Analysis behind the East-West game, no wonder the West are afraid of China

the western comic of Chinese Dragon, promote the China threat theory

Is the fear of the Western world what China? As Chinese people are very do not understand, very innocent, very helpless victims too well. This is what is why? Because of this fear of the international community to have a great clamor of the "China threat theory"? To this end, we need to get this point clear, the world - perhaps, but certainly not all the people in this world have such thoughts - What Is the fear of China?
What do they fear? If placed in ancient China, may be afraid of a strong, large population, the desire and wealth of the empire, the site of aggression, plunder, facing the Chinese at that time may be some truth to your concerns, such as Genghis Khan's Mongolian cavalry swept through Europe, the earth, Another example is the Han cavalry swept the Huns, in the history of China really have such strength, to do such a thing, but these are ancient things in China, but also, even at that time in China, and also did not show up later in some western robber countries have demonstrated the kind of greed, cruelty and fierce Moreover, Genghis Khan's cavalry, aggression is not only the European countries, the Chinese people is also one of the victims.
What do they fear? If the stronger of modern China after the year, as does the performance of those imperialist powers, domineering, burning and looting, you fear that is pretty normal, but rallied together to oppose this, I have the Chinese people support you, without hesitation, and you will stand together, together against aggression and plunder. The problem is modern China, and there is no such performance has never been such a performance, yes, but the resistance of aggression, the resistance to injustice, of all oppressed and humiliated people's selfless support, so that has also been perceived as a threat, really have no place to be reasonable.
What do they fear? Do not know what to say, because it is interesting to note is that nearly two hundred years the Chinese people has always been bullied by others, oppression, plunder, has yet to which country to bully others, not to mention looting people, their ancestors a lot of good things has placed in many countries, museums, hidden in private hands, still whenever they got what the auction sold for higher prices, but in this world no one say that these, and the Chinese also were said to be the Yellow Peril, and continuously was said to be a threat in the world there is such a threat to people's people?
Afraid of what? Speaking very interesting, it made a common tone of the p - a - be afraid, its substantive content is completely different, saying that China was afraid of people have their own idea of truth, each with its own inside the content, yes, what? I am going to look at:
Bullied the Chinese people, afraid of retaliation for the Chinese people, they had been to China how to bully people, do not we say a lot without their own admitted history in clear and explicit, clear accounts, pens, pen does not poor, this world, in their view, is a strong bullying the world, and the strong bullying the weak is not, then known as breach of heaven, you do not when the Chinese people and strong bullying the weak, until Xiao Xiao Qiang, and bully you, you would have is being affected, not the how but also, so strong the Chinese people, and I am afraid that will change a little the original approach, how these have been bullied to bully a person who, in their logic that the strong, this is the However, the normal things, but in order to protect themselves, first-come, a thief crying stop thief, it would be a good means of self-protection, first to seize the moral high ground, come walk with one leg touching a policy to deal with.
Naturally, it goes without saying that those who had looted the Chinese people, afraid of the Chinese people "looting" the hing in this world, that is, snatched snatched, you robbed me, I grab him, you robbed us, do not dress down is not strong and white grab anyone who does not rob, robbed grab that should be white. Over the past 200 in the coming year, there are many countries, a lot of people in China, looted a lot of things, a lot of things there are a lot of real money for their wealth in these countries today have played a large role, they are afraid of the Chinese people recover with interest to the past, those years, many countries, many people in China, a lot of looted artifacts, Chinese ancestors handed down from generation to generation the good things, they like being taken away they gave So far, no restitution, recently, China's cultural relics experts sent to these countries to explore the loss of those treasures abroad, let the people of these countries extremely nervous: Could it really came to the China threat? Is estimated that in some countries, some of what the museum if the Chinese cultural relics have been removed, the museum in relation to what is closed.
These material things are only those foreign people are "afraid" in one respect, they are still afraid of is that, in the past that in time they invaded China and hurt the Chinese, insult China, the injury is the Chinese people's dignity and self-esteem, such things as: Chinese and dogs not allowed to enter, and so insulted the Chinese people will not be shown with your money back stronger, with their way, but also govern them of the body, they are "afraid" If the Chinese do so, they face the Where to shelf! Even their women exchanged the hidden Where is he? Their own how to do this?
Said the self-esteem, these people in Western countries, in fact, from the bones is a racist, white supremacists, who thinks highly of, has always believed that the Chinese are an inferior race, the Chinese people wretched, dirty, as if these people are still weak in China , sick man of Asia, suffered those foreigners, strongman of the bullying, they may still have some compassion, sympathy to the Chinese people, overlooking to the Chinese people, feel pity for the Chinese people, so that the Chinese people are very poor, but also is a good Chinese . If the Chinese people stronger, the Chinese people as they did to bully them, and they certainly can not stand, their self-esteem will be crushed, how white supremacy can not be beyond the yellow race, the forward-looking vision make them shudder, they dare not Imagine, they must not be allowed.
Said that the Chinese people nervous, of course, incomplete are those old people in developed countries, those riding on the Chinese people once the people, there are a number of countries people parrot, but also what is there, shouting threats, saying something to "fear "to see if they are actually doing things, in fact, totally not the same thing as they are against China's territory, territorial waters, reefs, they shouted the" fear "when, in fact, that no fear, but shouting "fear" to do with no fear of activity, which is the villain of some small countries, and they do not have any reason it say!
There is one country in this world, in fact, often threatening China, the Chinese should be afraid of small fishes, but is this country, which is the world's strongly Amtolmetin noise Chinese threat, the use of those who really afraid of China, the false fear of China's national, weaving a nervous network, network live in China, in order to achieve its strategic intent, tied, trapped in China, on the one hand to prevent the rise of China, thus inhibiting their hegemonic rule the world, on the one hand the use of "fear" from China by pressing their own intended to arrange the world order, which of course is a brilliant idea, no strategic mind of some people in the country to mobilize for his strategic purposes, good thing!
Little Earth, in many countries, many human beings are shouting afraid of China, China threat, and shouted very sound, in essence, China seem to be surrounded by these "China-fearer", and could not move and struggling, afraid! afraid? I really do not know who is afraid!

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