Space game, the only large one of US will eventually be knocked down by China

After World War II, the Cold War in the United States and the former Soviet Union began the battle each other in space battle, the United States and the former Soviet Union believe that who has the capacity and human first satellite into space, who is the symbol of a superpower. Since the Soviet Union's first artificial satellite into space began, the Soviet Union the United States entered the space battle. Tighten their belt and have done everything the former Soviet Union launches military satellite, anti-satellite satellites, space stations, the United States staged a Star Wars program. In this competition, the United States to use its powerful economic strength to play up the natural handy, while the Soviet Union, but this put a heavy burden, but also propelled the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union weakened and after the dominance of the United States did not affect its continued development of its space superiority, not only through their excellence in global navigation and observation space systems, access to a global battlefield, the absolute information superiority, but also made no secret of in pursuit of a global positioning precision strike capability. Interestingly, this arrogant countries have begun to make space as their own back garden, which in 2006 published in the national policy space, of course, to make space as private property, territory, and at the same time, when China launched the initiative at the United Nations to set up a specialized international organizations in order to solve real space weapons and equipment to face race issues, the United States as far ahead of the country in space, but strongly opposed, saying that there is no arms race in space, the so-called self-deceiving, its plain meaning, that is my private domain, not an international to monitor the agreement, he did not want to since he considered to have an absolute advantage in areas bound by international public interest.

Thus, in August 2007, when the United States found itself in a satellite from the Chinese land-based laser irradiation, but also calm and collected. OK, China successfully tested a missile hit the satellite, is to clearly tell the United States, you can keep the deployment in space as a battlefield elements, I can keep the space into a battleground, with Washington, a strategic expert MichaelKrepon's words, that is, " China is to remind the Pentagon, they did not monopolize the space. We can also play the same game with you and may make you even greater losses. "

Clearly, the Pentagon was immediately poured a cold water, immediate response is to his National Security Council spokesman said yesterday, China's space test against the United States and China want to civilian in space, the spirit of cooperation in the field. The implication is that you are not going to civilian areas in the space that we co-operate? There may be gone. Their mentality is condescending flustered.

It appears that the Pentagon has not yet completely clear-headed enough to the United States, as some observers put it, the United States to see the reality and return to China in the UN's initiative up and seriously negotiate with other countries, how to effectively protect the space does not an arms race will occur.

Therefore, we hope that the Chinese missile destroyed an old satellite sinking also be able to fight back to the U.S. meat by reality, history tells us that Americans do not fight, he is unwilling to come to the negotiating table. China's move to the Americans realize that this is China to the United States sent a clear message: If Washington insists on an arrangement in Asia, from space to manipulate the anti-missile system, China will retain the possibility to eliminate it. This context, Beijing has two reasons: First, the U.S. defense shield plans would undermine the credibility of China's nuclear deterrent force, whereas this is a rising world power China is crucial. In addition, the Chinese learned to decide the strategic power of the big battle should be fought in space. China's conventional weapons, behind the United States, but the smallest gap between China and the U.S. military is space combat units. After several decades of accumulation, China in this field have a solid foundation, has in recent years has accelerated the pace of exploration in space. Can be said that China's space technology, there are many aspects of high-tech has been slightly better in the U.S.. So this is America's real reason to fear!

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