Chinese Naval Training secret: to construct high-simulation land-based aircraft carrier

Wuhan, China, the mysterious aircraft carrier-style building with sliding deck

The mysterious aircraft carrier-style buildings, its size is almost exactly the same as real aircraft carrier, with a slipling deck

The aircraft carrier is a powerful maritime mobile air base, hardware, the limitations and operational complexity of the tasks require carrier-based aircraft carrier pilot and the ship staff have the most outstanding professional qualities. In order to ensure the combat effectiveness of the rapid generation, has a medium-sized aircraft carriers, the naval power, coincidentally built on land, a very high degree of analog simulation training facilities for the training of pilots and aircraft operators.

All of the United States, Russia and France have Land-based training facilities

Since landing on the aircraft carrier landing and land vary widely, together with ship-borne aircraft tasks become more diverse, carrier-based pilots to train much more complex than land-based pilots. In general, the training of carrier pilots mostly from land-based simulation of the deck began to really skilled only after the deck of an aircraft carrier practice.

The United States, the world's first aircraft carrier ownership and its carrier-based aircraft pilot training is the most formal. U.S. Navy air force pilots, mainly in Florida, Naval Air Academy and the Naval Air Force officer cadets school learn to fly, its land-based training is divided into five levels: First, the pre-training, two primary flight training, the third is the use of propeller-driven aircraft for infrastructure and advanced flight training, the four is the use of jet aircraft to conduct basic and advanced flight training, 5 was simulated aircraft carrier landing, night flight, air, attack subjects. Only those who passed all the tests, before getting on the ship at sea into the next phase of flight training.

Russia's carrier-based pilots of the training model and the United States is slightly different. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia and Ukraine's Crimea peninsula, the Navy temporarily rented a "Nitka" Navy flight training center as a training base. The center focus on training pilots to take off and land on the carrier deck technology, with flying leaps, including simulated aircraft carrier deck, sliding, blocking devices, the ejection devices, including a full set of land-based training systems. Because the Russian aircraft carrier off the sliding Yueshi ejection is different from the U.S. Navy to take off, so a relatively large degree of difficulty of their training, both to test the performance of carrier-based aircraft, but also test the pilot's personal technology.

France landivisiau base, covering about 950 acres, the runway length 2700 meters, is the ship-borne aircraft taking off and landing training, support land-based sites. The base of the existing "Rafale" M-type fighter 10, "super-flag" attack aircraft 50 and the "Falcon" type of aircraft 10. Pilots trained here, 21% of the time for land-based simulated carrier landing practice day, 6% of the time for night carrier landing simulation exercises on land, while 73% of the time was spent on other training subjects.

Simulated teaching can accelerate the combat force generation

Aircraft carrier like a floating city at sea, in addition to the pilot, the other "residents" The same is true with the ship's combat effectiveness is closely related to. U.S. aircraft carrier's crew of about 6,000 people, in addition to the usual combat surface ships, navigation, weapons, observation, communication, electrical and mechanical, supplies and other departments, but also specially designed with aviation maintenance, safety, health and other departments. At all levels, from the department heads responsible for each department consists of several units, as the basic combat unit on the aircraft carrier.

Countries around the world aircraft carrier captain's selection is the most rigorous, in view of the core of an aircraft carrier formations at sea and combat command centers, aircraft carrier captains need to have excellent command capabilities and strong coordination capacity. This capacity on the one hand by a multi-level training institutions, on the other, in peacetime training and exercises in the exercise accumulation. According to the U.S. Navy's experience and training a qualified aircraft carrier captain needs at least 20 years of military career.

The second most important position on the aircraft carrier aviation commander. Couplet captain demands the ability to work mainly in flight leadership, they usually have 2 or 3 different models of flight certificates. The position of the person must have undergone a variety of training, including air wing combat the use of tactical operations and program development, information access and analysis.

Department heads on the carrier is usually from the department produced an excellent sub-captain. Department heads are not necessarily familiar with all the expertise in this sector, the key is to have a higher level of leadership. Department heads before engaging in office after several weeks training to enhance their confidence to become an effective manager, helping them to assume leadership responsibility for the capacity required to effectively perform their duties.

Aircraft carrier is a highly complex unit, ship the thousands of types of personnel, must go through specialized hands-on training can perform their work. This is no experience in the use of state aircraft, this is clearly an extremely ambitious project. And if there is no realistic field of teaching, simply by virtue of the empty talk about perceptual knowledge, trained personnel is difficult in practice to play its due role.

Therefore, there is no carrier can not turn to other people's countries, if we can build a high-degree simulation of land-based aircraft carrier model, the plan for the future aircraft carrier equipped with all the staff concentrate here on-site teaching, to make their very own feelings and experiences about the challenges facing their own, no doubt a wise move is feasible. Through the closed study and drills, they can fully familiar with their own needs and then skillfully use the technology as soon as school was completed and actually ship, they can more freely in a predetermined position, becoming a qualified appointment will be able to combat ship members. Only in this way, the new aircraft carrier equipment in the shortest possible time in order to enter into a state-wide training to accelerate the formation of actual combat capability.

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