Will the U.S. "God of War" program completely replace the space plane?

NASA's new rocket "God of War I" parked in 39B launch pad ready for launch

NASA originally planned in the United States Eastern Standard Time at 8:00 on the 27th (20:00 GMT) to launch the "God of War IX" rockets to test its safety in flight and stability. However, due to the vicinity of Kennedy Space Center in Florida, bad weather, the day's launch was postponed several times. "God of War IX" is the United States the next generation of launch vehicles - the model rocket Ares rockets. "God of War" series of rockets, "Orion" manned spacecraft, and "Altair," the moon landers United States is "the new space exploration plan" three pillars. According to the Bush administration to develop a "new space exploration program," the U.S. space shuttle will be available all retired in 2010, "Orion" and "God of War" will be held as early as 2015, a successor rocket to conduct manned space activities. But Obama administration, the right to re-examine this plan, "Orion" and "God of War" still variables in the future.
Of course, the appearance of Mars is mainly in response to the absence of the shuttle retired, the Americans have worked hard and produced several space shuttle due to technical failure led to the disintegration of two aerial bombings, this is indeed accounted for a significant proportion. But objectively speaking, the space shuttle in the way the Americans dominate the world and played a pivotal role is also the world's space science and technology synthesizer.
The reason why the reliability of the space shuttle is not high, the main reason is that too complex, resulting in lower system reliability, the more simple system more reliable, it is the consensus of scientific and technological community, which is "God of War," the main reason for the birth of one. But engineering perspective, today's "God of War" is just a test for model shells, which from the practical application there is still a long way to go. Coupled with the Obama administration's "hesitation", will certainly affect the smooth implementation of the scheme, the original 2012 system will make use of astronauts into space is also a bit unrealistic.
In fact, the American space program there is also another set of ambitious plans - the space plane, and the Americans since the eighties have been trying its technical feasibility and cost of the low. For the space aircraft, spacecraft, and the atmosphere both the dual advantages of aircraft that can span two "airspace", the airport can use the normal implementation of the "launching off", its future should be bright. The reason why the Americans are now "abandoning" empty plane and choose "God of War" is indeed a last resort, after all, the application of the space plane in terms of technical maturity, a little bit, "the concept of future technology," is mainly reflected in the new material , a new concept engine, high-energy fuel, security and reliability of these have not yet fully resolved or not "market oriented", that led to this scheme has run aground, of course, as the United States, the rapid development of basic science, I believe that a new generation of spacecraft -- The space plane will be re-board technology is bound to the stage. However, the current scientific and technological development, the "God of War" is only an expedient measure, the space plane has not been shelved.

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