Three elements to determine the intention of the "aircraft carrier-style building" constructed in Wuhan, China

The "aircraft carrier-style building" appeared recently in Wuhan, China.

Recently posted on the website a domestic group of pictures, Wuhan now has a mysterious sliding off the deck Yue Shi. Yesterday, a reporter went to inquire about the site, Sure enough in Wuhan, "China Ship Design and Research Center" New Area, looked far from the true carrier does have the size and construction in progress is almost exactly the same decoration. Architecture has a carrier and the "Varyag" was similar to the flight deck and the bridge slip Yue Shi. Building 2 has been wrapped at the top of parked aircraft to see the model or the real aircraft is not clear. Carrier-type architecture are clearly intended for office use, two-story cement structure, building on the ground, allegedly part of the has just opened.

Well, this is located in the "China Ship Design Research Center, New District" aircraft carrier construction exactly what to do with it? Is just an image exactly like office space or some other purpose? What is the meaning lie?

In fact, want to know the real purpose of this building can be observed two things can be essential to determine their purpose, that is, "observed the location and direction of the building is located in the recurrent wind farm wind" and "the size of the length of the runway."

This is because, at sea, if the sliding Yueshi taken off the aircraft carrier as much as possible we should let the high-speed upwind progress, so that the aircraft take-off to achieve the basic take-off conditions (by the way, the aircraft's landing also need to against the wind, but the aircraft carrier The speed requirements can be lower). In general, the land wind farm of wind at sea will be relatively much smaller, which in itself would be restrict the aircraft to take off, if the aircraft would hope in those wind conditions to take off, we need to extend the runway distance, the minimum requirements to achieve short takeoff, Therefore, the need to lengthen the runway, which naturally is to determine the true purpose of the building to another powerful criterion. Only these two points are equipped with aircraft taking off and landing in order to achieve the basic minimum safety requirements. After all, for our aircraft carriers, planes also can not do super-short takeoff and level of technology.

In addition, the aircraft can be judged by sliding one end of the flying leaps of about one kilometer to whether there are other buildings, including homes, if the building used for aircraft training in front of its take-off must be a clearance and net places, the reason is very simple.

If you have the above three factors, we can determine the building to bring the real subjects of the land an aircraft carrier flight integrated training center. In fact, China's carrier-based pilots do not suffer from their own training centers have traveled to Ukraine, so this really is our training center of the urgent need.

If you do not have, then, because the building belongs to the "China Ship Design and Research Center" of all, as a scientific research institutes, in accordance with the division of labor in terms of ships belonging to the Institute to use, and with no affiliation with the Air Force flight test units. Therefore, this building may be more of a "China Ship Design and Research Center" is "training center" belongs to a "simulated training center" most likely, that is, 4D, and virtual reality based on network technology, "full simulation of an aircraft carrier full - size of land training simulators, "including the construction on the aircraft are aircraft simulators. Through this center to realize the captain and crew, the pilot simulation training to achieve compatibility of all system personnel training for basic work. Exactly what to do, we'll see.

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