Obama is really to "relaxed" export of space technology to China?

Has always been good at reporting the "China threat" the U.S. military correspondent Bill Getz raised language. Getz on the 15th day the U.S. "Washington Times" reported on the claim that Obama September 29 issued an executive order, will China purchase U.S. "missile and space technology and its product" approval authority, from the White House transferred to the Ministry of Commerce . Gaite Ci claimed that the move will help China improve the missile's combat capabilities. At best is Obama's new decision will help promote the U.S. satellite industry in the international market share, the future may also be resulting in Chinese rockets to launch U.S. satellites scenes.

Obama really that good intentions are willing to relax space technology to China? The Bill Getz talks about "This will help China to upgrade the missile combat capability," is it?


Obama to space technology have custody of the White House put on by the Ministry of Commerce, does not mean deregulation, the Ministry of Commerce is still one of the implementation of the White House, Obama will still be carrying out and implementing the core interests of the Americans, simply because Minister of Commerce whether of Chinese descent would think that would be pro-China and the "support of China." The United States is a nation of immigrants, people from all corners Guangji characteristics of the United States, therefore, any U.S. government officials will act in accordance with the U.S. national will, which is Americans are doing better than other countries.

In addition, the "relaxed" does not mean "open" the United States permit the export of satellites refers to "the whole satellite export", rather than technology exports, which are essentially different. Also recall that when we launch U.S. satellites, the United States technical personnel closely follow their satellites, for fear that we are thieves, so how can we "steal" to the technology to enhance their technological capacity? Do not underestimated the level of confidentiality of the Americans, let alone the 007 high-level reading of the Chinese people. Most are familiar with through the normal exchange of additional technical standards and norms of Western space only.
Third, China agreed to launch U.S. satellites but it is still for the U.S. interests, after all, sold to China alone grain soybean, corn, etc., up to tens of Boeing is far failed to stimulate the dig in China and other countries will pay for more pockets, selling several satellites of its value will happen much more, earn more money. This is the United States hopes to reduce the trade deficit is still large beneficial.

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