Russia will propose joining "East Asian Community"?

U.S. officials first position, the United States to enter the East Asian Community, and claimed by China recognized the Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to this in the foreseeable future, the Asia-Pacific regional cooperation would be a multi-mechanism, multi-level, multi-speed, while the The Chinese side would like to see the United States to play an active role in regional peace and stability.

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said publicly that the East Asian Community would not rule out the United States and the dollar, but with Katsuya Okada, the Japanese foreign minister also has publicly suggested last week that the East Asian Community, the participating countries are China, Japan, South Korea, ASEAN, India, Australia and New Zealand, and frankly that should not be an East Asian community including the United States. The two diametrically opposite position, triggering outside attention.

Around the East Asian Community that future things yet to have any prospect of a solution, but for the members of the staff had already seen a big difference, especially for the East Asian countries other than the United States as to whether the join the regional organization is still debatable. China's position in fact is also a flexible stance, and to give themselves leeway, after all, the East Asian Community is not yet mature, there is little set up a timetable at this point is wait a diplomatic position.

But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the "multi-system, multi-level, multi-speed" principle, indeed, across Europe and Asia for Russia in this big country to join the proposed East Asian Community, leaving a space. Since the United States itself proposed to join the organizations of the future of Japan is also proposed that South Korea, ASEAN, India, Australia and so these "less friendly" countries and regions to join this organization, which can not but fear is a political conspiracy against China, so China needs inside the organization have their own friends, even if it is not a good friend can do, so in China's "persuasion", the take advantage of Russia's geopolitical position, on balance, after joining the organization is only logical that Russia's accession to the number of still China's statement of the organization to increase the weight of friends, a rare ah! In addition, this former superpower Russia today hope of its revival of the second-rate country wide participation of relevant international organizations, is still very necessary, and this in itself is consistent with the core of Russian national interests.

Of course, because China, the United States and even South Korea to persuade, and perhaps North Korea is also a candidate for an East Asian community, this may also is an important "bait" to attract North Korea return the six-party talks and "abandon its nuclear program for business".

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