Indian media said arrogance is the only weakness China revealed

India and China between the negative emotions on the rise. If this lead to greater military spending, inevitably diverted resources for poverty reduction, it will lead to disaster. As for the two governments are trying to downplay the situation, the Indian government insisted that the border has been "very calm" and there are ways to deal with the invasion.

However, many of the media and political commentary in India is unlikely to converge. Despite the well-intentioned, but the current mood seems to have caused injury. An Indian newspaper recently said, "Beijing proposed that the school offered Chinese language classes in India and to allow the exchange of Indian students to China to study, and one in New Delhi rejected the proposal."

The report quoted "sources" saying it for two reasons. First, it is China, India Jammu and Kashmir to the Indian response to issuance of special visas. Second, as China seems to expand its "soft power" to strengthen the influence of culture as a tool, "to learn the language under the guise of the Confucius Institute."

While the Indians, well versed in Chinese language is important for two reasons. Rapid growth of trade between the two countries, while China accounted for a surplus. Secondly, in order to understand the enemy we must understand each other's language.

In addition, the language of the civil and academic exchanges to promote understanding of the importance of long-term. Comment on whether it is Pakistan's independence people are still keen interest in India, China scholars alike. If foreigners are willing to spend money to hire us to learn Chinese, not to seize this opportunity it would be too silly.

Why did the recent warming events? The most recent event is that China has failed to prevent the Asian Development Bank provided India with Arunachal Pradesh in the project, including a loan. India's efforts to win international diplomatic support, the Chinese lose face.

In addition, the experts will be hostile to India from China dating back to the Indo-US nuclear agreement, seen as a symbol of India into the U.S. sphere of influence. This is China is not good news. Some experts say the United States Institute of Foreign Affairs, "the United States working hard to strengthen relations between the world's largest democracy, which aims to counterbalance China." Another expert said that the Bush administration "I hope to meet as Asia's rising star of India, which will help to deal with China." No wonder the Chinese response to India gradually becoming aggressive.

India's response? It should learn Chinese, long-term perspective. China in almost all aspects of a lead on India: GDP, poverty alleviation, literacy rate, average life expectancy, higher education and scientific research, perhaps the software export is an exception. If China is the only exposed the weaknesses, it is arrogant.

China's long term, India must be keeping a low profile, the accumulation of power, hope the conditions are ripe, the two countries reached China in 1988 suggested that while the Indian side rejected the agreement, accept the status quo.

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