China alerts the letter for help from the Taliban,

The Taliban in Afghanistan on the 14th to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (referred to as "SCO"), issued an open letter to the practice of not only the international community by surprise, but also raised a number of Chinese netizens vigilance. The letter requested the Taliban in the SCO to help them to "liberate" Afghanistan. As the international community recognized the Taliban a terrorist organization, while the SCO, including China, the early days of its establishment as the main tasks of the fight against terrorism, combined with the US-British intention to draw on many occasions China's involvement in Afghanistan, therefore, the Taliban Is the sleeve what the drug was sold in a wide range of speculation on the rise. World Wide Web 16 launched a number of online voting showed that the majority of surveyed Chinese Internet users believe that the Taliban intended to sow discord between the West and on the co-relationship between the profit from; China should not be involved in military action in Afghanistan. The survey also showed that more than 90% of Internet users believe that the situation in Afghanistan is related to China's security.

It is reported that to this as "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," issued on behalf of the SCO's open letter said the United States and NATO "In the past 8 years time, in order to counter-terrorism as an excuse to massacre innocent civilians in Afghanistan", "requirements SCO members countries to provide assistance to the liberation of the Afghan people, to provide assistance for the removal of colonialists, the Western invasion of Afghanistan to take decisive position. "visible, open letter targeting the United States, NATO and the West.

Was born in 2001, the SCO, in its time of the establishment said that they would fight against terrorism as one of the main tasks and said they would adhere to the Non-Aligned and not directed against other countries and regions principles. Members of the organization, including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

In fact, not only the special status of the Taliban, the United States and the United Kingdom and other countries have repeatedly and openly called on China to assist them in operations in Afghanistan, and even asked China to send troops to intervene, but the starting point for United States and Britain very different with the Taliban. In this regard, China's position is very clear that "In addition to the approval of the UN Security Council action, China has never sent a soldier to a soldier overseas, there is no so-called China sent troops to join the international coalition in Afghanistan the problem." The World Wide Web on the 16th carried out a military action in Afghanistan against NATO's online survey showed that 71.7% (4199 votes) of people denied the NATO action, "justice", that its just an "anti-terrorism" under the guise of engaging in political and military infiltration, in essence, is to contain China and Russia. Their actions objectively nor do restrain the forces of terrorism, but to make the regional situation more complicated.

In addition, the World Wide Web 16, also on the "How do you view up together help the Taliban" and "China's strategy to be taken to Afghanistan," asked about the views expressed by visitors. The findings show that as of 10 pm the same day the previous survey, most Internet users to vote is "instigate the West together with the previous relationship between the profit from" (37.8%, 2216 votes), followed by "appease the neighbors to avoid making enemies too much "(26.6%, 1557 votes), then" take the hype, the international community to pay attention "(23.2%, 1361 votes) and" to take the initiative to change its image "(12. 3%, 723 votes).

In the latter survey, 72.5% (4248 votes) of people chose "to strengthen economic cooperation, rejecting military intervention", the highest number of votes. And then are "against the West in Afghanistan for 'war on terror'" (14.3%, 837 votes) and "to assist the West in the Arab-Israeli 'war on terror'" (5.0%, 293 votes). Another 8.2% (479 votes) who selected the "can not tell."

Combination of these two surveys can be seen that the majority of surveyed Internet users in China has been wary of the Taliban's intention that the purpose is to sow discord between the West and the relationship between the SCO and thus beneficiary of, and that China should focus on the Sino-Arab economic cooperation, rather than military intervention. 16, published "Global Times" quoted a diplomat as saying that Pakistan, the Taliban up together to take the initiative because it was on the battlefield earned capital, thus want to explore the differences between the use of international organizations, fight for their own the most advantageous position. Replies users simultaneously also said that the Afghan problem is that the United States engage in out of the world's "Top clean up the mess," the Chinese do not stand between the sides should be advocated for any faction's side.

In the World Wide Web the same day another survey, 90.5% (5299 votes) of those surveyed believe that the situation in Afghanistan the security implications for China, and only 7.9% (464 votes) of people not think so. For instance, users said, "Afghanistan in China's western entrance ... ... the United States to fight the war on terror is a threat main purpose of the Sino-Russian, anti-terrorism nothing but a smokescreen." That China should strengthen the work of the western border security in the region.

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