Analysis of China's "new concept" weapon systems and combat capabilities

China is implementing the research and development plan for the so-called "new concept" weapon systems being introduced to the People's Liberation Army's arsenal. In this category of major weapons systems, including laser and radio frequency weapons.
Laser weapons: China is implementing a large-scale research and development of laser weapons program. Chinese people have openly stated that their scientists in laser technology, "has laid a solid technical foundation," to develop laser weapons. It is reported that China is its focus on the development of laser weapons against the officers, precision-guided munitions to counter the role of air defense and ASAT above.
China's laser weapon technology research has resulted in a number of system development and deployment. In 1995, China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) - an arms trading company - defense in Manila and Abu Dhabi exhibition showcased ZM-87 laser weapons. Since then, China's writings show that the development of additional laser systems trying. The second system in the 1999 military parade on the 50th anniversary of the debut, when the Chinese people in their 90-II displayed a tank is probably the anti-tank missiles, laser-based countermeasures. Additional Chinese ground combat systems include laser pointers, laser range finders and laser target indicators. These devices always sell in the defense exhibition. In the future, China may be expected to continue to develop and deploy military weapons and non-weapon laser systems. China's utilization of domestic capabilities and foreign aid combined, by 2020 may become a major producer and exporter of military lasers.
Radio Frequency Weapons: It is reported that China has to focus on the development of radio frequency weapons. The People's Republic of China officials said publicly that the PLA will need to defeat the enemy in the 21st century, radio frequency weapons, electronic equipment. Although the PLA most likely does not have a current radio frequency weapons, but it is believed that it has a high-power radio frequency technology development plan. These technologies may provide some type of radio frequency weapons, lay the foundation. In addition to national studies, the China is also in close collaboration with foreign scientists, and is seeking access and the generation of high-power radio frequencies related to foreign technology. Chinese scientists have been advancing on the development of the use of explosives, can be used in missile warheads or aircraft bombs in radio-frequency weapons technology efforts, issued a discussion, and is studying the radio-frequency pulse of the effects of electronic devices and radio frequency energy transmitted through the atmosphere, .
In the coming years, China may be able to develop and deploy anti-aircraft radio-frequency weapon. These weapons, designed with guidance, altimeter, fire control, communications, navigation and other important electronic equipment, subsystems aimed to thwart missiles or aircraft. While The People's Republic of China has discussed the high-power radio frequency technology for air defense, but there is no evidence that has begun to implement one for this task to produce a radio frequency weapons program. Nevertheless, China may consider co-operation with Russia in order to support the right of a high-power microwave system (HPM) - known as the Ranets-E - research and development. The system will aim at precision-guided weapons carried by the electronic equipment. If the Russian people in the development of the system a success, China has to buy it, then the People's Liberation Army might be in 2020 years ago has a number of these systems. China reportedly is studying the use of explosives to promote the radio frequency weapons; However, on the radio frequency warheads on the technical feasibility and military purposes, there are many problems. Even if China could adopt a tremendous explosive propulsion of radio frequency energy and, if it has developed a will may be much higher than the same size of the explosion or conventional warheads, causing fragmentation of the range, the offsetting effect of radio frequency electronic devices warheads, is unclear. China is unlikely before the end of 2010 will have an effective radio frequency warheads, even if such weapons have been proved to be feasible.
Finally, China might consider a radio-frequency weapons, ASAT capability. ASAT mission is undoubtedly the greatest pressure caused by application of radio frequency weapons, is one. A ground-based space launch system to radio frequency energy beam, in the ultra-high-power level runs HPM sources, as well as the great gain of the antenna is a large-scale transfers necessary. Of a missile launch by a direct throw, or as a track system for the deployment of radio frequency weapons, the size and volume of the system there are serious constraints, there must be close to the target with the same other ASAT systems The issue of competitiveness. It is reported that China has invested considerable financial resources to implement this major ASATRF development plans, be sure, will be deployed in the near future, high-tech weapons that make the West appalled.

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