Why such a tragic impact, Japanese warships?

Japan's defense ministry and section 7 Regional Coast Guard Headquarters revealed that around 8 o'clock in the evening of 27 in Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan, closed the Straits, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force 2 belongs destroyer escort, "pommel horse" (5200 tons) and a South Korean cargo ship collision accident, in which Japan's "pommel horse" destroyer head have been suffered heavy losses, and the instrument compartment was severely damaged.
Although the news has yet to mention the Korean vessel tonnage and damage, but in view of the significant damage photos Japanese warships situation, South Korean cargo ship tonnage should be tens of thousands of tons, the tonnage will be 3-6 times the Japanese destroyer In addition, From the photo, "Jackknife," traces of view, the Japanese warships should be a high-speed state, at least 20 more, probably more than a dozen South Korean cargo ship section speeds. In other words, it is this "heavy", a "fast" kinetic energy of superposition leads to the brutality of the Japanese destroyer sacrifice. Can be speculated that South Korean cargo ship should be little damage, it is estimated a bit of maintenance can continue to work. For "pommel horse" is just the flagship of the exercise were forced to lie horizontal in terms of maintenance a year and a half set.
As for responsibility, because it is in Japan, collided near the doorstep of the Strait, the Japanese warship was severely damaged can be seen that most of the perpetrators will be the responsibility of the Japanese warships to manipulate the effect that staff negligence.
Inspired: battleship "weak without wind", we can usually ro-ro cargo vessel with the implementation of "wrong" strategy of hit Japanese warships in order to achieve the purpose of weakening the Japanese naval combat, then say sorry.

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