The former commander of the North Sea Fleet: China 10 years ago should build an aircraft carrier

Admiral Ma Xinchun, a former North Sea Fleet commander, deputy commander of the Jinan Military Region.

Lieutenant General Ma Xinchun: China ten years ago should build aircraft carrier

Moderator: The Members also noted that among the weapons and equipment, square appeared above the Chinese Aegis air defense system, we hope that the next time the Phoenix User parade, or when the carrier be able to see the model appear in the ranks of the military parade .

Ma Xinchun: aircraft carrier is our greatest concern, I think we ought to last a decade ago. Ten years ago there is controversy, people who want to build an aircraft carrier has also been criticized, and I also think we should build an aircraft carrier at that time. Our country's economic development and national defense should be the development of parallel development, we can not say the economy should first boost, and then back Laigao defense. Manufacture of aircraft carriers need to have a cycle, as we have used the first generation of nuclear submarines for 18 years, from development to put into use, it is science and technology, shows the overall national strength, the Navy's ordnance is the most cutting-edge, and you have what kind of fleet is the country's economic , military and other comprehensive national strength is all about. Chairman Mao said that building a strong army, Deng Xiaoping say we want to build a modern, there are combat troops. Interfere in our past, mostly from the sea, while a country's prosperity, all the world's major cities, are sea, the sea can develop. As we are relying on Beijing, Tianjin, close to the sea development of room for large, so we promote ocean, advocacy navy knowledge is correct.

Ma Xinchun will: waves 1, failed in the first trial

Moderator: Just now you mentioned submarine-launched missiles, in fact, the outside world has always been very concerned about a missile called the waves on the 2nd, today, we seem to have not seen.

Ma Xinchun: This wave 2 can play 8,000 kilometers. "Wave 1" missiles, I am in the North Sea (Fleet) have been tested when the first test was in August 1985 launched in Port Arthur, the first launch fails, go out automatically after an explosion, and from the track. The second launch, hit the Taiwan Strait. Most worried about now is the JL-2 missile in the end how do we now from them to our Embassy in Yugoslavia after the bombing, we are really on the two types of submarines. Was 091,092 on the original, now on the 094. This missile, once up, and it is the range of the superiority of a large, second, hidden high, then one is mobile, you can walk all over the world undersea. It is more powerful than the Army missile. Why? Submarine to the bottom, it is active. On land, east to fight Ye Hao, west to fight or whatever, can reach. This (submarine) can go behind him to play, you can go to the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, the current submarine is hidden in terms of the boat the best, we have developed the navy, building advanced equipment, building an aircraft carrier, like let's such a big country, more than 300 million square kilometers of territorial waters, over 18,000 km coastline, another transportation line that is now so much , there is no naval protection, if something happens, the consequences disastrous.

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