North Korea may test-fire missile again, to warn the U.S. aircraft carrier provocation

Response to North Korean special operations forces infiltrated by sea has been a fixed subject of South Korea-US joint military exercises, but the beginning of 13th South Korea-US joint naval exercises, has been different reverse osmosis unusual means: The United States nuclear-powered aircraft carrier's first entry into South Korea's West Sea participating in the exercise. Participating in the exercise is the U.S. "Washington" aircraft carrier, the "Washington" is the arrival of U.S. nuclear-powered aircraft carrier's first entry into the Korean Peninsula, the West Sea ( "Western Sea" that is referred to the Yellow Sea of China, "East Sea" or the Sea of Japan), South Korea is the first of two Fleet sent the main force of "Gang Gam-chan" missile destroyer, the US-South Korea joint naval exercises of the sea and air operations and communications switching subjects.

US-South Korea joint military exercises aimed at pointing its sword towards North Korea's special operations forces, North Korea will not submit to humiliation to boomerang, after all, the upcoming US-North Korea bilateral talks is a strength, and lose the momentum of either party will be at a disadvantage at the negotiating table, even though North Korea's know that their small, but also not to be outdone. But for North Korea's only able to come up with only a hand-deterrent weapons, missile weapons, including anti-ship missiles and ground-ground missiles, while the other is the strength of the Navy and Air Force Nabuchushou, so North Korea's recent deal with the U.S. the only means of exercise to counter the missile test-firing . Because it is a response to US-South Korea joint naval exercises, the U.S. military to fly is a great advantage of air strikes against the carrier, therefore, North Korea test-firing anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, the possibility may be significant, and as a provocation to the US-South Korea effective response.

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