Decryption of China's military intelligence, investigative surveillance ISR Information Systems

Into the 21st century, modern warfare has also entered a structure with information technology-oriented conceptualization. Force to fight will be more shows in the air, land, sea, space, electronic multi-dimensional joint forces combat system, the strength of elements in the different stages of the war has played an irreplaceable role, particularly in the information network warfare forces and space forces, and other new the status of the power element is on the rise.
Concept of modern warfare has begun to develop a missile-oriented offensive weapons such as a change emphasizing the development of both offensive and defensive weapons and equipment system. Particularly the United States, Russia and Israel and other countries in the development of offensive weapons and equipment to higher levels of situation, have begun to actively develop anti-missile defense system, national development, many single out the offensive and defensive weapons and also reflects the trend. In particular, the United States, in order to highlight the information warfare, information superiority to ensure that the development of space superiority, the U.S. military efforts in the past 10 years, great development of C4ISR systems, has been seeking to achieve global command and control systems, advanced combat a new conceptualization of spatial information systems. In Afghanistan, C4ISR truly reflects its significant role. Predator, Global Hawk and the Navy EP-3 had the system provides air strike target, ISR operators to observe the distribution of four ground forces conducting tactical reconnaissance, the situation analysis dispatched in pursuit of terrorists to meet the ground traces of demand, has played a unique achievement.
Information warfare against our military structural reforms put forward a new request. As we all know, the new China was founded, China's national defense and army building standpoint is the implementation of active defense in the land, or to implement people's war in the mainland itself. The face of today's information warfare requirements, is the power structure of our military pose a major challenge. The same time, high-tech military weapons and equipment in the construction of the military is also facing severe challenges. Into the 21st century, China has begun to attach importance to the concept of information important to modern warfare, even though we started late, but under the direct guidance of the Central Military Commission, China's high-tech to accelerate the development and in the military field of information technology-oriented building, so that China's arms the operational effectiveness of equipment has undergone a qualitative leap in the war show a new look on stage.
With China's rapid economic development, enhance the comprehensive national strength, national defense construction space is also growing. China's offensive weapons systems integration capabilities have been significantly enhanced, and has a large number of the West frightens Chu purpose "trump card" weapons. In information warfare platform, the building also has leaps and bounds, self-developed covering air, land, sea, space, electronics C4ISR system, information warfare, precision strike, intelligent platform and close integration of firepower, so that the weapons and equipment systems firepower to achieve integration of information.
The beginning of the 21st century, China has the world's local wars in recent years, the practice and the relevant data, fully described in the C4ISR system in the information war of necessity, as well as an integrated operational command system to improve operational capabilities and survivability of the importance of , summed up the US-led military power C4ISR system development experience and characteristics of proposed development of The People's Republic of China People's Liberation Army C4ISR systems thinking.
The past, the PLA theater level combat system is to use manual methods to the exercise of joint operations and weapons management functions. The theater level commanders to decide which weapons will be completed this task, and then communicate these decisions to the subordinate officers of arms control. However, after the Chinese military industry builders of nearly 10 years of efforts, China has its own C4ISR systems. According to the U.S. intelligence network, said the building of China's C4ISR system, get the support of Belarus, and has not been confirmed news: Belarus Agathe's "Panorama" C2 system is currently the world's very advanced information operations platform, and China is is to obtain "Panorama" C2 system, technical support, to the development of China's large-scale joint operations to create a shortcut C4ISR systems.
That is independently developed by China on the basis of C4ISR systems, complemented by access to foreign technology. For the country's space systems, airborne early warning aircraft, remote unmanned aerial vehicles and ultra-horizon radar by on the telescope, and its navy in the Western Pacific, reconnaissance and surveillance capability has a huge increase.
The development of outer space-based C4ISR: the use of space and access to relevant technology is a top priority. China in space reconnaissance and surveillance, including electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar, and other satellite surveillance system has a huge achievement. These systems are fully deployed, is expected to provide regional in nature, may still be in this hemisphere, continuous surveillance capability. China has already begun to accept the sharing of satellite spacecraft based on new satellite structure. The satellite structure has been the practice to use a standard multi-purpose satellite bus module, based on to be minor changes to adapt to different payloads. In addition to national development, the Chinese probably will continue to use commercial satellite imagery, and may seek to join an international consortium owned by Constellation. China is working with a number of countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Britain, France, Germany and Italy to cooperate in order to advance their goals in space.
Airborne ISR development: unmanned aerial vehicles, primarily for battlefield reconnaissance or electronic warfare. Manned aircraft, the airborne warning and control system for all the big acts, in the implementation of electronic intelligence-gathering missions, both the implementation of the electronic warfare Gong Jian warfare. It is reported that the PLA Air Force has several aircraft - fighters and bombers equipped with C4ISR, those with this system of early warning aircraft and be able to view and image detection capabilities.
Ground-based ISR development: ultra-horizon radar (OTHR). China has N kinds of super-horizon-day radar systems that can be used in a kind of early warning capacities, especially those used to target an aircraft carrier.
Ocean-based ISR development: China's coastal waters has been developed for passive acoustic sensors, and even has underwater acoustic band. This band can be used to track torpedoes during training exercises. Because of China's anti-submarine warfare (ASW) interested in, so additional underwater sensors is probably over the next five years to 10 years to develop and deploy, this work was implemented in the 201X. These future systems will be installed among the possible arrival at the offshore edge of the continental shelf away places. Passive sensors will provide only a few miles to deal with the silent submarines coverage, but it may be able to detect more distant noise on merchant ships and combat ships.

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