberation Army will be organized by the Jinan Theater successive breath, "forward ---- 2009", Chengdu theater "Southwest Mission ---- 2009", Guangzhou Theater "firepower ---- 2009" (etc.) military exercises, far as the time factor, it is extremely rare on the strength and density, it is also extremely rare.

Finally, and most intriguing, on the relevant theater is responsible for "strategic direction" is concerned, "this East (Guangzhou Military Region, the direction of East Asia) South (Chengdu Military Region, the South direction) linkage, center (Jinan Theater) collusion," and the organization in August and Beyond "---- 2009" live cross-examination exercises (from the north-east of western China until the Chinese can be said to cover almost every strategic position, such a national, cross-theater, cross-season, Inter-service joint military operations (which in the new China's) history is even more rare!

As for this series of military operations in the strategic intent of the Central Military Commission Chairman Hu Jintao recently visited the Jinan Military Region, when the military exercises have stressed any longer to understand, however, and it is "......( China should) make preparations for military struggle (: The Chinese President Hu Jintao has said preparations were well prepared for military struggle has been not just a specific to Taiwan in! also include China might use military force in other key strategic directions)! (from November 13 events where one of the East some content)

The author believes that the November 13 events inside the East which coincides with the contents of this section until 60 years after the author of the National Day, China then launched a non-normal-intensive large-scale military exercises (and that China has the gall so that the Some intensive large-scale military exercises one after another in the Chinese media on the intended exposure, it is even more non-normal!) made by a judge, that is, in the near future or the near future, China will certainly be big in the military field action!

However, due to China (after the 60th anniversary of National Day) This one-intensive large-scale military exercises in (China's) in all directions large-scale military exercises held in the circumstances, when the author has no determine the (recent or the near future), China's preparation for military strikes against strategic objectives in the end Who are you? ! But now it seems the past several issues of the East affairs (start) commentator on to say, the United States is strongly encouraged in China, India or Pakistan to take military action, so as to America's "broken in South Asia Bureau" stationed in.. So, then the East commentators have been emphasizing, if necessary, China will need to India to take a limited degree and control of military combat operations in order to beat and warnings of India (the United States, encouraged the audience do not!). For this reason, China is likely to target a military strike is India!

Of course, I have also wanted to stress that, from a number of Chinese interested in this intensive large-scale military exercises one after another to get the Chinese media exposure on the situation, first of all China is still in a strong warning that (in the near future or in the the near future) may be a military strike targets (do not force me to really get on your hands in China)!

Second, the Beijing News November 20: According to Xinhua News Agency, (China) Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Deputy Director of Kui-dimensional extension of a great school on the 20th said that at present China has only participated in United Nations-led peacekeeping operations, did not consider participating in the multinational and regional dominant ( outside the framework of the United Nations) peacekeeping operations. (Eastern Time Network)

: The author of this view, it is clear that China's Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Deputy Director of Kui-dimensional extension of a great school in the above statement is equivalent to saying that China has rejected a United States hopes that its participation in Afghanistan's invitation! In fact, the original is in Afghanistan to the United States and Russia set a trap! So, how could China be the trap of their own to destroy it? !

It can be said that China and Russia as early as 2001 (after the U.S. military occupation of Afghanistan) had secretly entered Afghanistan in order to begin secret support and assistance to anti-US forces in Afghanistan! And the painstaking efforts over the past few years China and Russia, the situation in Afghanistan has undergone significant changes (the battlefield in Afghanistan, the Taliban have now occupied the initiative, which will force the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. had to oba Macedonian government for help, asked the U.S. Obama administration must send more troops to Afghanistan, a large-scale, otherwise the U.S. military in Afghanistan will face a failure is a prime example)

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