China's first aircraft carrier base strictly close

Shanghai Changxing Island Shipbuilding Base

Route within the plant and dock gantry

Some foreign media said a few days ago, China's first aircraft carrier in the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai on the 3rd of the Changxing Shipbuilding Base dock construction, to make this small island has been uninhabited added a bit mysterious. A matter of days, a large number of media, military enthusiasts and people are casting their eyes on the Changxing Island. If the rumor about whether China's aircraft carrier plans to start quietly in the island? Media on the 7th to find out the Jiangnan Shipyard, the recent discovery of the security zone than the plant before the close, almost "three-step one post", and opened a lot of security personnel patrol the area to inspect the factory.

"Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po" reported that "want to go to military bases is also a person to gather intelligence," to hear that journalists want to speak on the 3rd dock Jiangnan Shipyard, the family gathered at the Ferry Terminal Changxing Ma taxi drivers face immediately exposed on some strange smile, but also with each other using a dialect joke started.

Islanders known "military bases"

Islanders told reporters that since May, there have been several domestic and foreign media to a dock on the 3rd. Each of the residents are well aware that in the Changxing Shipbuilding Base from west to east with three of the "shipbuilding production line" in a most mysterious "dock Route", is located in the gantry at the end of bright red. Jiangnan Shipyard, where it is mainly used for the construction of the local military ships.

Armed police guard all entrances

Islanders also said that security on the 3rd dock has always been closely than the other two docks, in March this year, even the three shipbuilding production line of a cement between the main road has been sealed, was that the staff will return to quarters to rest by the road, but now they can only take a detour. Jiangnan Shipyard, said a staff member, it is better to dock with the outside world on the 3rd to separate. Originally from that road can quickly reach the next Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Group, and now all of the entrances and exits are armed police guard.

A driver on the island are memories of the past, the Jiangnan Shipyard staff take a taxi from the terminal directly to the living quarters downstairs area. However, from May 1 this year, starting in front of everyone in the plant must get off, walk into the. Foreign vehicles will not be allowed to enter.

The number of Chinese and foreign media were refused entry

The media then by car to the mouth of the residents "on the 4th door," This is the Changxing Shipbuilding Base as military products and civilian products line. Two armed police guards armed to  the door, there are a number of security checks and out of pedestrians in the vehicle passes. Media was removed after a detour into the living areas of the factory, which saw far on both rows of blue and white-phase giant plant. Plants with high and low, up to a dozen high floors, low and only two three-story - this is the mysterious eyes of foreign media on the 3rd dock.

A closed two plants, the other side is open-style, on both sides of the wall there are open-shaped ventilation window blinds to keep the air flow and block the line of sight to outsiders. 3 dock in the roof in a unique, high-altitude satellites also can be avoided by the theft of secrets or other equipment. Although the weekend, the factory is still roaring machines, loaded with steel works vehicles coming and going, very busy.

Three large dock, this reporter went from one factory to another first quarter of an hour spent nearly three hours. Plant every two to three hundred meters in the region has a guard on the kiosks, there are a considerable number of security personnel patrol  open, holding walkie-talkie  inspections in the factory district, to see people not dressed in uniform, it will immediately approached some cross-examination. Islanders also introduced, in May at home and abroad have visited several media, the vast majority of even the first door of the factory have not been able to enter.

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