United States and Japan do not care about China's aircraft carrier, but fear of DF anti-ship missiles whistling

Recently, the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" published in the article entitled: "The Chinese naval power into the precursor." The article said that China's southernmost resort of Sanya, Hainan Island and Hawaii at the same latitude, the Chinese military is not far from the construction of the country's largest naval base. Here have built a nuclear submarine base. Is alleged that in 2015 there will be the deployment of carrier battle groups. This base is now out in front of is that China and the Philippines and Vietnam there is dispute over sovereignty of the South China Sea. In order to defend the most remote land 2,000 km of the South China Sea, the need for a "floating air base."

China is, but there have been memorable lessons. Since the founding, with 20,000 kilometers on land borders, China has always attached importance army-building. Until the Soviet Union, the Chinese have spare capacity, "east" and "south." While about 10% for several consecutive years of economic growth makes China has the ability to turn our gaze to a broader area. A significant portion of China's energy demand came from the Middle East and Africa via the Indian Ocean and the Malacca Strait to China's. Accordingly, the Chinese side pointed out that China is not to build aircraft carrier already has 11 aircraft carriers with the U.S. military confrontation, China's aircraft carrier, but is to defend their own economic interests overseas, "defensive weapons." The Chinese navy has been the biggest issue is "force to liberate" Taiwan. The Navy's strategic thinking is also concentrated in coastal defense, control the state from Japan, Okinawa until the South China Sea, the first island chain, weakening the U.S. military fighting in the Far East.

The second stage, into the military since childhood by the Ogasawara Islands, Mariana Islands, Guam until the second island chain. Takushoku University Professor Emeritus Chihara Yu Sheng said China, restricting the use of submarine aircraft carrier operations, so that a cruise missile to the United States can not be covered by China's coastal areas. The future if China attacks Taiwan, but also can prevent U.S. military intervention. Very few people believe that China and the United States to build an aircraft carrier to aircraft carrier battle front. Chinese domestic carriers are also mainly used for disaster relief and deterrence around. However, to obtain freedom of movement throughout China is beyond the power of the waters is the fact. Long before the Defense Research Institute Shigeo Hiramatsu pointed out that the completion of reunification with Taiwan after the Chinese next goal is to enter the western Pacific and Indian Oceans. The United States for China to build aircraft carriers is indeed of concern about the rise year by year.

As for the US-Japan Pacific League, the Chinese armed forces is not the real threat is to have the number of aircraft carriers, all of the worry is that from being equipped with the anti-ship missiles. China's anti-ship missile is based on the existing medium-range missiles developed specifically for use against U.S. aircraft carrier. Mach 10 speed coupled with the changing track, so that the current US-Japan defense capability to intercept null and void. The missile a maximum range of 3,000 kilometers, covering the entire western Pacific, including Japan and the East China Sea South China Sea all. In other words, the U.S. warships can not be arbitrary, as previously, while the U.S. dominance in the Western Pacific will be gone forever.

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