The United States instigated Pakistan to accumulate more Vengeance Flame

With winter approaching, more and more difficult in Pakistan against the Taliban, Pakistan and the Taliban have also piled up deep hatred. Whether in Pakistan or the Taliban want to eradicate as soon as possible opponents.

However, this piece of ice against the Taliban can not be shaken in one day, after all, this unpleasant situation is not brewed in a day.. Pakistan will be counterproductive quick success in counterinsurgency, the flame of vengeance will lead the Taliban Pakistan's hinterland. Although the Taliban backward equipment, personnel less, but everybody can be said to bravery and combat skills, but also mountain guerrilla war veteran and want to eradicate them is not easy. However, Pakistan can not figure out, under the spell of the Americans, not only promised to counter-terrorism, but this task has been, as the highest military edicts followed, and moved north, say that this is a step strategic layout errors.

In order to encourage Pakistan, the Americans is to provide emergency assistance, but also agreed to sell the most advanced F16 fighter jets, so that some of Pakistan's "surprised" more desperately bandits that loyalty. But the fact is that this so-called bandits, and not achieve the purpose of eradication of the Taliban would give Pakistan a paradise for the future of terrorism, and deeply the U.S. advocated the so-called war on terror and unable to extricate himself. This would be an unthinkable for Pakistan is a disaster, but also the new civilian president of Pakistan to bring the country's greatest tragedy.

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