People's Liberation Army precision attack: command silence, the reaction time is only one second

People's Liberation Army precision attack: command silence, the reaction time is only one second
As information warfare equipment and command system used in large quantities is moving in precision firepower, systems and intelligent direction. Not long ago, the Guangzhou Military Region, in accordance with an army of "information-led firepower main battle" line of thinking, organizing air defense troops and artillery to the air, land and sea targets implementation of the Joint accurately detecting, precise command, precision shooting, accurate assessment, effective in enhancing the armed forces under the condition of the information precision firepower strike capability. Edition from today onwards, will be seen or heard one after another published in the form of exercises in the bright spot is hoped that readers attention.

Autumn in October, Guangdong, renewed smoke. Guangzhou Military Region army drill a precision firepower sky.

Air the "enemy" is drawing near, the ground of the "enemy" group bombed. The command post, the one quiet. Neither seen in the past issued Fan telephone stand-alone upload disorder, but also did not hear the sound of a noisy crunch print documents, but had no contacts with the frequent personnel Xianlian Zi "report" sound. In the keyboard, mouse, percussion sound, all are written on the face of a determined stride, if calm, calm.

"South East direction, height of 3000, distance 150 km, but the 'enemy' plane near to me ... ..." rhyme or reason in front of an empty radar observation group quietly spread a long air battle groups, a yellow army air defense brigade command of the computer on the screen. No radio, no telephone, did not like the old days as Huanglv Chang hand akimbo, one hand, a propaganda device command "gesture", but sitting in front of the computer mouse, quietly to the positions of the radar , observation instrument, range finder, optical information processors and other equipment issued by an "air reconnaissance," instructions.

Within the command post is still quiet. The forward positions, a busy, motor roar, waves again and again. One of the "enemy" of the air situation data rapidly from all directions, "flow" into the chain of command.

"In the past, commanders by radio, air situation drawing board to use the password command, issued, reply the password itself takes time, it is difficult to achieve real-time precision of command." Huanglv Zhang told reporters while briefing, while a live demonstration of using a password again on a single batch of targets from surveillance, to capture the command of the whole process of shooting. Reporter rough estimate of what the former member from the Plotting Xiangqun long to enroll the "enemy" position to the group issued a long-End "All group southeast search" command, the time required 23 seconds. When the data reached the front line when the long lapse, the gun array only rule of thumb estimate Zhuangwan Moroto.

Now, no commander, shouted estafette broken throat, just to capture the "enemy" reconnaissance plane target various metadata in silence through the command automation platform to its accuracy of interpretation, evaluation immediately after the cannons, missile delivery and guide the shooting, the time, but 1 second!

Air warning has not been lifted, the ground beacon-fire flared up again. "South East Nameless Highland found 'enemy' group of armored vehicles to consult means that if the shelling of its launch ... ..." in front of an observation to pass information back to the artillery command post some of the atmosphere within the Jing De solidified.

At this point, cannon group group length, the head of an Artillery Won Bin Wang directed a quick keystrokes. With Didi blah pumping, with a few quick instructions issued. An instant, ground radar, air unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites in outer space immediately opens her eyes wide, "gaze" lived in this piece of an unnamed hill; armored group of specific equipment number, location, disposition of forces, as well as topography and other factors, all with the data Wang, head of the form presented in the computer screen.

Input data, the computer according to the deployment of our troops and war equipment, instruments, technical performance, fast generation of combat units sent to the fire, and when playing, playing what position, playing the number of shells ... ... all the elements in the electronic instrument at a glance. Wang, head of the rapid knocking on your computer "Enter" key, but also an instruction to issue.

So precise, fast and scientific chain of command to allow journalists to suddenly realize: no wonder that within the command post can not hear the phone ring one after another and printer printing sound, tents do not see bodies, units and cadres in the reporting between a busy, send and receive documents presence.

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