China's fourth generation fighter in service no later than 2015

Imagine map of Chinese fourth generation fighter

Turning to the recent focus on high-level Chinese-made four-generation fighter ready to flight test on the news, many of the military, officials and non-governmental think-tanks have been reading this "feat", and is expected no later than 8-10 years can be served. In China's social stability and national unity, based on my own in China is expected four-generation fighter will be no later than 2015, serving the following reasons:

First, China has a tradition of concentrating power and advantage to concentrate forces to fight a battle of annihilation line with China's implementation of large projects, consistent style, so flight if everything goes well, indicating serious technical bottleneck no longer exists, service is just a matter of time.

Second, China's surrounding environment is poor and does not allow the next aircraft in service in the future it is hoped that one day earlier to join active duty, this is current affairs and military situation is urgent. We now face is not peace and prosperity, but crisis-ridden, latent who come and go, as early as the day has a trump card weapons and minds are at ease as early as one day, after all, F22 is the product of 10 years ago. Obama's visit is only temporary heat and nasty-nice fight there will be no substantive change.

Third, China's scientific and technical personnel have the ability to Kenyinggutou must not underestimate our own capabilities, the former "missiles plus one satellite" is a good description. Only national needs, availability of funds, work is solid, I believe that four generations of the opportunity to quickly take wing.

Fourth flight, service, as well as the formation of combat is not a means in service itself is the predecessor of the formation of combat, through the force constantly try to enrich and improve the methods and the achievement of human-computer interaction and matching is still a very long process, so planes in 2015 years of service, after the formation of combat through training more in line with workflow.

5 is a four-generation machine, or whether it is a kind of two kinds, we can wait and see, whether it is competition, Ye Hao, or matter whether high or low with the first service of course, is one of them, which is not too late for 2015.

6 is that we now have begun a high-profile sale of F-10, and the fighter's export naturally that we serve from four generations of machines is not far off, and aircraft sales and delivery cycle is generally 3-4 years, and this cycle is more in line with the deployment of four generations of machine time, after all, once the F-10 total exports, we must have the ability to super-generation fighter, which is the need for national security can not be ignored.