U.S. aircraft carrier in the first broke the Yellow Sea, China's fleet to move into South America to counter

"Shijiazhuang" missile destroyer set sail

U.S. Navy "Washington" on the 13th carrier squadron, arrived in Busan to attend the South Korea-US joint military exercises, reported that the joint exercises at sea are mainly reverse osmosis, in response to North Korean special operations forces infiltrated by sea has been a South Korea-US joint military exercises a fixed course. But the exercises are even more unusual means is that both the United States nuclear-powered aircraft carrier's first entry into South Korea's West Sea participating in the exercise. The "Western Sea" that is referred to the Yellow Sea of China, "East Sea" or the Sea of Japan. Reported that South Korea sent the main force is the first of two Fleet "Kang Gam-chan" missile destroyer, the US-South Korea joint naval exercises of the sea and air operations and communications switching subjects. U.S. and South Korea on North Korea's long-standing concerns about special forces, the U.S. "Washington Post," October 9 article revealed that North Korea has the world's largest special forces, the total number of up to 18 million, in order to prevent North Korean special forces sneaked into South Korea from the sea coast of attack exercises are imperative.

According to reports, this is not the first time the U.S. nuclear forces at sea West Sea of Korea. This year in July, a rare South Korean military sources disclosed that North Korea conducted a second nuclear test, the U.S. Navy's attack submarines sent to the West Sea of Korea to collect the base of the East-ri, once "close to North Korea under the nose."

Prior to the United States primarily through the collection of North Korean intelligence unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and satellites, nuclear submarines rarely used. Korea Maritime Institute for Strategic Studies, chairman of Zheng Cheng said that the West Sea average depth of 44 meters, not suitable for submarine warfare, but the local tides, water temperature and other complex hydrological situation makes North Korea the United States nuclear-powered submarines has become very difficult to search.

North Korea-South Korea exercises have also made strong reaction. North Korea's naval command on the 15th through the Korean Central News Agency issued a public notice said, "South Korean warships to control North Korea invaded under the pretext of illegal fishing boats in western North Korea's territorial waters, from September to mid-October, South Korean military provocation like 3 to 4 times daily. North Korea's Navy will not tolerate violations of territorial waters by South Korean military authorities should clearly recognize North Korea issued a warning, be sure to take concrete action. "

The greater concern is the morning of October 18, the Chinese Navy's North Sea Fleet in Qingdao, held a grand ceremony, seen off by the "Shijiazhuang" missile destroyer and the "Hongze Lake" was composed of ocean-going comprehensive supply ship naval fleet Kai Air China, to visit Chile, Peru, Ecuador Guayaquil, and French Polynesia Japa Bark.
Visit by the fleet commander Wang Fushan, deputy commander of the North Sea Fleet, as participants were 500 officers and men to visit. This is a celebration of 60 anniversary of the founding of New China and the people of the Navy 60 years after the establishment of an important military diplomatic activities. During his visit, group will cross the equator and the International Date Line, plans one-way voyage 36 days, with a total journey is about 23.8 thousand sea miles.

"Shijiazhuang" ship, designed and built by China's own third-generation guided missile destroyer, equipped with the performance of advanced anti-ship, air defense, anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare and other weapons systems, with good regional air defense capability. The Navy in April this year, the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of the military parade at sea as state and military leaders of the ride and review ship for the first time to the world debut, this is the first ship to visit. "Hongze Lake" was offshore supply ships, ocean-going fleet is a comprehensive supply capacity 20000 ton large-scale military auxiliary to protect ships, had participated in the first voyage around the world the People's Navy, visited the United States, visited Russia and so many major military activities, Track over the four-yang five continents.

As we all know, the PLA of China's North Sea Fleet is stationed in the Yellow Sea, which is adjacent to the South Korean west sea, facing the United States far behind to come to the Yellow Sea exercises, the intention is washed from North Korea. As of today the Chinese navy is concerned, is no longer the past and insisting that defense, defensive counter-attack is the primary responsibility of the Chinese Navy. Naturally, the Chinese Navy chose to visit South America at this critical moment, exactly is the backyard of the United States, they had meaningful. Also indirectly told the United States, you can come to my door a show of force, I can show of strength in your back yard!

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